Men's Wide Slip On Shoes


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Men's wide slip-on shoes

The category of men’s shoes is a pretty wide one. From loafers to dress shoes to walking shoes, there are tons of choices. However, while the shoes on your wishlist might be the right size in terms of length, the width might not fit your foot at all. This is just one aspect of accessibility we’re bringing to the world of active shoes.

Five wide-width shoes that do it all

At Kizik, our men’s slip-on shoes are size inclusive for wide feet, from size 4.5 to 15. Let’s review our best sellers below:

The Athens comes with a honeycomb-patterned outsole as well as a sleek mesh upper. Great for keeping yourself stable and your casual shoes classic. 

If you’re looking for something a little more avant-garde and fashion-forward, check out our Roamer. A Unified™ outsole and heel cage made it an honoree at the 2023 CES Innovation Awards. 

Maybe you want a style that’s a little more old-school? Go with the Vegas for a sense of elegance. Premium full-grain leather makes for a casual, slip-resistant shoe with the versatility to handle any situation. This leather slip-on also makes for an incredible work shoe. 

It could be that you want softer leather. Lush suede, made from the underside of the fabric, makes the men’s wide-width Prague immediately eye-catching. Plush canvas mixed with genuine suede makes for a two-toned, unique appearance. 

Our line also includes the Madrid Eco-Knit, which lives up to the name thanks to recycled materials. This breathable design is enhanced with responsive cushioning.

Go comfortable with comfortable

bove is just a small selection of what Kizik has to offer. Every pair comes with the same fundamentals that make Kiziks great. 

All our wide slip-on shoes might look like they lace up, but they are totally hands-free. Never waste another second tying your shoes while rushing out the door. Simply slip on your shoes and slip out to wherever you need to go. 

All of our wide slip-on shoes are hands-free. Never waste another second when you have to rush out the door. Simply slip on your shoes and slip out to wherever you need to go.

A roomy shoe is complimented and finished with a roomy toe box. Have you had to deal with squeezing your feet into shoes that never fully stretch to comfortably fit you? Leave it behind when you leap forward with your brand new Kiziks.

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