It’s the unlikely combos that change the world. Pineapple on pizza. French fries with milkshakes. And now, JET-PUFFED x Kizik.

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Create s'more fun

How did we make the sweetest shoe of the summer? We took our award-winning Roamer and toasted it to perfection. The result: a deliciously comfortable shoe experience.

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Sweet comfort

Imagine walking on marshmallows. That’s what our new Super Squish insole feels like. It molds to your foot without losing its shape over time, so your every step feels fluffy. The cushiness continues with extra padding in the heel and a stretch collar on top. This shoe is a sweet treat for your feet.

Golden-brown goodness

This’ll get you in the mood for some toasted-marshmallow goodness: a quilted rip-stop upper with a gradient pattern that goes from white on the bottom to golden brown on the top.

Hands-free heel tech

Our signature Unified® heel tech is a single piece of springy Flex Foam™ that moves easily with your foot. And it’s hands free, so it’s totally fine if you have sticky marshmallow fingers.

“Unified® tech was truly a collaboration between product design and our innovation lab.”

Brad Johnson

Senior Director of Footwear Design

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look while you can

The Mars Roamer Toasted Marshmallow is here just in time for National S’mores Day (August 10), but when it’s gone, it’s gone! Get your hands on this sweet shoe! 

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