For the season of giving, we’ve got just the thing

There’s no one on your list who doesn’t need Kiziks! We’re not just saying that. Kiziks are for people who are easy to buy for, hard to buy for, naughty, nice—everyone!

When you’re always on the go

Security is a snap when you can step out of and back into your Kiziks in one second or less. (Seriously, it’s a thing.) No fumbling with laces. No holding up the line. Straight to the gate.

When Buster needs his walk

Leash in one hand, little roll of baggies in the other, simply step into your hands-free Kiziks and head out! They’ll cushion you for blocks and blocks… even after the dog is done. Then just step out of them when you’re home. Or don’t.

Always Free Shipping

Always Free Shipping

Always Free Shipping

No-Hassle Free Returns

No-Hassle Free Returns

No-Hassle Free Returns

When a little one is arriving soon

Kiziks are a must-have for anyone who’s expecting. I mean, just because you can’t see your feet (much less reach them) doesn’t mean you can’t get your shoes on! With Kiziks, you can forget about ever needing to bend down again.

When they can outrun you

No tying = no crying! Kids of any age can just step into their Kiziks, and they’re off and running, and jumping, and climbing—everything kids do! And their Kiziks will stay on.

When others come first

Some people make a career out of looking out for others. Who’s more deserving of a crazy-good life hack? No bending down. No tying. No stomping. And did we mention the all-day comfort?

When friends spread cheer

Hey, who ate all the neighbor treats? It’s that time of year when we all like to indulge a little! Good food, great company, and some amazing Kiziks that you don’t have to put down that toffee to tie.

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