What are the best shoes to wear around the house?

December 30, 2023

What are the best shoes to wear around the house?

Sometimes, your feet need a break from flat loafers and high heels. This is when people want “house shoes” that are comfortable, breathable, and stylish. 

Wearing specially designed shoes for comfort, ease, and support at home can greatly enhance your overall in-house comfort and personal style. Let's look into the best indoor shoes, why they matter, and how the perfect pair can add a layer of cozy comfort while at home.

Understanding house shoes: Importance and benefits

The right pair of house shoes can make a big difference to your indoor living experience.

Finding proper house shoes also comes packed with tangible benefits:

  • Protection: They provide an extra layer of protection and guard against minor accidents or cold floors.

  • Maintaining foot health: A snug fit and comfortable padding support proper foot health and minimize potential discomforts that may arise while roaming your house.

  • Floor cleanliness: They refrain from tracking outside dirt into your clean home.

  • Safety: They offer a firm grip and reduce the risk of slips on smooth surfaces.

What makes a good house shoe?

Now that we've established why house shoes are beneficial, let's find out what makes a good house shoe:

  • Comfort: Comfort reigns supreme for any house shoe. They should be something you can’t wait to slide your feet into. 

  • Ease of use: Look for a shoe that’s easy to slide on or off without demanding your hands' attention. 

  • Materials used: The materials should offer breathability while being soft and cozy. 

  • Durability: You want home shoes that’ll last. Get durable shoes you can stand your mornings, days, and evenings with. 

With these pointers in mind, let's dive into our collection of house shoes. We aim to help you find shoes that feel like a natural extension of you.

Kiziks: The ideal house shoes

Kiziks aspire to be the gold standard of at-home comfort. Kiziks are designed to be the right blend of effortless practicality and style. 

Kiziks are comfortable, easy to put on, and propel you to be your unfiltered self at home. Whether you want to slip into shoes as you leave the warmth of your bed or want something comfy to wear after work, we designed Kiziks to comfort your feet with every step.

Let's jump into some at-home shoe favorites. 

Meet the Irvine

It’s a classic but with unexpected comfort! It captures your familiarity but adds a grown-up twist, blending comfort with a mature look.

It has dual underfoot cushioning thanks to its springback heel and stretch canvas upper. Which means it’s ready to take you from your morning coffee run to late-night adventures. With the Irvine, comfort is a full-day affair.

Say hello to the Venice

Venice keeps your indoor strides untroubled and laid-back. It has a lace-free design, hands-free tech, and a canvas upper that can fit any outfit.

Move with the Athens

It’s a house shoe that serves as a haven for your feet. If you’re looking for a shoe to do chores, or simply relax in, the Athens is an excellent fit with its extra Rabbit Foam® and spring-back heel.

Fall in love with the Madrid Eco Knit

The shoe effortlessly merges comfort and sustainability. It has an eco-friendly knit upper that’s made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. This means you can lounge at home guilt-free, knowing you made the best choice for the planet. 

Revel in the luxury of the Lima

The Lima makes lounging at home a joy. It’s breathable and thoroughly cushioned, with enhanced ankle padding and a roomy toe box. 

Introducing the Mars Roamer

A Kizik and Jet-Puffed collaboration brings luxury to home lounging. With hands-free entry and exclusive quilted padding, it's your limited-edition shoe for around-the-clock comfort. Home living has never felt more stylish.

Maximizing comfort: Tips for wearing your Kiziks at home

After exploring our fantastic roster of at-home shoes, we have some tips to further enhance your at-home shoe experience. Making the most of your Kiziks can transform your daily routine, a perk you shouldn’t underestimate.

These are our best tips on wearing your Kiziks comfortably at home:

  • Break them in gradually: While we design Kiziks for immediate comfort, everyone’s feet are different. Give your new Kiziks a few days of short-duration wear to conform to your unique foot shape. This ensures maximum comfort in the long run.

  • Alternating pairs: Just as you wouldn't wear the same outdoor shoes every day, consider having more than one pair of house shoes. This lets each pair air out, enhancing the shoe's lifespan and your overall comfort.

  • Keep them close: Position your Kiziks where they're easy to slip on when needed—that’s the beauty of hands-free footwear! Try by the front door or beside your bed. 

  • Cleaning: For those “life happens” moments, remember cleaning instructions will vary depending on your Kizik's materials. Keeping them clean enhances both shoe longevity and indoor cleanliness.

  • A little stretch goes a long way: Kiziks’ hands-free technology works like magic, cradling your foot without pressure. A small amount of pressure applied to the back of your shoe to slip it on can improve your overall experience.

The right house shoe can bring unparalleled comfort into your home lifestyle. Follow these tips to your ideal pair! Your feet will thank you. Home is where comfort is—especially when you have Kiziks. 

Shoes to sidestep for indoor wear

While we've highlighted the importance of good house shoes, we should also know footwear to avoid when cozying up at home. Selecting the right at-home shoe is about more than just identifying proper shoes. It’s also about sidestepping those that can disrupt your indoor comfort.

Avoid these:

  • High heels or hard soles: Stiff, hard-soled shoes, like formal footwear, heels, or certain types of boots, are not ideal. They can be uncomfortable for extended wear periods and potentially damage floor surfaces.

  • Poorly fitting shoes: Ill-fitting shoes can lead to discomfort. You should also stray away from tangled laces, tight toe boxes, or shoes lacking heel support.

  • Outdoor shoes: Wearing outdoor shoes indoors can track dirt and grime into your home. An indoor-exclusive pair helps maintain a cleaner space.

  • Shoes without adequate ventilation: Shoes created with materials that lack breathability can lead to sweaty, uncomfortable feet. Choose shoes with breathable materials, like our Kizik options! 


At Kizik, we believe your feet deserve the best treatment no matter where you roam, especially within the comfort of your own home. Our hands-free technology allows you to slip in and out of your shoes without bending over. We also prioritize comfort, durability, and style in every pair of shoes we craft.

Remember, the best house shoes are an extension of your comfort zone. We're proud to make shoes that are comfortable, ultra convenient, and elevate people’s at-home time. 

It’s time to redefine and elevate your at-home style. Take a look at Kizik’s variety of shoe options tailored to the various needs you may encounter in your daily life.

You may also want to check out our blog for more tips on finding the best shoes for you.


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Written By: Chris Fry

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