Why Hands-Free Shoes are important

May 04, 2022

Why you should give a crap about hands-free shoes

You hear the honk of the horn, and you know your Mom has come home with a truckload of groceries. You rush to the rack of shoes waiting at the garage and start shoving your foot into one of your sneakers. But that heel is a fortress that makes you do the Carlton from Fresh Prince to get in. Your Carlton isn’t good enough. You have to bend down and use your index finger as a shoehorn.

At the risk of sounding cliché, there’s got to be a better way.

Hello, Kizik. Hello, hands-free. It’s about time someone came along and reinvented the shoe.

I mean, we all enjoyed watching Mister Rogers take an entire song to put on his shoes and get them tied, but I think we can agree these days, ain’t nobody got time fuh-dat. Kizik has invented a shoe with a heel that springs back when you put it on so that you can enjoy the fashion of laces without the hassle of having to tie them.

Mister Rogers would have dug it.

We’ve gone from a shove-it-and-pray experience to an easy, one-step motion that’s actually pretty addictive. Because once you taste that freedom, how can you go back?

Look, I loved my flip phone. Hanging up on people with a smartphone just isn’t the same. But my Nokia can stay in 2003 from whence it came.

Handsfree isn’t going anywhere. It’s not just resonating with people looking for a better way. For some, this is the only way.

Kiziks are cool for, say, pregnant people who not only don’t want to bend down—they can’t. We’ve also found a home within the adaptive community. At Kizik, we’re on a mission to create opportunities where there was once an obstacle.

So throw those hands up in the air because they’ve got some extra time on their… well… hands.

Try Kizik handsfree shoes today.


Written By: Chris Fry

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