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5 Types of Slip On Shoes: Ultimate Styling Guide

Switching from your old lace-up shoes to slip-on shoes is like going from economy to first class. Once you’ve experienced the other side, you have no desire to go back, especially if it’s first-class with all the luxurious bells and whistles. This is what Kiziks are in the world of slip-on shoes—first-class. 

Until you’ve tried them for yourself, you’re missing out. Kiziks are the game changer you didn’t know you were looking for. Many people are leaving their collection of basic shoes untouched in the closet after buying their first pair of Kiziks, and you might just be next.

Slip-on shoes from Kizik are different from your typical shoes. Unless you’re familiar with our designs, you’d never know that these shoes were equipped with groundbreaking technology. 

To be clear, while Kiziks are slip-on shoes, they do have laces. However, you only have to tie them once to the tightness you desire, and then you might as well forget how to tie shoes altogether. You’ll never need to touch them again when putting on your shoes.

Kizik shoe designs range from dress casual to sporty athleisure. That means you’ll have the look you’re going for, the comfort you desire, and the convenience of slip-on shoes like you’ve never known before. 

Why wear slip-on shoes?

The Kizik collection is the meeting point of form and function in footwear. You won’t find other shoes that fit into your lifestyle and daily routine so effortlessly. Whether you’re looking for cool kicks you can rock to work and then out to dinner or footwear you can wear all day long from grocery runs to active fun, Kizik has your feet covered. 

Kiziks are quick, convenient, and comfortable

Just slip your feet into your Kiziks and go. Simple as that! More convenient than a 7-Eleven, and crazy comfortable too. When it’s time to take them off, just go toe to heel and step right out of one shoe and then the other. That means you can walk into the house carrying the entire grocery haul—like six bags per arm—and still be able to leave your shoes at the door before walking to the kitchen in your socks. 

The no shoes in the house rule will never be an inconvenience again, and your floors will stay clean even longer.

No more bending over to tie your shoes

Sometimes bending over and tying your shoes is a task. When you’re on the way to work in the morning, that extra little task could be enough to add unnecessary stress to your pre-work routine—especially when paired with something like spilled coffee. Suddenly you’re running behind and wish you could just slip right into your shoes and walk out of the door. 

Some shoes are impossible to try and slip on without a shoe horn. You’ll rub your thumb raw trying to force your way out of tying your shoes—not to mention the bending over aspect that most shoes require.

Back pain is one of the most common ailments for people of all ages. Four out of five people are affected with back pain at some point in their life, and it certainly doesn’t hurt any less by bending over and tying your shoes all the time. That, or finding someplace to sit, just to get your shoes on or off. At that point, you might as well be wearing ski boots. 

What are the best slip-on shoes?

There’s only one name in footwear that is changing the landscape of how we shop for, put on, and wear our shoes. Kizik is at the forefront of slip-on shoes and footwear technology. With over 100 patents or patents pending, Kizik is raising the bar—even Nike licensed out our HandsFree Labs® technology for their version of the ultimate slip-on. 

So now, without further ado, the Kizik collection—aka the slip-on shoes pushing the boundaries of footwear into territories of comfort and convenience the world has never seen before. 


Madrid, Spain, is known as the sunniest city in Europe. It’s also known for its museums, tourism, and one of the largest metro systems in all of Europe. Each of these adventures requires a good pair of shoes to help you experience the amazing city in style and comfort—the Madrid shoe from Kizik might be the perfect pair. 

But even if you’re not heading to Madrid and exploring by foot, the Madrid shoe is an option you don’t want to overlook. Its minimal design is sleek, lightweight, and made from a durable eco-knit fabric. It’ll stand up to daily use year-round, keep your feet cool with its breathable upper, and never cause you to struggle with shoelaces on your way out the door. 


This is a classic sneaker silhouette with the hidden superpower that is HandsFree Labs® technology. What’s not hidden from the outside is the supreme quality. Made from a luxe combination of durable canvas and genuine suede, it looks as good from the outside as it feels on the inside. 

And while your style points will go up with these sneakers, your feet will also thank you. Rabbit Foam™ outsoles are made from high-density foam that makes every step heaven. It’s exactly what you want to wear if you plan on walking or standing all day long. 


Vegas makes use of a timeless tennis shoe silhouette. While iterations of this iconic shape have been around for decades, it’s never been executed like this. It appears classic, yet it contains the technology pushing the envelope of how we wear our shoes. 

It has all the goodies that Kizik shoes are known for, like the HandsFree Labs® technology with titanium arc that lets you step into your shoes in one step and out the door in the next without missing a beat. Ultra cushy Rabbit Foam™ outsole in combination with removable foam insoles means your feet are getting a gentle massage with every step. 

This Vegas shoe stands out even more for its high-quality craftsmanship with its full-grain leather upper. It’s stylish, feels amazing to the touch, and requires no break-in time. It also provides durability to withstand daily activity. 

If your feet generate ripe odors from the repeated daily grind, you can freshen up your shoes by simply removing and washing the insoles. Not every leather sneaker can do that—keep your feet fresh, your style fresh, and your shoe game comfortable and convenient. 


The Athens is a lightweight shoe featuring a breathable mesh upper and outsoles that give you a soft base that’s comfortable all day long. The Athens is a daily shoe that you and your feet won’t get tired of, even on days when you’re on your feet non-stop. 

Athens utilizes HandsFree Labs® technology through an external cage design made of flexible plastic. This design doesn’t skimp on fashion and incorporates the technology into a unique, athletic look. And don’t worry, this technology still allows you to step in and out without bending down, stooping over, popping a squat, or however else you might otherwise get your shoes on. 

It’s an easy decision to make, except that there are fifteen different colors to choose from. Chances are, once you’ve taken your first pair around the block, you’ll want to pick out another pair so you can mix and match them with different outfits while keeping the exact same comfort and convenience. 


Walk, run, jump, chill—whatever you do in your Lima sneakers, there’s a good chance they’ll be your go-to footwear. Lima features all the best tech that Kiziks are known for. The combination of Rabbit Foam™ outsoles and rubber traction pods allows you all the soft comfort you could want while still providing traction and durability. 

This knit shoe also has a wider toe box that lets your feet get the room they need—no need to have your toes pushing each other around, looking for space. 


If you’re not already wearing Kiziks, the shoes on your feet might feel a little meh after learning about the new way to rock your shoes. Since the first sneakers, many trends and several technological breakthroughs have contributed to the evolution of footwear. Though there have been several attempts, none have come close to the way Kiziks are changing the shoe game. 

If you’re someone who likes the latest and greatest tech, these slip-on shoes are for you. If you’re tired of bending over to mess with your shoes, whether because you have back pain or a pregnant belly—or if you just think it’s a silly thing to do if you can avoid it—Kiziks are definitely on your radar for your next pair of kicks. 


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Written By: Chris Fry

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