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What makes a great shoe? Is it a comfy feel or unparalleled style? Is it accessibility? Is it superior arch supports and proprietary tech that make old memory foam a thing of the past?

Kizik women’s slip-on shoes are great if you want to wear an easier, overall better shoe. With these slip-on sneakers, you only have to tie them once and you’re done. you won’t have to worry about lace-up shoes coming undone ever again. 

Thanks to removable and washable insoles and availability in wide widths, Kizik shoes are more accessible than ever. These casual shoes are designed to elevate both your style and your day!

Within our line of women’s slip-on sneakers, you can find timeless best-sellers as well as bold new arrivals.

The Madrid features a rubber sole, responsible fashion made from recycled plastic bottles, and trendy slip-on style, it's perfect for everyday wear. The canvas slip-on Prague uses both canvas and suede to offer a two-toned, modern appeal. 

With genre-bending designs, numerous styles, and even more numerous colors, Kizik is changing the conversation around footwear. We aren’t just elevating women’s slip-on shoes: We’re making shoes that are better and more fun for everyone. 

A step forward

Kizik started with one goal in mind: To revolutionize footwear. Some shoe styles have existed for centuries. While some designers are stuck in the past, we look toward the future. New technology can make shoes better — not just lighter or more stylish, but also accessible in ways that improve lives. 

With Kiziks, you don’t have to worry about your footwear coming undone as you go through the day. Just slide your feet right in and enjoy all the time you’ll save with our hands-free shoes.

See what the excitement about Kiziks is today, and discover why they are so many people’s new favorite shoes.

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