What Are The Best Shoes For Wide Feet?

June 06, 2023

What Are The Best Shoes For Wide Feet?

The way we look at it, our feet are just one of the things that make us so unique — no two feet are exactly alike. While that’s amazing, it can also influence how we shop for shoes since not everyone has the same size feet. In fact, upwards of 60 percent of people have two differently-sized feet.

Shoes reflect this incredible diversity in our population. Not only are there different numerical sizes, but there are also shoes made specifically for those with wide feet. 

It would be a lot simpler for everyone if all feet and shoe sizes could simply be the same, but where would the fun in that be?

We pride ourselves on accessibility above all else. This includes bringing to life shoes that are easier to wear and crafting size-inclusive footwear. We’re going to explore why having the right size shoe matters. Afterward, we’ll explore a wide variety of men’s and women’s shoes for wide feet. 

Why does width matter?

Some things take the shape of the containers they fill: Water, small grains, cats. Your feet, however, need footwear that’s already perfectly sized for them. 

Consider this: What do you think will happen if you don’t have enough space for your toes? 

Your foot would likely be constrained and misaligned. Pressure will be unevenly distributed along your foot, and you could be at a higher risk of calluses, hammer toes, and more. Since your shoes rub more tightly against your feet, bunions and blisters will be more common. 

So please, give your feet all the room they need! Often, it’s easy to tell if a shoe is too loose. Your foot won’t physically fit, and your shoe will slip or fall off. On the flip side, it can be tempting to squeeze into shoes that fit too tight.

The wrong size shoe, especially if you have extra wide feet, has more than just aesthetic implications. Minor comfort problems can spiral into health issues.

Foot pain from wearing tight shoes can eventually lead to neurological damage if left unaddressed. The longer you maintain shoes that don’t match your foot shape, the worse things can get.

There are a lot of reasons why width matters. Let’s talk about how to find the best shoe size for yourself to keep your feet happy and healthy (and even stylish). 

How to find your shoe size

The first step to finding your ideal size is by measuring your foot. For some guidance, check out this shoe width guide. Then, we’re on to the next step. 

Consider how your current walking shoes fit. Are they too long? Too narrow? Too wide? 

First, take a look at the toe box of your shoe. The toe box is at the end of the shoe, where it comes to a point. The toe box should be wide enough that your toes aren’t crushed, with enough room for your toes to wiggle. 

Too much length in your toe box provides its own issues. You may be more prone to tripping or stubbing your toe. For optimal space and protection, aim for the width of a thumb in your toe box. This also accounts for natural splaying that occurs in motion and throughout the day. 

The more significant concern is width. Many of us may be tempted to simply go up a size to find a better width. However, playing around with half sizes can be a better idea. 

You might be able to wear a 10 wide or 10.5 medium, but that doesn't mean both fits identically. (Incidentally, we did take that number from the nationwide average in men’s shoes.)

When looking for wide shoes, look for the designation W or E — or some variation of those letters. Different systems exist for measuring width, but those are the most common.

These are the major considerations when it comes to selecting your shoes. Now, it’s time to look at a few pairs for practical examination.

Men’s wide shoes

We’ll start this list with a selection of men’s shoes available in wide widths. These are shoes designed for arch support and cushioning for those with extra wide feet. An even, casual fit makes them appropriate whether you have flat feet or high arches. 

Below, we have three different options to get you started on the path of finding your new shoes.

Men’s Lima

As far as wide pairs of shoes go, the Lima is phenomenally versatile. The Lima comes in sizes from 4.5 to 15, both standard and wide. Not only is it a great wide choice, but it also raised the bar on comfort. 

The Lima benefits from Kizik’s Rabbit Foam™ outsole. With every step you take, an airy pushback works for shock absorption and ecstatic comfort. These aren’t traditional rubber outsoles: They are the new gold standard. 

A roomy toe box helps ease any worries about length or width fitting properly. Meanwhile, the mesh upper protects from sweat. Every aspect of this shoe is dedicated to lightness, ease, and broad-spanning comfort. 

Men’s Athens

The Athens features traction pods on the sole to improve your grip as you move about your day. The outsole features the same Rabbit Foam™ but is slightly thicker on the heel. This gives you a lift in elevation and extra comfort where you need it. 

The Athens features a distinguishing special Cage™. One of the most aggravating parts of wearing too-tight shoes is trying to squeeze into them.

The Athens puts an end to all that shoe-nanigans. Here’s how you put them on: Slide your feet in, and the cage bends away from it. Slide your feet all the way in so that the cage flexes back out. 

Putting on your shoes has never been easier. No crushed heels and no more wasting time. You don’t even have to tie your shoes every time you head out the door: After you tie up the laces once, you can mostly forget about them.

These shoes are made to be totally accessible, no matter how you move. Nearly half of children under ten cannot tie their shoes (which is one reason we make kids’ shoes). 

There are many reasons people have trouble tying their shoes, from pregnancy to injuries and more. Everyone can benefit from saving time with hands-free shoes. And it just so happens that these benefits coincide with shoes made for people with wider feet. 

Men’s Roamer

Our next option for wide-width shoes is the Men’s Roamer. In general, the shoe offers a roomy fit. If most shoes always seem to be slightly off in terms of sizing, this may be your solution. The Roamer has a wide toe box and an outsole that melds with the easy-entry point of the shoe. 

The FlexFoam™ outsole serves a twofold purpose. One, it offers great roll-through for traction and stability on all sorts of surfaces. Secondly, it’s lightweight and highly responsive, boosting you up rather than holding you down. 

This responsive texture continues through the 4-way-knit design of the upper. Thanks to this, the Roamer manages to be one of the best shoes for those looking for their ideal fit.

Women’s wide shoes

All of the shoes we’ve highlighted above are available as both men’s and women’s shoes. Similarly, all of the shoes we’re elevating below are also available in men’s sizes. 

Still, we have a few additional offerings below. 

Women’s Vegas

The Vegas invokes the luxury of classic, premium materials. Our evergreen supportive outsole is paired with premium, full-grain leather. What that means for you is that this shoe can be worn with pretty much anything. And with a roomy, wide fit, it's the perfect everyday shoe.

Women’s Prague

Our next iteration of footwear on this list of comfortable shoes features contrasting material at the midfoot. The Prague blends comfort and classics by fusing high-quality canvas with genuine suede. No imitations and nothing but the best. 

The Prague also has removable insoles for easy washing. This can keep your shoes feeling fresh for longer. It can also make it easier to insert orthotics for a more customizable piece of footwear. 

Like all the best sneakers on this list, a roomy toe box allows for accessibility and a comfortable fit. No need to worry about your big toe getting crushed anymore. 

Women’s Madrid Eco-Knit

Accessibility is crucial to what Kiziks are and what we stand for. The Madrid Eco-Knit elevates our mission by adding environmental sustainability into the mix. 

If you look at the shoe, you’ll see a knit upper in a variety of styles: its upper is eco-friendly. The Madrid is made entirely out of recycled plastic bottles. Unlike those bottles, however, the knit is stretchy and breathable for maximum comfort. 

Will the Madrid Eco-Knit singlehandedly solve every environmental issue in the world? Maybe not, but you can help the world take one small step or, rather, several thousand steps toward a greener future. 

Accessible shoes for everyone

Our best sellers are best sellers for a reason. Making quality footwear means taking everybody’s considerations into mind. Shoes aren’t one size fits all, but the methodology behind creating them can be. That’s the sort of broad-spanning, all-inclusive style that has made Kiziks what they are.

The future of footwear means accounting for all sizes and abilities. Our feet change even after we reach adulthood. They flatten out and grow and age. They even change during pregnancy.

No one should have to have to squeeze into your shoes that don’t fit. With the guide above, you’ve got six options for comfortable, wide footwear, and you can check out the rest of our collection if you need a wider variety of choices. 


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Written By: Chris Fry

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