Green slip-on shoes


Green slip-on shoes

The grass is definitely greener in a pair of green hands-free shoes. Ready for a splash of color?

Green is a vibe.  And here’s why you’ll love to rock it with our collection: 

  • A pop of color: Brighten up any outfit with shades from shadow lime to granite green. It's a simple switch that speaks volumes.
  • Effortless style: Slip-ons mean no fuss. Our green shoes offer the easiest way to look put together—even on your busiest days.
  • Versatile for any setting: Whether you’re at the office or on a weekend getaway, our green shoes fit the scene perfectly.

Green giants of style at Kizik

Let’s cut to the chase. You want shoes that look good, feel great, and get you out the door fast. Here are our green choices:

  • The Porto in Naval Academy: Imagine you could walk on yacht decks all day. Now you sort of can. The Porto is all about that breezy “I’m on vacation” feel—even if you’re just grocery shopping.
  • The Athens in Shadow Lime: You’re winning the comfort lottery with this one. Add in a shade of lime and you have a look you’ll want to wear everywhere. 
  • The Madrid Eco in Sage: Say hello to the cool, calm, and collected Madrid. It’s green, lean, and uses recycled bottles. Sneakers that save the planet? Check.
  • The London in Granite Green: This shoe is a passport to wherever you've been dreaming of. Go where miles turn into kilometers without compromising style. (Yes. It’s that comfy.) .
  • The Brisbane in Surf Spray: Got energy to burn? The Brisbane is your sidekick, ready to bounce into action. It's for the movers, the shakers, and the occasional furniture rearrangers. (Really any kind of motion.) 

Ready to step into something green?

Join the green movement with our range of Kiziks that are as ready for adventure as you are. Whether you're hitting the streets or just kicking back, these shoes are about doing it in comfort—with a generous side of style.

Slide into your new favorite color. Slide into Kizik. Grab a pair and let your feet do the talking. 

Green means go!

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