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  • Cleaning Kit

Kizik Shoe Care Kit

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Color: Shoe Care

Size: 2 FL. OZ.

Everything you need to keep your Kiziks looking good as new! Kizik Shoe Care products work on knit, mesh, leather, microfiber suede, and nubuck.

This kit contains:

  • Cleaning Foam (2 oz.)
  • Rain & Stain Guard (2 oz.)
  • Shoe Brush


Question: Can I use the Cleaning Foam to spot clean?

Answer: It’s best to clean the entire shoe to keep the look uniform.

Question: Will the Rain & Stain Guard make my shoes waterproof?

Answer: No; it’s not a waterproofing product. Rain & Stain Guard will protect your shoes against water spots, dirt, and other stains.

Question: How much Rain & Stain Guard should I use?

Answer: Spray enough to cover your entire shoe, but don’t saturate the fabric. Rain & Stain Guard is a light layer of protection.

Question: Can I return my Shoe Care Kit?

Answer: As long as the kit is unopened with the seal intact, you can return your Shoe Care Kit for a full refund.


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Shoe Care Kit

Your fave shoe, like new

Easiest shoe to put on, easiest shoe to keep clean! The occasional touch-up with our Cleaning Foam and a little protection from our Rain & Stain Guard is all you need.

Cleaning Foam

Spritz, wipe, voila!

Dirt happens, but it doesn’t have to stay. Our easy-dispense, gentle Kizik Cleaning Foam is specially formulated to remove dirt, water spots, and stains.

Rain & Stain Guard

No need to wrap it in plastic

Rest easy, knowing your Kiziks are protected. Rain & Stain Guard is a non-aerosol spray that keeps the elements on the surface where they can be easily wiped away.

Shoe Brush

Brush it off!

The Kizik Shoe Brush has pliable bristles with enough body to get rid of dirt without scratching or damaging. It’s a gentle clean for your Kiziks.

Easiest to put on, hardest to stop talking about.

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