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Comfortable Work Shoes for Women In 2023

Are you tired of wearing loafers into the office? Are you feeling bored with your ballet flat shoes or lace-ups? If so, Kizik has shoes designed to be the most comfortable—as well as the most convenient—shoes for any workplace. 

Whether you work at a desk, in a classroom, or on a hospital floor, there is a pair of Kiziks that will support you no matter where you are building your career. 

Are you dressing to impress at the office? Try a pair of Kiziks with leather finishing touches and cushy soles for the ultimate in comfortable foot fashion.

Do you need to be on your feet all day, running from place to place or chasing after small children? You might like to try our stylish, sporty sneakers that have all the support, practicality, and breathability you want in a shoe without sacrificing appearance.

And forget about the morning rush before work or school. With our easy, hands-free technology, there is no morning shoe fumbling or lacing up needed. Just slide your feet into your shoes, and you are ready to go out and greet the day. 

And if you have plans after work, all the better. Kizik shoes easily transition from work mode to play mode. No need to carry around an extra pair of shoes all day, just so you can have fun after work.

Plus, it has been found that the footwear of an employee, especially if they are experiencing any chronic condition, can be a total game-changer in terms of the health and condition of the entire body. Check out this collection of some of our trendiest business-casual dress-code kicks on the market. 

We promise you will be grateful for slip-on sneakers this chic. 

Kiziks: The best work shoes for women

These are our best slip-on shoes to wear at work. There’s a look on this list for everyone, so you won’t have any trouble making them fit with your favorite work outfits.

Women’s Prague 

The Women’s Prague is a shoe that will take center stage in the break room—no doubt. Kiziks are designed to be an extension of your personality, so you can shine and be yourself at work. You can choose from seven gorgeous colors, as luxurious as creme brulee or as soothing as lavender. Imagine looking down and seeing shoes this fabulous. 

Kiziks allow you to express yourself while also taking care of yourself, even while you are at work. Because when you take care of yourself, you are giving yourself everything you need to succeed.

You don’t need to worry about your feet feeling cramped or sweaty or getting blisters in these working and walking shoes. These shoes were crafted from breathable canvas that will have your toes feeling fresh and airy all day long. They’re way more comfortable than any other office shoe you’ve worn before, including block heels, clogs, dress shoes, or even running shoes. 

These shoes also feature our patented Rabbit Foam™ outsoles. The rubber soles provide your feet with a soft cushion and add an energizing spring to your step to keep you moving forward and crushing your work goals. 

These shoes are the ideal pair if you need to be on your feet all day.

Women’s Vegas 

The Women’s Vegas is a work shoe with a cool attitude and flexibility you will not want to miss. 

How could you not be jazzed to start a brand new day when you’re sliding your foot into a shoe this comfortable and stylish at the same time? This is a business-casual shoe with a premium leather upper that can easily be worn to an important meeting or out on the town.

The Vegas is known for being the go-to shoe that will go with any outfit, whether you are looking for a classic brown Chestnut or the Ivory White. If you’re working from home or popping over to the office, these are the kicks that will keep you moving forward! You may fall in love with these shoes so much that you’ll want a few pairs.

The versatility of the Women’s Vegas is something we have to praise. Every second counts in the morning, and we know how much you are juggling, before even getting out the door. 

Kizik knows too, and that’s why we created a shoe that is as convenient and quick as you need it to be to start your day. With our patented HandsFree Labs® technology, the Vegas shoe slips on your foot with ease; no need to bend over or tie your laces. 

The built-in titanium—with a little nickel—wire arc is flexible and bends as your foot enters your shoe. Then, it bounces back up around your heel like a cushiony hug.

This is a shoe that can keep up with you all day long while keeping you energized and in style.

Women’s Athens 

Now, this is a shoe we can all get behind

The Women’s Athens has the sporty look you crave, and it’s made from super-breathable knit fabric. The relaxed fit of these stylish shoes makes them perfect for work or walking around town in leggings and a tee.

If you had a hot, sweaty, long day at work, you can easily remove the insoles for washing—just like you can with all our shoes.

The Athens is designed to be durable, flexible, and versatile. It’s the type of shoe you can wear just about anywhere! If you’re a nurse, our cushioned footbed, slip-resistant rubber traction pods, perfect heel height, and springy, shock-absorbing Rabbit Foam™ outsole will make these shoes your number-one pick for extra comfort during long shifts.

The athleisure design helps you look stylish and ready for anything when you’re on the clock, but the Athens can do more than support your feet at work. These are also ideal shoes for running errands or going for a bike ride. 

The Women’s Athens really can do it all. They are so breathable and comfortable that you may even wonder if you’re flying, not walking.

Women’s Lima

The Women’s Lima is another shoe that’s perfect for work.

An internal cage within the heel allows for a bounce-back that rivals any trampoline. Our HandsFree LabsⓇ technology makes it easier than ever to put on your shoes and chase your dreams. 

These are ideal shoes for any job, whether you’re primarily sitting or standing while you work.  They give you plenty of arch support and a roomy toe box—without compromising on style. Your coworkers will probably ask you where you got them, and feel free to send them our way when they do!

The Women’s Lima is the perfect shoe to wear to the office. It’s not only comfortable but super cute and stylish as well. We’re telling you, this will knock your Oxfords, pointed-toe heels, and booties out of the game. 

We don’t mean to be rude to other shoes; Kiziks are just the new ideal for kicking it to the top of your career field. 

Your work shoes matter

Staying comfortable at work can have a major impact on your productivity. That means the shoes that you wear to work are a big deal!

If you’ve been wearing clunky boots or tight-fitting heels to the office for months on end, it’s time for a change. When you wear comfortable, fashionable shoes like Kiziks to work, you’ll feel more confident—and you might even get more done. 

When you’re comfortable, focusing on work and enjoying your job is much easier. That’s why we designed our shoes to support you throughout your workday and eliminate the hassle of adjusting your laces. Thanks to HandsFree Labs® Technology, you can slip your Kiziks on at the beginning of the day and enjoy your workday worry-free.


We hope you have fallen head over heels and are ready to experience Kiziks. They’re comfortable enough for work and sturdy enough to handle your busy schedule. Plus, you lace them up once and never have to tie them again.

Kiziks are slip-on shoes with breathability that few other shoes can offer. They’re lifesavers on busy mornings when every second counts, and they’ll keep you comfortable all day long. Whether you’re checking items off your to-do list at the office or killing the WFH (work from home) game, Kiziks have your back.

Whether you find yourself leaning toward the Women’s Lima or the Women’s Vegas—or both—there are Kizik styles for every occasion and setting. Each shoe design has been tested hundreds of times for maximum comfort and functionality. The result? Shoes that are ultra-cushy and oh-so-comfy—exactly what you need at the office.


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Written By: Chris Fry

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