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What Makes Shoes Comfortable?

Comfort is key when it comes to an awesome pair of shoes. It’s often the difference between your go-to kicks and the pair left in your closet that doesn’t see a lot of action—or between feeling stiff and sore on the couch after a long day at work or having the energy to enjoy a refreshing walk at the end of the day.

We usually make our decision about whether a shoe is comfortable by trying them on. We’ve all been there. We shove on a pair of shoes—or maybe just the one—and take a couple of little practice steps around the store.

For the most part, this works pretty well… until you walk a mile in your new shoes and realize they’re only comfy for a couple of blocks.

Consider these keys to comfort the next time you’re shoe shopping, and your feet will thank you later.

What’s a perfect fit?

There are a few key factors to remember when finding perfectly fitting shoe. You can start by measuring your feet. Just make sure to measure both feet since they might be different. You can always compare your measurements to the measurements of the shoes, which is especially helpful when online shopping.

Measuring Foot Size

Measurements will be more accurate than simply going by the labeled shoe size. Shoe sizes can vary between styles and brands. Not to mention, why does it seem that every country insists upon its own method and system for measuring and labeling shoe sizes? Why does a size 10 also need to be a 7.5, 42, 8.5, 43, and 26, depending on where you shop?

Whatever system you’re using, consider the length and width of your foot, too. You want to have a bit of room between your big toe and the front of the shoe — up to half an inch.

For width, you’ll want to feel secure but not restricted, especially on the widest part of your foot. Look for shoes in EE wide if you need extra room to feel comfortable. If you know your measurements, you’re off to a good start for finding the most comfortable shoes ever.

An inviting insole

The insole is the part of your shoe that your foot actually rests on, and it makes a huge difference in the overall comfort of your footwear. You can buy insole inserts, hoping that they’ll help make your shoes more comfortable, but that doesn’t always work as planned.

Plus, it can be tricky to put inserts into your shoes without messing up your fit. They may provide extra cushion but cause your foot to rub against your shoe in a way that brings us back to that uncomfortable starting point.

Why don’t shoes just come with effective insoles already inside the shoes? Shouldn’t that be a priority?

Kizik cares about your comfort. That’s why we include high-density foam insoles in every pair of shoes. The contoured insoles are soft, removable, and washable. This way, the insole design works seamlessly with the rest of the shoe—and the feet stepping into them, too.

Kizik insoles

An outsole that gives back

Outsoles are the bottoms of our shoes, and they protect our feet from the terrain we walk on. They help absorb impact, provide traction, and prevent our feet from getting torn up. These are the minimum requirements for an outsole—anything less, and we might as well be barefoot.

Then, there are outsoles that go above and beyond. They not only protect your feet, but they work with you so that each step you take provides unmatched comfort.

The patented Rabbit Foam® outsoles from Kizik are at the forefront of outsole technology, showing you a new kind of spring in your step. Rabbit Foam® has rebound properties that bounce back so it takes less energy to walk.

Easy on, easy off

Some shoes are easier to get on and off than others. Sure, the first annoying shoes that come to mind might be ski boots or lace-up booties, but even dealing with sneakers can feel like an absolute chore.

Running late for a meeting? Tying your shoes can be that minute of your life standing between you and a job promotion.

Spending time with the family? If you’ve been bending down a ton to scoop up your little one throughout the day, pulling off your shoes before zonking out on the couch can feel like a major task.

Kizik Lima - Liberty

How often do you put on a pair of shoes? Would you take them off and let your feet breathe more often if you didn’t have to bend over?

Kizik makes shoes that come on and off with less effort than it takes to snap your fingers. We’ve developed a patented technology that allows you to step in and out of your shoes without bending over, tying laces, or using your hands at all.

The unique HandsFree Labs® technology in your Kiziks adds a new level of comfort and convenience to footwear. There’s a chance you may never go back to regular sneakers again.

Quality upper materials

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of a shoe’s materials when it comes to the overall comfort of its design.

Take, for example, the wooden clog: not the most comfortable material in footwear.

There are many natural and synthetic materials people use to make sure shoes are more comfortable. They are usually chosen for specific properties like ease of movement, cushion, support, and breathability. However, while the parts of the shoe you walk on—the insole and the outsole—are important, the upper also plays a huge role in comfort.

Thankfully, Kizik also makes super comfortable uppers too!

With knit uppers, you’ll feel as light as air

You know that feeling when you drink cold water while chewing minty gum? It’s the definition of refreshing. That’s a fresh feeling your feet will have all day long in the Lima sneaker.

Kizik Women Lima - Black

It features a breathable knit upper that allows air to flow through, keeping your feet feeling dry and at ease throughout the day. A little bit of stretch lets your feet move freely and naturally as you go about your routine.

And we can’t forget about your precious piggies either! The Lima sneaker also features a roomier toe box, so not only will your toes have room to spread out and feel fresh, they’ll als add balance and power to your every move.

An elevated classic: The new leather sneaker

Leather sneakers are a staple item in anyone’s wardrobe. However, many classic silhouettes that we know and love aren’t exactly keeping up in the comfort category. The style is timeless, but how on Earth did people ever play tennis in these things?

Timeless style, ultimate comfort

Those words kind of sound like they came out of a luxury car commercial — maybe that’s why Kizik’s Vegas sneaker has been referred to as the Cadillac of footwear. Its style is unwavering and nostalgic, while its comfort explores uncharted territory. 

Kizik Vegas - Pebble Grey

The Vegas is made from soft, full-grain leather that you don’t have to break in. From the moment you put them on, they’re ready to go and will move the way you do— no stiffness, no blisters, no fuss.

Comfortable kicks, versatile styles

The shoes you choose can say a lot about you. The style you wear has an effect on how comfortable you feel, physically and mentally.

Think about it this way: How comfortable would you be wearing clown shoes to work? Even if they were physically comfortable, they might not be comfortable to wear because you know they’re out of place, right?

Kizik makes sneakers at the forefront of footwear technology, but they also come in versatile silhouettes that can be styled for a number of occasions. You can be at ease knowing your footwear feels great and looks great, too. 


A comfortable pair of shoes starts you off on the right foot as you step out the door and into the world. Day after day, you’ll crush your routine with confidence, comfort, style, and a pep in your step — with a little help from Kizik, of course! 


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Written By: Chris Fry

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