Bunion-friendly shoes for comfort and support


Bunion-friendly shoes for comfort and support

Nearly 1 in 3 people have bunions. How many shoes are designed with people with bunions in mind? In all likelihood, far below that number. To that end, Kizik has collected a list of bunion-friendly shoes to assist in the hunt for perfect footwear.

Bunion-friendly shoes mean comfortable shoes. The best walking shoes and the best high-quality shoes provide ample space for anyone who needs it. 

Let’s discuss why the world needs better shoes.

Just about everyone needs shoes. Not all shoes are made to be perfectly accessible, however. In fact, the majority of them aren’t.

A fully-able athlete and someone who needs a pair of shoes that don’t hurt will have different footwear needs. Sneakers for long-distance trail treks and walking shoes for everyday living serve two different but essential purposes. 

Bunions generally develop from one of two things: Genetics and footwear history. They adjust the way our feet fit into shoes and impact our ability to move. Bunion-friendly shoes might resemble shoes for wide feet, with extra toe room to accommodate the bunion. If they aren’t supported, then blisters or sores may develop, potentially worsening the problem. 

Bunions also disproportionately affect older individuals. This means that there may be comorbidity with other genetic and age-related conditions like Parkinson’s. Thankfully, the shoes we are highlighting here are made to be accessible in a variety of ways

Serious problems should be taken to a podiatrist in order to find long-term solutions. For regular, everyday living, however, exploring better footwear is the best place to start.

Below, we’ve got a variety of breathable, slip-on shoes for all-day comfort:


Our first sneaker on this list is the Roamer, available in men’s and women’s sizes for a roomy fit. It highlights the best of HandsFree Labs® technology in a bid to create a better shoe. 

Starting from the back: The Roamer uses Unified™ tech to turn itself into a wholly hands-free shoe. Simply step into your Kiziks, and the heel springs in and back to meet the motion of your feet.

There’s no crushing, no wiggling to get your heel out, and no laces to tie. Just step in, and step out to your next adventure. 

The Roamer is also made to be flexible for those on the go. The four-way stretch knit fabric adapts to your movements, stretching to meet your needs. It’s perfect for anything it faces, whether at rest, standing all day, or constantly in motion. 

The Flex Foam™ outsole isn’t like any memory foam you’ve seen. It has a wide stance to help smooth out motion, while grooves on the outsole aid traction. The cushioning of the outsole is mirrored by the insole. With every step, the Roamer bounces back, providing comfort and support for everything from high arches to flat feet. 

The shoes are also easy to maintain. The knit can be spot-cleaned with dishwashing liquid and water using a cloth or toothbrush. The insoles in adult sizes are completely removable and machine washable. Wear and enjoy your Kiziks your way. 


Our next footwear option comes in a variety of colorways. The Vegas exudes sneakerhead status thanks to the full-grain leather upper. It gives the shoe the timelessness, durability, and, more importantly, smell, feel and look of high-quality, premium leather. 

The Vegas colorways feature black, cognac, blush pink, ivory, clover, and pebble gray leather uppers. Each of them comes together to complement the outsole colors. 

Each Vegas features a roomy toe box, which is perfect for keeping your forefoot comfy. Rubber traction pods cover both the toe and heel of the shoes, making them slip-resistant and easily navigable. Your regular rubberized soles wish they were this good. 

The Vegas is once again hands-free, this time thanks to a Flex Arc™ in the heel. In multiple colorways, the heel is slightly contrast-colored. Step in here, and as the heel springs back, your feet will be secured. 

No laces. No finagling. All style. 

Madrid Eco-Knit

We go from knit to high-end leather to a shoe whose design is meant to be environmentally friendly. Fashion, comfort, and stability in one pair of shoes? The Madrid Eco-Knit delivers. 

The shoe is powered by a knit upper made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Consider that plastics make up the majority of our trash, and only 10% of it has been recycled at all. Every bit of plastic we can recycle matters. This breathable stretch fabric helps keep your feet dry and the environment a little cleaner. 

The four-way stretch fabric has a subtle, woven texture that beautifully compares with the matte sole. Different colorways utilize both complementary and high-contrast colors of the midsole and outsole. 

Responsive cushioning gives a gentle degree of bounceback, keeping you comfortable no matter what’s underfoot. This eco-friendly pair of sneakers is ideal for long days spent standing. 


Our next top pick is designed to embrace extra cushioning and give you the arch support you need. A massive 13 colorways allow you to embrace your own style, from eggshell white sneakers to grape taffy. 

The Lima comes with extra padding at the ankles and midfoot for the coziness you need. Do your feet ever rub with discomfort around the toe box? Here, they’ll only rub, if at all, against comfortable padding. Extra padding can help with bunion pain but also work to reduce pain from plantar fasciitis, among other conditions.

Four-way stretch knit is again the star of the Lima. Here, the knit upper allows for various textures along the upper for a specialty design. The outsole design both cushions and responds to your movement.

Traction and bounceback as you move offer stability and comfort. These aren’t purely athletic shoes: These are your ideal, all-day, all-terrain walking shoes. 


Classic styles meet classic materials in this new classic shoe. The Prague uses quality canvas with hints of premium suede leather to create a remarkable, two-toned upper. They’re unique, eye-catching, and worth adding to just about every outfit you own from now on. 

A Rabbit Foam™ outsole helps with shock absorption and overarching comfort. Contrast-color rubber outsole via the heel and toe elevate your movement in these shoes. A rubber sole, a Rabbit Foam™ outsole, and a flexible, hands-free design equals the easiest shoe to wear — ever. 


The Athens is one of our classic shoes for a good reason. The hands-free Cage™ easily bends to allow access to the shoe. No retying like with lace-up shoes, no bending yourself, and no hassle.

The Rabbit Foam™ outsole here has a honeycomb pattern where the heel arches upward. It’s a great contrast with the more matte knit upper. The breathable mesh pattern allows for greater ease of movement and helps you say goodbye to sweaty feet.     

Being a classic comes with major benefits. With 15 colorways, the Athens is one of the most versatile shoes we have available. 

Bonus: bunion-friendly socks

Your footwear matters tremendously when taking care of bunions or any foot problem. However, your shoe isn’t necessarily what your foot is immediately touching. Special socks can also help address discomfort, and Kizik tries to bring this comfort to all footwear.  

Our unisex socks are designed to provide protection and aid in a variety of ways. A line of fabric goes around 360 degrees to provide total arch support. This also includes a reinforced heel for a functional fit that delicately and gently wraps the foot. 

Our next notable feature is a heel tab on the back of the sock. This anti-blister tab helps reduce the risk of blistering from rubbing against your shoe.

The last detail, meant for pure comfort, is a flat toe seam. Feeling the seam of your sock can be irritating, particularly if they slip throughout the day. Say goodbye to old, uncomfortable seamwork and hello to flat seams. 

The whole construction is done via breathable, lightweight mesh to keep your feet comfortable and dry. Even if your socks do get wet, zoned mesh dries well compared to other sock fabrics. 

From better ventilation to better construction, Kizik socks are simply better. The same goes for Kizik shoes

Better bunion-friendly shoes with Kizik 

Kizik shoes have plenty of unique characteristics:

  • Breathable mesh uppers alongside materials like leather, knit, and suede.
  • A roomy footbed and wide toe boxes ensure your feet aren’t constricted.
  • Special technology for better traction and better grip ensures you stay secure no matter your day.

Most importantly, to make Kizik shoes friendly to everything and everyone is our HandsFree Labs ® technology. The Flex Arc™, the Cage™, and more showcase developments and implementation of the same basic premise: Make footwear available to everyone. 

In bunion-friendly shoes, one quality matters above the others: A cushioned fit. That way, your feet are kept protected and have reduced exposure to friction. Still, keeping them laceless helps to make those same shoes even more convenient. 

The basis of everything Kizik does isn’t only to be fun (although the results speak for themselves). We do what we do to be accessible for all shoe lovers.

If you want comfortable shoes, we have them for you. If you need — or just want — shoes that can be put on totally hands-free, we have them for you. If you want better shoes, we have them for you. 

Why wait any longer to choose Kiziks? Find the best pair to support yourself above.


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Written By: Chris Fry

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