New Kizik Kid Shoes

July 02, 2024

Keep magic moving.

Fun, durable, hands-free kids’ shoes? Nothing make-believe about that.

Three new kids’ styles inspire frictionless adventure: the Orlando, the Phoenix, and the Truckee. While each of these shoes has its differences, they all have easy, hands-free Cage® and no-tie elastic laces. 

Ready to jump in? Simon says keep reading. 

The Truckee. Eats mud for breakfast. 

The Truckee is our most rugged kid’s shoe yet. One step, and your child’s imagination is ready to run wild—in the wild. 

It’s made with a durable mesh upper that’s both breathable and resilient against dirt. 

And since it also has a water-resistant toe, there’s no need to shy away from puddles. 

In other words, the Truckee is kid-proof. 

The Phoenix. Flies over lava. 

Watch your mini-me take off in a shoe that can handle any terrain—real or imaginary. The hands-free Phoenix effortlessly tip-toes the line between casual and capable.

On the outside, the Phoenix has perforated holes for enhanced breathability. The inside has a cushy midsole to provide a soft landing every time. 

The Orlando. Fun at every turn.

The Orlando is a cute low-cut shoe that works great in casual settings like the classroom but is also capable of so much more.

For one, its upper is made from sturdy materials like nylon and microfiber. This means it's flexible enough for a full day of fun but sturdy enough to hold up long after your child has outgrown it. 

It also has a grippy sawtooth outsole that makes turning easy and a cushy midsole that never tires out.

Reflective trim. A real superhero. 

When it comes to play, safety always comes first. That’s why on our latest kid’s shoes (Orlando, Phoenix, and Truckee) we placed highly visible film accents on the toes and heels. 

These reflective accents, though small, become highly visible during dusk and dawn, ensuring kids who play outside are more easily seen in low light. 

Not to mention, your kids will totally dig the look. 

Time to bounce—off the walls. 

From exploring make-believe worlds to leaping over giant ponds of lava, Kiziks are 

designed to keep up and hold up with your kid’s every move. 

The best part? They’ll be able to effortlessly step into their shoes while you do nothing. Imagine that!

Endless play awaits. Shop all kid shoes here.

Written By: Chris Fry

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