Where tech meets comfort: Kizik at Silicon Slopes

October 24, 2023

Where tech meets comfort: Kizik at Silicon Slopes

"What’s Kizik doing here?” and “What's this?" were common questions as people ventured into the Kizik booth at Silicon Slopes, Utah's annual global tech and business summit. A shoe company in a sea of cutting-edge tech companies does raise questions if you don’t know that our shoe-entry tech is a heavily patented innovation.

We’re definitely not your typical tech company. Our innovations don’t involve anything that plugs in or requires batteries. Just feet. And that's what made our spot at the 8th annual Silicon Slopes unique and universally appealing.

And the Kizik crew was excited to answer all the questions the tech-centric crowd could throw at us.

The aha moment

A good number of our visitors had heard of us. Knew what we were about. Had seen and loved our ads and wanted a closer look. Others were loyal fans who knew precisely who we were still couldn't resist stopping by and even stepping into a pair. Others, though, were simply intrigued by the unfamiliar sight and couldn't resist finding out more.

So they stepped into a pair. And the aha moment was pretty universal. 

The Kizik experience

The Kizik booth wasn't just about showcasing the latest styles and teasing the unreleased ones. It was about sharing what makes us different and showing what a difference a truly hands-free shoe can make. 

Kizik's unique, hands-free footwear technology makes it easy for people to step into their shoes effortlessly. And it’s literally for everyone.

Why we love Silicon Slopes
Being at Silicon Slopes was just one more way to bring joy to the everyday. And it’s always great to interact with the local business community and showcase our spot within it. 

Plus, it’s not often you get to hear that many people say, “Wow.”

Written By: Chris Fry

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