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How To Lace Shoes So They Slip On

We all know how important our shoes are for energizing our bodies and springboarding us into our days. It’s impossible to not feel composed in no-tie-needed shoes as chic as Kiziks. 

If you haven’t grabbed a pair of Kiziks yet, though, you might be wondering if there’s a way to tie your shoes that makes them as easy to slip on and off as our awesome hands-free styles. (Or maybe you’re just looking for a cute new way to style our convenient kicks.)

There is an entire library out there of ways to tie laces. We decided to pick four looks to choose from that will reliably keep your feet where they need to be without you needing to retie your shoes. After the initial lacing of your new Kiziks, you don’t have to tie your shoes ever again. Thanks to Kizik’s step-in-tech, lacing and tying your shoes is only an inaugural step on your journey, now sans tying your shoes every time you put them on.

If you’re ready to take things to the next level, we’re also going to give a run-down on why Kiziks are the most convenient shoes in the game.

Straight lace

Just like the name, this style is pretty straightforward. It involves lacing straight across the tongue of your shoe and on either side. In this technique, you begin by lacing downwards into the first eyelets at the toe box.

Beginning with the left, draw the lace up into the eyelet directly above it before sending it to the other side. Repeat these same steps on the right side’s eyelets and alternate laces across until you reach the top.

At this point, you should see this fresh look:  your laces are forming a pattern of bars straight up your shoe’s tongue. Once you reach the final eyelet, securely tie the laces beneath the tongue, and tuck them so that you can’t see them. One and done! 

Double cross lace-up

Classic and easy, you are going to be forming x’s up your shoes with this style. This is likely a familiar style for you. If you’re dying to just get your shoes on and go, this is a fast option straight out of the box. 

Begin this pattern by threading both laces down into the first eyelets on either side. Make sure that the laces are equal in length. Instead of lacing up and across, we’re going to be moving diagonally across the shoe. This excludes any sort of double lacing on one side before crossing. 

Alternate laces cross each other until you reach the moment of truth: Tie the laces into a gentle knot behind the eyelets’ padding. You’re ready to go! 

Parallel lacing 

Get ready, because this technique is a curve ball: you’ll be lacing vertically twice before crossing. Begin by lacing both ends through the first and second eyelets on the left side. Next, send those laces to the opposite side. 

The first lace now enters the third eyelet on the right side, and the second lace follows suit in the fourth eyelet before crossing to the left. Continue the technique with the eyelets accordingly, and then finish the style by tying the laces beneath the tongue. The laces should be smooth underneath the pad. 

Voila! You’ve achieved a clean, minimalistic look with your laces, and you don’t even have to bother with them again for ages.

No-tie elastic shoelaces 

If you are super against lacing your shoes ever, maybe just buy no-tie elastic shoelaces. They can be locked into place while still remaining flexible. 

Of course, it can still be hard to slip on your shoes even with no-tie laces. If you’re sick of having to bend over and tug at the backs of your shoes every time you’re running out of the house, Kiziks might be the best solution to your lacing woes.

How do Kiziks work?

Kizik’s hands-free technology is changing our relationship with our shoes. We know how meaningful every moment is, so we’ve figured out how to save you some time and effort. 

Kizik’s most notable feature is our HandsFree Labs® technology. One way we feature this is with a unique heel band. Comprised of flexible plastic and titanium, this springy arc is constructed to encapsulate the heel, making transitioning in and out of the shoes both satisfying and effective. 

The other is with an external heel cage that compresses and pops back into place when you step in. 

With Rabbit FoamⓇ outsoles for comfort and plenty of grip beneath you, Kizik wants to move with you and for you.

The benefits of no-tie shoes

Kizik is a frontrunner in the athleisure footwear world with our original HandsFree Labs®  technology. Not only are Kiziks there for you, but they also look super good doing it. 

Kizik’s technology is both an enhancement to the shoe-wearing experience and a solution for many different problems. 

Maybe your child is too young to tie their shoes yet, or maybe you have a parent who takes a few extra seconds to bend down every time they re-tie their laces. Kiziks are also definitely designed for your teenagers who can’t remember to keep their shoes tied (even if you paid them).

Moreover, there can be many obstacles created by inflexible, run-of-the-mill athletic footwear. This is a shoe that will support you comfortably without docking any outfit points. Whether you don’t find tying your shoes accessible or you’re simply always running late, a pair of Kiziks is a stylish solution. 

With our unique hands-free technology, Kizik is the foundation of an already more efficient shoe that lets feet take care of themselves. By now, you’ve probably met your new best friend: that titanium heel band supporting your foot in and out of your Kiziks— no matter the lace style you choose.

It’s about you!

No matter how big or small the act of care, showing yourself love has a positive impact. Let yourself rock a sleek and comfortable shoe, and let footwear be easy! Once you have the hands-free shoes of your dreams, you won’t need to keep that backup pair of shoes anymore. 

Pick a lace that feels comfortable for your feet, and make sure that you are not lacing the shoes too tightly as you experiment with your favorite look. Our shoes are as fashion-forward as they are functional, so enjoy expressing yourself in these different styles that will make your Kizik experience custom to you.  

Kiziks can navigate the whole day with you, from the office to downtown to home, all in comfort and sophistication. They’re just cool enough to be admired, and they look great with nearly any outfit you can pair with them. Take a peek around your wardrobe, then head over to our website and select from a vast array of colors to find your favorite new shoes. 


You are on your way to a calm and confident stride in your laced-up Kiziks, especially when those laces are independent and ready to go when you are! Whether you decide to go straight-laced or opt for elastic shoelaces, we know that you’ll be relaxed and comforted by shoes as reliably awesome as Kiziks. 

We are excited for you to experience the delight of hands-free and hassle-free shoes. They’re a perfect gift, too, since just about everybody can benefit from these ingenious kicks. Shoes don’t have to slow us down, and now you can be one step ahead as you go for your goals!

Now that you know everything you need to know about lacing your shoes, there is no limit to the impact you can make as you confidently move forward in shoes that have got your back. Find what feels best to you, forget about tying these shoes ever again!


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Written By: Chris Fry

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