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Walking Sneakers for Women: How To Choose the Best Pair

We’ve got some vital info for making sure you are selecting the best possible walking shoe for you. Walking shoes are much different than running shoes. 

Read on to learn the necessities and nuances of choosing the right walking shoes, from cushioning to arch support. Walking shoes are the best shoes for when you want to stroll around town in comfort. That’s why these women’s walking shoes from Kizik will be your new favorites! 

Before we get too deep, ensure you get your foot measured toward the end of the day. Our feet swell throughout the day, so it’s a good idea to find shoes that will fit you no matter what temperature it is outside. There should be no problems before you swipe that card. 

Anatomy of the walking shoe

There are many pieces that go into making a shoe. However, there are four main parts that most impact the way a shoe fits. 

These parts include: 

  1. Toe box
  2. Insole 
  3. Heel counter 
  4. Midsole 

Each element of the shoe contributes to the mechanics of walking, and it’s essential that you feel supported and comfortable in each of those sections. You don’t want your toes to be crowded in the toe box, and you don’t want to get a blister from the heel counter. 

The insole is responsible for shock absorption. The midsole has a lot of possibilities in terms of its construction, so you should know what you need. An appropriate heel counter will protect the back of the foot rather than subject it to more unnecessary friction. 

Flexibility and stability are crucial elements in selecting a walking shoe. Your comfort is also of utmost concern. 

So now that we have this knowledge of the makeup of our shoes, let’s discuss the composition of walking itself. 

If you have any pains or chronic ailments in your feet, ankles, legs, or hips, it’s critical to examine which kind of shoe will have the most support to help resolve the condition. If you have any sort of growth or bunion, consider your shoes’ width when making your choice. 

Why Kizik makes the best walking shoes

With all of this in mind, we are excited to offer women’s shoes and slip-on sneakers from Kizik as a perfect end to the hunt for walking sneakers and the beginning of a wonderful, rewarding walking practice. Kizik is a specific form of slip-on shoe that has HandsFree Labs® technology designed specifically for Kiziks. 

What does that mean? Glad you asked. 

HandsFree Labs® technology

We’re talking about titanium in the heel that’s malleable enough to bend to allow your foot to enter the shoe and springy enough to pop back up comfortably around the heel. 

RabbitFoam™ outsoles

Our outsoles are going to blow your mind. These shoes allow you to stand for hours and still be comfortable. That’s how serious we are about comfort and why we incorporated RabbitFoam™ outsoles into our design. 

One and done lace-up

Think about not having to tie your shoes. They look like lace-up shoes without the work. You didn’t know how much you didn’t need that work in your life until right now. When you have a pair of Kizik shoes in your life, you’ll wish all your other shoes were the same. 

You don’t have to loosen your laces—even with wide feet or flat feet. And no, there is no need to untie your shoes to put them on. You can lace your new Kiziks, tie them up as you desire, and after that, you’re just slipping your feet in and hitting the road!

Check out a few of our recommendations for the next new walking shoe for you!

Women’s Vegas

How could you not be head over heels for this design? One look at the Women’s Vegas, and you’re sure to be in love. 

Kizik offers a shoe that combines the best qualities from the historical body of slip-on shoes while enhancing the mechanics of the process. They might even aid in your balance!

Women’s Lima

Wait until you see this one. The Women’s Lima has the perfect sporty look while holding up its end of the innovative bargain. This shoe is guaranteed to get you where you need to be. 

The Lima has a four-way knit that is super breathable, no matter what time of year you’re walking through right now. Plus, the traction is astronomical. 

Women’s Prague

What’s not to love about the Women’s Prague? It’s composed of durable canvas and genuine suede leather. This is a shoe that’s serious about comfort, efficacy, and look. 


Whether you’re walking your dog, walking to work, or walking for your health, you need the right pair of shoes to help you do it all. Kizik wants to simplify things with our stable, flexible, and comfortable kicks!

Walking can be an amazing experience in a pair of Kizik shoes. Imagine exploring a botanical garden, visiting neighbors in your neighborhood, or doing a walking meditation while wearing shoes that are breathable, supportive, and intentional in their high level of comfort! 

The goal is to have a shoe that is flexible and stable while still being incredibly comfortable. A shoe that can be walked in for hours with no issues is the dream. And as we’ve examined here, there is already a shoe that is fulfilling that dream. 

With HandsFree Labs® technology and dreamy foam outsoles, these couldn’t be more comfortable walking shoes. Trust us. Welcome to the easiest shoes you’ve ever put on and the ones that you won’t be able to stop wearing this season. 


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Written By: Chris Fry

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