Mars Roamer

September 14, 2023

Mars Roamer

A small step-in for you, a giant leap for footwear

It won’t be much longer before humans can explore other worlds. Better now than ever to start getting your outfit together. Meet the Mars Roamer, a bold, new design that’s light-years ahead in terms of fashion, comfort, and cutting-edge hands-free technology.  

The goal was to create the most expressive and original representation of our brand as possible. We’re forging a new future for footwear, so what better way to represent that than by creating a shoe that looks like it belongs in humanity’s next big chapter of space travel?

Plus, who knows? Maybe aliens will come to claim the Mars Roamer for themselves. (Seen the news? Evidently, they’re already here.) If that’s the case, we hope they know we offer free shipping.

Be a force in fashion

Step into the unknown, and set new trends along the way. The Mars Roamer is the epitome of “early adopter” style. If you enjoy pushing the status quo and getting asked, “Woah, where did you get those?” These will fit like a glove.

On the outside, you have a bold, single-tone, quilted upper and a Flex Foam™ outsole that’s sure to turn every head on the planet—any planet. One look at the bottom, and you’re met with iconic traction grooves that feel like someone named Neil, Luke, or Spock should be rocking.

Feel over-the-moon comfort 

The most important rule when exploring the depths of the universe is to always have reliable landing gear. Moving with the Mars Roamer’s Super Squish™ insole feels like a dream. It’s beyond comfy. It makes you feel like you’re floating. 

And that rockin’ quilted upper we mentioned earlier? It goes way beyond its looks, too.  

It molds to your foot, doesn’t lose its shape, and keeps the top of your foot feeling cozy day after day, eon after eon. 

Step into the future

The Mars Roamer’s technology feels like it was leaked by a time traveler from the future. Makes sense. It is light years ahead of anything else on the market. A simple step-in is all it takes for that heel to bend down, snap back into place, and launch you into your day. 

Written By: Chris Fry

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