How to Select Children's Shoes

August 08, 2022

How to Select Children's Shoes

Figuring out if you’ve got the right shoe for your little one’s feet can be tricky at best. We want to demystify that process and offer tips for matching your child with the perfect kicks so they can get back to exploring, and you can get back to doing you.

Choosing shoes for your little ones is an important decision. The design of a shoe can affect the experience of the child. Our goal is for the kids’ Kizik shoes to keep them stabilized and secure while they smile, learn, and play. 

It’s essential to know all the ins and outs of shoe shopping for children, especially since they are still learning how to wear shoes and how to express their feelings. You’ll know exactly what they need and how to give them the kicks that will empower them each day. Read on for more information on how to pick out the ideal shoes for your little one. 

What you need to know about shoes for children 

During the first seven years of your child’s life, their feet will undergo intense development, so it’s crucial to support their growing bodies with shoes that are stable, comfortable, and intuitive. 

This support is crucial as babies don’t have arches. Their arches are developed over time. In toddler boys and toddler girls, the foot is a malleable body part that will adjust as needed, but it never hurts to provide proper guidance with the right shoe styles.

There are three major components to consider when selecting a shoe: flexibility, toe room, and the material of the shoe. 

You want your child’s foot to be well supported without the shoe being too tight or too loose. To determine if there is enough space for the foot within the shoe, feel the child’s toe in the shoe; there should be some space between the toe and the shoe’s furthermost edge. 

Leather or canvas are both materials well suited for children’s shoes. The goal is to find something relatively water-resistant and tough enough to face any elements the kiddos might be exploring. Luckily, Kizik offers shoes with highly efficient ventilation systems. 

What is the best time to shop for kids’ shoes?

Knowing what not to do when buying children’s shoes is also important. Go shoe shopping later in the day as your child’s feet may have swollen up after a day of play. This will ensure that whatever pair of shoes you buy that afternoon will be able to handle the natural rhythms of the feet. 

You wouldn’t want them to be happy when they leave for school in the morning only to come home in the afternoon complaining. 

Have your child’s feet measured

We recommend having the child’s foot measured at the shoe shop before picking out a shoe. A child’s foot should be re-measured every two to three months as their feet are growing rapidly in the younger years. 

Check the fit of your child’s shoes

Pay attention to how your child’s feet look after they have been wearing the shoes for some time. Redness is a definite indicator that the kicks need to be reconsidered. Pay attention to the heels for blisters if the back of the shoe is rubbing on the child’s skin. 

What kind of shoes are needed?

Casual shoes and athletic shoes like running shoes or high-tops are crucial for that little tot going to and from all the adventures of youth. A slip-on shoe is also an important consideration for their closet since the laces of the aforementioned styles of shoes may be more time-consuming for a child. Slip-on shoes are ideal for getting everybody out the door and into the day!

Protection and shock absorption are major focuses for children’s feet as their arches are not fully developed. Also, let’s be honest: Little kids’ feet get sweaty, so picking out a shoe with plenty of ventilation is a must. 

With all this in mind, imagine for your not-so-big kid what it would be like to have a shoe with laces—that do not need regular tying—that can be slipped on with ease and comfort. This is where Kizik comes in. 

Why buy Kizik for kids

Kizik’s new arrivals offer a line of footwear that is comfortable, on-trend, and highly accessible for children. The HandsFree LabsⓇ technology that the adult world has been eating up is now available for kids. 

For kids who may be experiencing trouble with fine motor skills, Kizik provides massive ease and time-saving by saving both parents and kids from the shoelace battle as well as the shoe comfort battle—you know, when the little guy or girl is stressing over how the sock feels inside the shoe. If your child is still too young to tie their own shoes, you have less to worry about with Kizik keeping them secure and stabilized. 

Kizik is easy! There is a lot to learn in the first 10 years of your life on planet earth, and Kizik makes slip-on shoes that will support your child’s enthusiasm for learning with toddler shoes and beyond. These shoes feature fun, exciting, happy colors, and you can trust that they’ll properly support and empower your child while they are at school.

What Kiziks are made of 

Anyone who has ever hung out with a little one as they get ready for the day knows that the feeling of the socks within the shoes can become a high-intensity drama. With Kiziks on your kids’ feet, we are confident that the breathability, space, and intelligent design will mitigate all the typical qualms kids have with shoes. 

Plus, the Rabbit Foam™ outsoles are both incredibly cozy while also providing impeccable traction to prevent falls. On those field trips to the zoo, your child will be skipping and content (and potentially outlasting the kids not wearing Kiziks). 

Kiziks are made of 100% grain leather and breathable material. These are shoes that are literally lighthearted. You don’t have to worry about whether this new shoe is worth it because we’ve become the top name in slip-on shoe wear. Rest easy and know that this is the reputable shoe you’re looking at for that upcoming birthday party.

Kizik shoes don’t need to be broken in, and your child definitely needs a shoe that is going to be comfortable and positive from the start, including as they grow. Thanks to the breathability and flexibility of Kizik, you don’t have to turn around and immediately buy a new pair. We pride ourselves on being a shoe that is immediately ready for you and your adventures!

Kiziks are designed to bounce back and be flexible, they can withstand most mischief your little monsters are making. 

Why Kiziks are the best shoes for kids

Kizik is an ideal choice for boys’ shoes and girls’ shoes. With hands-free technology and plenty of adorable styles to choose from, any child would be stoked to strut to school in these shoes! 

These are great shoes for the playground, and there’s no doubt that the slip-on aspect of the shoe will be a massive timesaver for everyone. Simply lace those Kizik shoes that first day, and after that, there should be no reason to have to tie them ever again. 

Kiziks are durable and accessible

Plus, we know how frustrating it can be when kids crush their shoes without thinking and ruin the backs. Kizik is totally relieved to offer a solution to that, as well as provide an easier shoe for kids who may be struggling with fine motor skills. 

Accessibility is a significant component of the convenience of Kizik, so if a child has any medical or physical factors that make bending down difficult, these shoes are a super cute and super easy substitute! Shop all of our best sellers, and you’ll see why kids love our style.


Not only are these shoes going to make leaving the house a little more seamless, they will also help you and your little friend play outside for longer because these shoes will be comfortable for hours on end! Something else we’re stoked about is that these Kiziks are also going to stay looking good and intact because they won’t be getting crushed!

Did you know Kizik shoes have undergone nearly 100,000 tests to ensure that they function perfectly and properly for the user? Yeah, we know—we’re a little extra. But your comfort and your child’s comfort are important to us! There’s a reason our brand name is trusted. 

These are the hands-free shoes that are changing the footwear game. Your child will definitely be hip. Kizik is committed to providing the very best for you and your little angel. You could even get matching pairs!


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Written By: Chris Fry

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