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There’s no doubt that your shoe game can make or break your day. This is the case with dress shoes like cap-toe Oxfords and fancy grain leather loafers, but it’s also true with your favorite sneakers.

Check out everything that Kizik has to offer and how our unique technology is leveling up the entire footwear frontier. In every iteration of our shoes, there is a commitment to traction on the outside, as well as the comfort of the Rabbit Foam™ outsoles keeping you cozy on the inside. 

Rabbit Foam™ outsoles 

Let's dig into these amazing layers of comfort foam that make our kicks best sellers—especially considering you can use them as casual shoes, tennis shoes, or walking shoes. Our outsoles use a memory foam-like material that is designed to uplift you and bring a bounce to your step.

Even if you have meetings back to back and you have to be on your feet to meet with clients, you’ll feel like your feet are in a soft cloud because the footbeds and outsoles are the top tier in cushioning comfort. No more tired, hurting feet.

HandsFree Labs® technology

Another aspect of what makes Kiziks so incredibly unique is our patented HandsFree Labs® technology—and we do mean hands-free. After your first lace-up, you never need to touch these shoes to put them on again. 

That’s because Kiziks feature a flexible titanium cage around the heel that springs to where it needs to be. It molds itself to your heel as it enters and moves in the shoes. 

You don’t need to bend down, wedge your foot in, walk on the backs of your shoes, or even unlace and retie. Wave all of those tasks goodbye with Kiziks—the best sneakers in the game! Lace these comfy shoes up the day you unbox them, and you can trust them to stay laced and look good as your foot enters and exits the premises. 

Why are Kiziks the best men’s shoes?

Imagine showing up to work without feeling exhausted and chaotic from the hustle out the door. Just think of those days when you were a couple of minutes behind and spilled some coffee on your pants because you opted out of tying your shoes and stumbled on the laces on the way to the train. 

If you had been wearing Kiziks that day, you would’ve comfortably walked out the door with a pair of stylish, secure shoes on. Imagine slipping in and out the door because your Kiziks are right there and you know that no matter what happens when you’re out there in the world, at least you have on the right pair of shoes.

That’s why we made Kiziks—because this is how shoes should be. 

Kizik styles

Let’s take a look at our classic styles so that you can be part of this functional and fashionable wave.

Men’s Athens 

The Athens men’s sneaker has everything you could want and more in a sporty training shoe that doubles for casual wear, well, anywhere. The heel has been updated with a modern plastic external heel cage for additional shoe longevity. It’s totally breathable and as comfy as a slipper. 

With a shoe this cool and collected, you can confidently choose the Men’s Athens to be your go-to Kiziks. No matter where you go, you’ll be sure to make a strong fashion statement.

Men’s Prague

The Men’s Prague is a hands-free, slip-on canvas shoe that looks and feels like the streetwear you need to feel composed no matter where you find yourself. They’re sensible, minimalist, clean, sharp, and versatile — a recipe for the best shoes money can buy. Plus, talk about major arch support.

Men’s Lima 

The Men’s Lima has an extra-supportive midsole for superior comfort. Kizik maintains all the best qualities of a stylish sneaker while changing the game in ease and comfortability. 

The Lima comes in a variety of stylish colors, but our blue and white sneaker option, the Liberty shoe, is hands-down our favorite. It has a low-key vibe while maintaining high functionality and comfort. The retro color palette adds to the versatility of these sneakers.

Men’s Madrid

The Men’s Madrid Eco-Knit definitely brings suave superhero vibes. So if that sounds like you or who you’d like to be, just know that Kiziks will get you there and with the utmost convenience. Reviewers agree this is a great, breathable shoe. 

The rubber sole is ultra-durable, making these perfect everyday sneakers. 

Men’s Vegas

From home to work or a night on the town, Men’s Vegas is the perfect blend of style and function. Featuring the classic sneaker design you love, with a range of colors, the premium leather upper will fit in almost everywhere you roam. 

What’s more, you won’t need to wait to wear your Kizik Vegas comfortably—there’s no “breaking-in” period. What you’ll find instead is instant out-of-the-box comfort. The removable, washable insole is just a bonus. 


Here’s what you need to know — Kizik is the hottest and smartest new shoe. With clever technology integrated into your footwear, you’ll have the most intuitive and accessible shoes available. These kicks are not only more efficient, they also look great.

Kiziks are the slip-on shoes you never knew you needed, and they’re available as leather or canvas sneakers, breathable trainers, and then more. 

No matter which style of Kizik you choose, you’ll know that you can do the unthinkable: slip on your sneakers. 

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Written By: Chris Fry

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