Men’s Shoes: 9 Popular Styles


Men’s Shoes: 9 Popular Styles

We know that navigating the fashion world can be difficult, and we’re here to help you out. Whether you’re an aficionado or an amateur, this guide can be helpful to everyone. This page may come in handy if you’re looking to revamp your wardrobe and change the way you wear shoes.

Read on to get familiar with plenty of footwear options for casual wear, working out, or powering through the workday. Below is a run-through of the most popular types of men’s shoes.

1. Moccasins 

Moccasins are casual shoes that are typically made of leather. They were originally made by Indigenous women who would treat the animal skins before sewing them.

The word moccasin is based in an Algonquin language, and nowadays, its interpretation has become very generalized. Moccasin can now refer to a wide array of different shoe styles.

These shoes are laid-back and comfy. They’re ideal for keeping your feet warm while you're just lounging around or doing a quick errand run. Moccasins aren’t the most versatile shoes on the market due to their ultra-casual appearance.

2. Slip-on shoes 

Slip-ons can be dress shoes, casual sneakers, and everything in between. Who doesn’t love shoes that are easy to pull on and off? 

Interestingly, there’s a rich history behind slip-on shoes, from clogs to slide sandals, and now at the frontier of slip-ons—Kizik.

How slip-on shoes evolved

Before our modern slip-on shoe, there was the loafer, and the predecessor of the loafer was the moccasin. Brands later emulated the moccasin style to create chukka boots and other unique styles.

Nils Gregoriusson Tveranger was a Norwegian shoemaker who spent time in North America and created the Aurland moccasin, which became widespread in America in the 1930s as a new loafer option.

The slip-ons of the future

Following in the footsteps of these shoes of old are the slip-ons of the future: Kiziks. 

They’re more innovative and comfortable than anything from other producers of men’s sneakers—and they slip on like your favorite pair of men’s sandals. 

Kiziks bridge the gap between men’s running shoes and ideal casual wear, and they’re made from ultra-comfortable materials like leather and suede. What more could you want from a shoe?

3. Kiziks 

Founded in 2017, Kiziks are the new arrivals changing the shoe game with intuitive footwear. So, how did Kiziks become best sellers? We’re glad you asked. 

HandsFree Labs® technology

You might be wondering how Kiziks are so easy to slip on and off. In reality, it’s because of a titanium band in the heel that creates a rainbow shape. 

This rainbow is flexible while staying super secure, retaining its shape around your heel and supporting every step forward. 

Rabbit Foam™ outsoles

Thanks to the titanium arc in the heel, you can easily insert and remove your foot from a Kizik without any tugging or unlacing. You just slip on your new Kiziks and lace them up once, and after that, you’re just slipping your feet in and hitting the road!

Kiziks are stylish and functional

There’s no more sacrificing style for functionality. Kiziks have the best of both worlds. A perfect example of this is the Eco-Knit, a men’s casual shoe that fits like a glove and has a classic, minimalistic look. It’s a slip-on shoe designed for everyone.

Whether you’re working from home, walking around campus, having meetings in the office, working in the emergency room, or teaching in a grade-school classroom, these are the shoes for you. They’ve got the bases covered in the looks department, but they’re also supremely comfortable and functional.

4. Boots

Boots come in many different styles for a variety of environments and activities. Cowboy boots, combat boots, snow boots, riding boots, Chelsea boots, rain boots, and hiking boots are just a few examples.

Cowboy boots

Modern cowboy boots can be traced back to the Spanish vaqueros who came to America long ago. They were also influenced by the styles of the Hessian boots and Wellington boots, which were trending during the 1800s. Not long after, rain boots became a staple as well. 

Snow boots

The snow boots that we may think of in the U.S. were first born as carriage boots in America in the 1600s. Traditionally, they were composed of velvet and rabbit fur. 

Chelsea boots

The Chelsea boot is the style for you if you have a love for bands like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Embrace your inner singer and lean back in these band-favorite kicks. They’ve been around for decades and have stood the test of time due to their blend of comfort and style.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots are separate from other styles in that they take three different forms: light hiking boots, climbing boots, and backpacking boots. When selecting a hiking boot for yourself, it is critical to look at the type of material you need depending on where you’re hiking. 

For instance, if you will be passing through marshes, go for boots made with synthetic materials. If you are going on a mountain trek, consider a full or split-grain leather boot. Hiking boots also come in different heights, so you need to consider how much ankle support you might require. 

Hiking boots are totally necessary when you’re going on long-term expeditions, so make sure you choose the appropriate style for the environment and activities you’ll be engaging in on your adventure. 

5. Boat shoes

These shoes are exactly what they sound like—the perfect choice for spending time on the open water.

Boat shoes have rubber bottoms that won’t scuff the floor of a boat and prevent you from slipping over the side of the boat. Pretty convenient, right? If you are thinking about learning how to sail, this is the shoe for you.

6. Athletic shoes

There are multiple types of athletic shoes, and there’s a style that will fit everyone’s needs. Below are a few examples of popular athletic shoes that you might see online or at a local store.

Gym shoes

Gym shoes are designed to support your body while you’re lifting heavy weights, running sprints, or doing a long elliptical session. They’re often stylish, but functionality is usually the number-one priority with gym shoes.

Because of the types of movements you might be doing in the gym, traction is especially critical in this design. Be cautious as you choose shoes that will be your spotters throughout your gym session, whether you’re doing chest presses, squats, or lunges. 

Basketball shoes 

Sporty and supportive, basketball shoes are always cool. You can find them in all different color combinations, and you can even customize a pair. They have solid ankle support, which can be helpful whether you are playing b-ball or not. 

Basketball originated in 1891, and in 1917, a shoe specifically for basketball was created. Thanks to players like Chuck Taylor and Michael Jordan, basketball shoes entered the mainstream for non-players and players alike. 

Running shoes 

Pay close attention to key details when choosing running shoes, such as arch and ankle support. You should try out different types of running shoes because there is a different feeling when your shoes have more cushion or a firmer structure.

Running shoes are made for heel-to-toe progression of momentum. These shoes are made for that multi-directional and lateral movement because we know you’re a superhero in the gym and need shoes that will meet you wherever you are each day. 

Many running shoes are concerned with preventing the feet from rolling inward. It’s also important to note that gym shoes and track shoes will have different features than shoes designed specifically for running. 

No matter where you find yourself running, you want these shoes to be lightweight. The running shoe you choose needs to have solid heel cushioning and an appropriate heel-to-toe drop. Definitely make sure there is space in the toe box; you do not want your toes crushing against each other and the interior of the shoe while you are sprinting! 

Training shoes

Training shoes have a lower heel-to-toe drop than running shoes which gives you a different look and feel. Training shoes are not meant for running, but some people opt to wear them when they’re running anyway.

While other brands have dominated the training shoe market in years past, Kiziks are here to give them a run for their money. Slip-on workout shoes that you can wear everywhere? Sounds too good to be true, but it’s for real.

7. Formal shoes 

There are multiple styles of formal shoes to choose from, but Oxfords are some of the most popular.

Oxford shoes have an exposed ankle, but the laces are hidden beneath the vamp of the shoe. There are five different types of Oxford: saddle, classic, cap-toe, wingtip, and wholecut. These suave shoes come in a variety of color combinations. 

Saddle Oxfords were a big deal in the 1950s and can still be found in some more strict school dress codes. The wingtip has different designs incorporated along its borders which also stretch into different shapes than in the classic Oxford. 

The classic Oxfords don’t really have much detailing—think tuxedo shoes. Cap-toe Oxfords have caps on the toes. The wholecut style is a shoe made from one whole cut of leather. 

8. Flip-Flops

Flip-flops were worn in both Ancient Egypt to a degree as well as in Mesopotamia and Rome, and in each place, there was a slightly different iteration of the casual yet critical footwear.  

The flip-flop that we recognize as most similar to modernity’s iteration originated in Japan, called Zoris, and they were shipped to the U.S. in the 1950s. 

Today we consider flip flops beach footwear most often, but they are an incredibly convenient option if you’re just stepping in and out of the house. Additionally, they can be great shower shoes if you are using public showers or hanging out at the pool. You need a pair if you like to take it easy or would define your happy place as sitting at the end of a dock. 

9. Skateboard sneakers 

Skate shoes are stylish and easy to pair with a wide array of outfits. They’re not just for skaters, either—plenty of pedestrians choose this style as their go-to casual shoe.

These kicks were created and popularized by skaters, who often had as much of a love for fashion as they did for kickflips and ollies. The shoes were designed to stay securely planted on a board—and to match the grunge style associated with skating.

These shoes are also a definite element of skateboarding culture. Skateboard sneakers are notorious for coming in all different colors and patterns. They’re often high tops with a lite build that protects your ankles and provides plenty of flexibility.

What makes Kiziks the best men’s shoes?

There are tons of different kinds of shoes out there, and each one serves its own purpose. The right shoe for you ultimately depends on your personal style and preferences, and you probably won’t end up owning all of the sneakers, boots, and sandals covered in today’s blog post.

From gym shoes to hiking boots, there’s something for all of the occasions and activities in your life. However, if you want a shoe that does it all, go with Kiziks. They’re the perfect shoes for any man who doesn’t want a closet full of sneakers; they’re for someone who likes to keep things simple and goes for quality over quantity.

The most convenient shoes in the game

Kiziks are as convenient as it gets, thanks to the simple fact that you only have to lace them up once. You’ll find yourself getting out the door faster than ever after seamlessly slipping on your stylish shoes. Plus, they come in multiple colors and styles, so you can easily fit them into your personal aesthetic. 

Ultimate versatility

Kiziks have everything you need for casual wear, playing sports, working from home or the office, or running errands. They’re incredibly versatile thanks to their stylish and functional design, and you’ll never get tired of pairing them with your favorite outfits.

They don’t look gimmicky

Thanks to their sleek, stylish design, Kiziks blend right in—while still making you look like a fashion expert. There are plenty of shoes that are made with innovative technology but are lacking in style and comfort. Kiziks has both areas covered, so you don’t have to sacrifice your fashion sense to skip lacing up your shoes.

High-quality materials

We make all our shoes using premium-grade materials like leather and suede, so you can feel good while looking good. The Men’s Vegas, for example, is made from high-quality leather, so you get the look of a classic sneaker—without ever having to lace up.

A pair of Kiziks is one book you really can judge by its cover. This modern, fashion-forward shoe is full of high-grade materials, innovative technology, and is a shoe flexible enough to slip into without tying the laces.

Wrapping up

While there are countless men’s shoe styles to try, we don’t think it gets any better than Kiziks. With these ultra-comfy slip-ons, you can say goodbye to achy feet and the chore of tying your shoes. Instead, you get convenience, versatility, and style—all rolled into one pair of shoes.

Our men’s shoe collection features a wide array of styles and colors, so you can stock your entire shoe rack with Kiziks if you want. Hit the gym or go running in the Men’s Athens, an ultra-supportive trainer that you only have to lace up once. Then, slip on your Lima casual sneakers, which are perfect for hanging out at home, walking the dog, or doing some chores.

No matter which style you choose, you can’t go wrong with Kiziks. Trust us—you won’t miss your old sneakers, and you definitely won’t miss your boots, boat shoes, or standard trainers anytime soon, either.


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Written By: Chris Fry

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