Women's Irvine


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Women’s Irvine | Slip On Canvas Shoes

With footwear, you often have to choose between style and comfort. But Kizik's Irvine is changing the game. Imagine slipping into shoes that hug your heel just right, provide a snug fit without friction, and have little to no break-in period.  

Our focus isn’t just on style or sustainability; it's about bringing you shoes that you can easily step into, whether you’re out for errands or going for a casual day out. With the Irvine, you'll find the perfect blend of breathable material, sleek design, and convenience.

Here, every shoe tells a story of comfort — from our durable canvas sneakers to our cozy stretch knit — crafted for anyone and everyone.

Why should women choose the Irvine?

For women who juggle multiple roles on a daily basis, the Irvine is a life-changer. It’s the perfect fusion of a slip-on sneaker's ease and a fashion sneaker’s flair. 

Need to dash out the door for a quick meeting or a school run? The Irvine has you covered with its effortless slip-on technology. Its breathable canvas keeps your feet fresh all day while the versatile style seamlessly transitions from professional settings to casual outings. It can do no wrong!

And let's not forget the comfort — the soft insole and flexible fit adapt to your feet, ensuring you're as comfortable at day's end as you were at the start. The Irvine isn't just a shoe; it's a lifestyle choice for the modern woman.

What sets the Irvine apart?

Let’s dive into a few standout features: 

  • First up, our HandsFree Labs® technology: It’s a true innovation that lets you step in and out without the need for your hands. It makes life more frictionless. 
  • Then there's the cushy Rabbit Foam® midsole, offering unparalleled comfort with every step you take. 
  • Then there’s the upper. The Irvine comes in two dynamic materials — durable canvas for those who love the classic touch and stretched knit for a softer, more flexible feel. 
  • Choose from a palette of colors like Black Denim, Ivory White, and Tidepool in canvas, or opt for the sophisticated Taupe Knit and Black Knit in stretched knit. 

How does the Irvine complement your style?

The Irvine effortlessly fits into your lifestyle and wardrobe. Picture yourself in a crisp pair of white canvas Irvines, adding a dash of chic to your favorite summer outfit, or choose a classic Black Denim pair for a more grounded, everyday look.

The beauty of the Irvine is its versatility. Whether it's a business meeting or a leisurely walk in the park, these shoes adapt to any occasion. The canvas slip-on design isn't just practical; it's a style statement, seamlessly blending with any ensemble. It also comes in a range of colors that work to reflect and woman’s style.

Embrace the blend of fashion and function with Kizik's Irvine — where each step is about confidence and comfort.

Strut into your style with the Irvine

As we wrap up this journey through the world of the Women's Irvine, remember: these aren't just shoes; they're a lifestyle. Kizik's Irvine is made for your go-to for those moments when you need both style and convenience. They're the perfect canvas slip-on shoes for any scenario in your busy life. 

If you’re searching for a women’s slip-on shoe that keeps pace with your dynamic life, look no further than the Irvine on Kizik.com. It’ll refresh your wardrobe and give you added support as you walk with confidence. It’s a great demonstration of innovation and comfort at its finest. 

With the Irvine, every day is an opportunity to step out in style and embrace the ease and elegance of Kizik footwear.