We’re blazing trails

December 05, 2023

We’re blazing trails

Our new Step Outside collection features our most capable hands-free shoes yet. We’re talking lug soles, water resistance, and styles that will turn heads in the city and blow Mother Nature away. 

The Juno: The World’s first hands-free snow boot 

First the Juno broke the internet. Then it broke people’s hearts when it sold out hours after launch. That’s what happens when you make a boot that literally reinvents winter. 

And for the record, it's all your fault Deana from Wisconsin who ordered eight pairs. 

(A word of advice? Change your name, Deana, and run.) 

Why all the craze? Well… a hands-free snow boot means you’ll never have to hunch over or take your gloves off in the cold again. (Your hands probably feel warmer already.)  

Pair that with a grippy lug sole, faux fur lining, and a top-to-toe water-resistant design, and you’re ready to explore winter’s magical landscape. Narnia, anyone? 

And yes, the Juno is out of stock. But go ahead and bookmark this page. We’d have to be crazy not to bring it back next year, wouldn’t we?

The Suncrest: An elevated high-top

Look at that view! The Suncrest was also a huge hit among winter fashion lovers, and they snatched it up. 

This is a cozy hands-free high-top that turns every step you take into picture-perfect gold (perfect for the gram 😍). It's ideal for outdoor shopping or walking in nature, with comfort that keeps up: a 4-way knit upper that’s better than anything Grandma’s ever made you. Pair that with a Rabbit Foam® insole and a grippy lug sole, and you’re ready to transform the outdoors into your runway.

This one won’t be back, so if you were lucky enough to get some, we hope you flaunt them.  

The Toronto: Style, simplified

Queen Victoria wore the first Chelsea boot in 1837. (Bet it took her ages to get ‘em on.) Now it’s your turn to rule in the easy-on, hands-free Toronto. Up to you on how you style it. You could go retro, casual, or pave the future of fashion with an outfit no one’s ever seen before. Its velvety leather upper can do no wrong. 

This boot also feels as good as it looks. It has a Rabbit Rebound™ insole and a Rabbit Foam® midsole. Translation: You’ll feel light as a bunny.  And with a grippy lug sole, you’ll move like one, too. 

The Wasatch: Outside, your way 

The Wasatch was made for nature lovers. One step in, and you’re ready to get outside and explore the city, walk a trail, or relax in your favorite nature spot. 

Just like the rest of the Step Outside collection, it has a grippy lug sole and a cushy Rabbit Foam insole. It also has a water-resistant upper that’s easy to clean. 

Step outside, friction-free

We’re all about making life easier. So we’re thrilled that we now have hands-free outdoor shoes for every season. 

Now, go out and get lost.

Written By: Chris Fry

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