What shoes to wear with jogger pants: 8 outfit combinations

April 06, 2023

What shoes to wear with jogger pants: 8 outfit combinations

All of us are looking for ways to look stylish this summer while still staying comfortable. The athleisure look is not only aesthetically pleasing, it’s also functional and super comfortable. 

Joggers are a part of this whole look. With the right pair of shoes, you can take joggers from a gym staple to a runway head-turner. Today, we’re going to give you a few outfit ideas to make your joggers pop. 

Keep reading and take these steps to rock that athleisure look.

What are joggers?

Joggers are an informal type of pants that are tapered at the ankle, usually with elastic. The snug fit to your ankle gives the pants a graceful shape that compliments your figure. They look like a more modern take on sweatpants. 

The original joggers

Joggers were originally a type of sweatpant that was designed for … well … jogging. Standard sweatpants are typically loose-fitting and made of a thicker material. They are designed to keep your legs nice and warm for those cold-morning adventures or late-night movie marathons. 

Joggers, on the other hand, are slightly more form-fitting than normal sweatpants, they’re made of thinner materials, and they have that signature taper at the ankle. They allow for good mobility for activities like jogging or playing sports. 

Joggers today

Like many forms of athletic wear, the jogger was adopted into everyday fashion, and now we have joggers that are made of all types of materials and styles, not only for sweatpants. They’re a casual type of pant that can dress up a T-shirt and sneakers or dress down an unbuttoned, loose, collared shirt. 

They’re kind of a catch-all type of pants. You can wear them in a variety of settings, capture that athletic look, and still keep it on the professional side of things. They’re versatile, good-looking, and super comfortable. 

When should I wear joggers?

One of the big questions with these amazing pants is what occasions you should wear them for. The great thing is that there are so many different types of joggers out there that you could wear them in a variety of different scenarios. 

If you’re looking for a pair of pants that can get you through casual Friday while still looking fairly put-together, a nice pair of denim or trouser joggers would do the trick. If you want to look like a proper fitness influencer at the gym, joggers are a great way to show that you didn’t just roll out of bed and into the gym. 

You can wear them to the grocery store for a classy yet comfy shop. You can wear them on a night out on the weekend, and they even make for a fantastic outfit to lounge around at home. Their whole appeal is that they make comfort look good! 

Jogger outfit combos

So now that we’ve got a good idea of what these amazing pants are designed to do, let’s dive into those ideas so you can rep your new joggers with some class. 

1. Baggy shirt and active shoes

One of the best things about joggers is that they’re usually slim fitting but not too tight. This means that they’re comfortable yet flattering, and it allows you to do a lot with your tops. One of the best looks for slim-fitting joggers is a simple baggy t-shirt and a pair of active shoes. 

The baggy shirt and slim pants combo make for a flattering, comfortable look, and you can tie the whole athleisure vibe together with a pair of active shoes. It’s an excellent look for your kids' soccer games on Saturdays or to do a quick errand. 

2. Baggy sweater and sneakers

If it’s a bit chilly outside, and you want to stay cozy while looking fashionable, the sweater jogger combo is tough to beat. Sweaters are warm and comfortable but still can look nice. A nice pair of denim joggers can make the look a classy/casual hybrid, and a pair of nice leather sneakers like the Prague can tie together the whole look. 

The sneakers keep the look in a stylish place instead of a more casual one. This is the perfect look for a stroll on a brisk autumn day or if you’re headed out for drinks or dinner with a few friends on a weekend.

3. Denim jacket and combat boots

If you’re going for a more edgy look, joggers and combat boots are a match made in heaven. Joggers go well with boots in general because of the taper. It ensures that your pants don’t fall over your boots, giving you a chance to show off those amazing leather boots. 

Tie the whole look together with a graphic tee and a denim jacket. It’s a top-notch outfit for a concert or if you’re headed to a brewery with some friends. It’s a stylish look that your friends will love. 

4. Crop top and knit active shoes

Now, let’s touch back to the athleisure space that joggers fill so well. If you want to show off all the yoga you’ve been doing and stunt an athletic feel, joggers go well with crop tops and tank tops. 

The look wouldn’t be complete without a nice pair of active shoes. To really show you’re a put-together athlete, go with some shoes that are active but classy, like our Madrid Eco-Knit. The Madrid is a first-class shoe that can support your workouts and boost those casual athleisure outfits.

5. Cargo joggers with classy, low-rise sneakers

Some of the most stylish joggers out there are cargo joggers. They tend to be more slim-fitting trousers, and the pockets add texture and dimension that tie together the whole fit. It takes a normal look and adds a touch of cool. 

Cargo joggers go wonderfully with graphic tees and some classy, low-rise sneakers like the Prague. These shoes are made of canvas and suede to make a dynamic shape and a pleasing, textured look. 

6. Linen joggers with sandals

Let’s say you’re on vacation at the beach. You want to take a nice walk on the beach after dinner to enjoy that fresh ocean breeze. There’s no better outfit than a nice pair of linen joggers and stylish (yet supportive) sandals. The linen is perfect for those oceanic vibes, and the sandals are easy to slip off if you want to feel the sand in your toes. 

You can dress this up with a nice top or keep it casual with a nice, flowy shirt. Either way, this combo is nice, summery, and it might even become one of your go-to outfits. 

7. Hoodie and active shoes

Of course, we can’t talk about joggers without talking about hoodies. It feels like these two articles of clothing were basically made for each other. They’re both comfortable, they can both be dressed up or down, and they make for a perfect fit in a time when streetwear culture has taken over. 

Put on jogger trousers to make it a more everyday look, or go with some jogger sweats for a nice outfit to take to the gym. Tie it all together with a pair of athleisure shoes. There’s truly no better get-up for a trip to the movie theater or for chilling at home. 

8. Monochromatic jogger set with matching sneakers

Few things can make you feel as cool as wearing a monochromatic sweatsuit. There’s just something about it that makes you feel put together yet relaxed, all at the same time. It’s a way to say that you care about your appearance while staying comfortable all day long. 

The look can really come together if you get a pair of shoes to match. Making the entire fit a single color can take the look from a nine to a full ten. 

Shoes to wear with joggers

Joggers are a great element to include in anybody’s wardrobe, and now you’ve got plenty of ideas on how to style these amazing pants. But if you’re still a bit unsure about what shoes to pair with your new trousers, check out Kiziks. 

Kiziks are changing the game when it comes to shoes. We make stylish shoes, both active and casual, that provide your feet with fantastic support and comfort, all while being completely hands-free. Simply slide your foot in, push your heel down, and the shoe snaps up around your heel to give you a secure, comfortable fit every time. 

Check out Kiziks today and pair them with your new joggers. You’ll be so glad that you added this combo to your wardrobe. 


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Written By: Chris Fry

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