Classic meets comfort

July 03, 2023

Classic meets comfort

You know the feeling. You’re getting ready to rock the day with your favorite pair of classic canvas shoes. You take a glance or two in the mirror, and you’re out the door. Then, reality hits, and your feet start to feel like they’re walking on bricks. (Sigh) So much for rocking it. But beauty is pain, right? Wrong. 

The Irvine changes all of that. We took everything you love about classic canvas shoes and reinvented them to be crazy comfy. Inside we put in extra dual-density cushioning and a rubber cup sole. For the upper, we used a stretch canvas that moves with your feet and keeps them cool. 

They’re so comfy, people have been raving about ’em on the interwebs. 

Best shoe EVER! 


“…. Honestly, so darn comfortable that I find myself wearing them all day. I normally come home from work, and I can’t wait to remove my shoes. But these are so comfortable I forget I’m wearing them.”  - Denyse

Oooh baby, these are comfy! 


“I've worn a lot of low-top shoes like this in the past, and these blow them out of the water! I can wear them all day and my feet don't hate me.” - Jane

And the Irvines aren’t just comfy enough to wear all day, they’re also the perfect style piece to take anywhere. From running errands to the office to a night out with friends, the minimal canvas upper works with pretty much any outfit. Now you can move from A to Z without ever having to change your shoes or worrying about being overdressed or underdressed. Heck, you could go to a ball wearing the Irvines! 

Cinderella found her shoe


“...These shoes are super cute, sleek, and oh-so-comfortable… I’ve already worn them with both a work-appropriate dress and everyday athleisure…. I will definitely be grabbing these in another color! You aced another style, Kizik!”  - Tina

So you want a shoe that’s comfy enough to wear all day and stunning enough to take to any occasion? With the Irvine, you can have your cake and eat it too. And here’s the icing, all our shoes are completely hands-free. 

With HandsFree Labs® technology, there’s no need to bend over or jimmy your way in. Just step in and go! This also means your beautiful new shoes will last longer since the heel doesn’t crush down like other canvas shoes! 

So, what color are you gonna get? 

Written By: Chris Fry

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