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Men's Roamer

900 zł

Average rating: 4.9 stars

Color: Tidepool

Size: -

Also available in Women's Sizes

The Roamer has a roomy fit. If you're between sizes, we recommend ordering one-half size down.

Width: Standard

You are free to roam! The next level in hands-free innovation is here. The Roamer is made to move with you, with our Unified™ shoe-entry tech that blends seamlessly with the outsole. Roam where you want. And while you’re at it, make a statement.

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Shoe Care

Knit: Use a soft cloth or toothbrush to spot-clean knit upper with dishwashing liquid and water. Rinse and air dry.

Leather: Spot-clean with soft cloth only.

Insoles: Removable and machine washable. Air dry. (Kid shoe insoles are not removable.)

HandsFree Labs® Technology

Flex Foam™ Outsole

Removable & Washable Insoles

4-way Stretch Upper

Traction Grooves

Roomy Toe Box


A spring in your step

HandsFree Labs® technology: Unified™

Hasta la vista, heel-crushing! No wiggling, no bending down, and no re-tying, either. Once you step in and the heel springs back, you’ll never want to put on any other shoe again—seriously. Style + convenience? Yes, please!


Made to move

4-way stretch knit

Move any way you want! Our unbeatable 4-way stretch knit fabric flexes with your every move so your feet stay comfy, no matter what you’re doing. Walk, hike, jump, or kick your feet up. It’s like stretchy pants for your feet.


Catch you on the rebound

Flex Foam™ outsole

You’re going to fall in love with this outsole. It’s lightweight yet stable. It’s responsive. It’s all-day comfort. The wide stance creates a smooth roll-through while traction grooves give you grip. We call it Flex Foam because you feel the rebound with every step.


Bounce back

Rabbit Rebound™ insole

Take it easy! The footbed in this shoe gives you serious comfort. How did we do it? With a high-performance Rabbit Rebound™ insole that doesn't just cushion every step. It bounces back.


Size Guide

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Easiest to put on, hardest to stop talking about.

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