Think you know this shoe? Think again.

August 14, 2023

Think you know this shoe? Think again.

You’re running out the door. You’ve got your whole outfit on (you look great, by the way), but which shoe? What’s easy and goes with everything?

Ah, this one. The slip-on… the one that, until now, you had to jam your foot into, then hop in place while you shoe-horn that sucker on with your finger.

Why did we ever think that was convenient?

Enter the Venice. This, my friends, the shoe you thought you were getting every other time you bought a laceless cupsole. The Venice is what a slip-on is supposed to be. 

The heel that won’t crush

Here’s what it’s not going to do: get a crushed-out heel after you step into it a few times. You’re never going to get that hard piece of plastic flapping between two pieces of fabric back there because this extra-padded heel springs back into place when you step on it. It’s never going to flatten out.

In fact, the heel will be the last part of this shoe to wear out. Our patented internal Cage means it’s made to be stepped on, over and over and over again—30,000 step-cycles worth in our lab—way more than you’ll ever do, we promise. It’d take you, like, 80 years of wearing it every day to get to that (and the heel tech still wouldn’t be worn out).

The style you never stopped loving

You probably never outgrew the classic look of a laceless canvas sneaker (the one that goes with everything so you need it in more than one color). What you outgrew was poor quality and discomfort.

Well, now you can have it all with this Kizik original that has the hands-free-ness, cushioning, and durability you were bummed that your last slip-on just didn’t have. 

Comfier than it looks (like, waaaay comfier)

If you think this shoe’s biggest flex is its hands-free tech, you’re right. But that’s not its only flex. This baby is made of STRETCH canvas, so it moves with your foot and keeps the top comfy.

It’s cushy on the bottom, too. You’re not walking on some canvas-covered board that’s going to make you feel like you’ve been standing on cement all day. Nope. This is a super-cushy Rabbit Rebound™ insole that you can remove to wash, sitting on top of a different density of permanent foam, totaling 7mm of dual-cushioning goodness. 

And even with its grippy, full-abrasion rubber outsole, this shoe is as lightweight as it looks.

The easiest shoe, made easier.

The Venice is everything a laceless slip-on should be. It’s the classic style you love. It’s just grown up a bit now, so it goes on easy, stays comfy, and you can wear it all the time without wearing it out.

Written By: Chris Fry

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