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Men's Athens - White

Women's Lima - White Creme

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White slip-on shoes | Kizik

The crisp white walking shoe is a classic style that’s easy to match with almost anything in your closet. While white shoes may be one of the most timeless everyday fashion icons, they also have a reputation for being not-so-practical. That’s where Kizik’s white slip-on shoes come in!

What goes into the best shoe?

An attractive shoe needs equally attractive features. Carefully-engineered details like cushy Rabbit Foam™ outsoles, roomy toe boxes, and wide-width options ensure everyone can find a fit for them. The perfectly placed traction pads and soft washable insoles make our shoes comfortable to wear all day. 

For everyday shoes, convenience and accessibility can be the difference maker for men’s and women’s shoes. Our HandsFree Labs® slip-on technology lets you slip into your Kiziks with a single step. No hands needed, no more bending over or forcing your it on. 

Lace up your Kiziks when you put them on for the first time, and then forget about it. Once you tie them up nice and tight, your shoes will simply slip on in the future. 

White athleisure casual slip-on shoes

If your fashion leans toward athleisure, go for the Athens or Lima. True to the trend, these athleisure staples have similar features to athletic shoes with all the comfort and versatility of casual shoes. Whether you’re tossing the frisbee around the park, heading to the store, or relaxing around the house, you’ll want these Kiziks kickin’ it with you. 

White Streetwear casual slip-on shoes

For something a bit more of a streetwear look, try the Vegas and Prague. As easy to slip on as they are to dress up or down, these styles prove that versatility and style can go hand-in-hand. Go for our Vegas if you love a pair of leather slip-ons to turn some heads, or go with the Prague for some off-white canvas options that can add a bit of personality to an outfit.

Our all-new canvas slip-on Kizik Irvine packs comfort into every square inch of the shoe with extra padding at the springback heel, low top heel, dual underfoot cushioning, and a stretch canvas upper. Now your cloud-white shoes can feel like walking on a cloud. Perfect for beach days, business lunches, a weekend bonfire, or maybe even New York Fashion Week. 

Final Remarks

From our best sellers to our new arrivals, there’s something for everyone here at Kizik. Whether you’re looking for an all-white athleisure shoe, a new pair of creamy, casual kicks, or something in-between, our men’s and women’s slip-on shoe collection has what you need!

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