Black Slip On Shoes


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Black slip-on shoes

When it comes to everyday footwear, black shoes are a no-brainer. Low-maintenance and highly versatile, there’s everything to love about black shoes in terms of style. However, not all black shoes are created equally when it comes to functionality. After a long day of work, errands, and fitness, uncomfortable shoes will take a toll on your feet. 

That’s where Kiziks come in. We’re taking classic looks and gearing them up with the best features for breathable comfort and convenience (including wide-width options and removable insoles).

The best casual slip-on shoes

First to bat are our HandsFree Labs® slip-on technologies. You’ve heard of slip-on shoes and have probably owned some, but most slip-on walking shoes still require more than a simple step to get in and out of. 

Unfortunately, bending over and adjusting shoes by hand or forcefully wiggling your foot into a rigid shoe isn’t possible for many. Whether it’s back problems, pregnancy, fine motor skill limitations, etcThere's no reason slip-on technology shouldn’t work for you, too.

Our slip-on tech uses innovative designs to flex down with your foot as you step into your shoe and then snaps right back into place. It’s as easy as it sounds! If you’ve struggled with slip-ons before, these may be the casual shoes that change your life. 

Even better: After you’ve laced them up to your optimal tightness, you can just step in and step out.

Awesome styles meet accessibility

Some best-seller styles, like our classic Kizik slip-ons, Athens and Roamers, proudly display the flex cage on the outside of the heel. For something more subtle with the same athleisure vibe, try our Kizik Lima. If streetwear is more your style, our Kizik canvas slip-on Irvine, full-grain Vegas, and suede leather slip-on Prague are perfect choices.

Hands-free isn’t the only good feeling we’ve got going on. Plenty of cushioning in the footbed and outsole, thanks to technologies like our Rabbit Foam™ soles, helps make the many steps of your everyday life easier. We also carefully design the fit of our shoes using soft and flexible materials, so your toes have plenty of room to breathe. 

From active-minded black sneakers to cool, comfortable streetwear, there’s something in our Kizik shoe collection for everyone!

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