The Best Travel Shoes by Kizik

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The Best Travel Shoes by Kizik

Meet Kizik, the most comfortable travel shoes on the market. They're perfect for airports, long flights and comfortable for walking and standing all day. They're also hands-free!

Ultra Comfortable

Washable Insoles

Breathable Fabric

Our bestselling travel shoes



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Why travelers love Kizik


No more bending over awkwardly to get into your shoes after security checkpoints. Just step in and go!

All-day comfort

Kiziks are super comfortable, lightweight and supportive so you can wear them during a long plane ride or walking around a new city.

Travel in style

Having hands-free convenience doesn’t mean you shouldn't look good. Wear them straight from the plane for a day on the streets or to dinner with friends.

These shoes were made to travel.

"I love wearing them when I travel especially. Easy to remove when I am in the plane and easy to put back on when your feet swell."

-Beng G.

Convenient shoes for on the go.

"You can slip in and out of these stylish leather shoes hands-free (great for breezing through TSA checkpoints), and their cushy foam outsoles provide all-day comfort."

Travel in style AND comfort.

“Has become my 'go-to' pair for travel due to its functionality and appropriateness for meetings and multi-weather activities."

-Erly A.

100,000+ 5-STAR REVIEWS

The #1 hands-free shoe in America

“Seriously can’t recommend the Kizik Lima Slip-On Sneakers enough.”

“Reviewers who have worn these shoes to the airport swear they’re perfect.”

Step up your travel game

Go hands-free today

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