Kizik Donates to and Collaborates with Parkinson’s Foundation

VINEYARD, UTAH & MIAMI, FLORIDA – September 1st, 2020Kizik Utah-based footwear company that makes easy-on-and-off shoes, announced it has made a donation to the Parkinson’s Foundation. Kizik will collaborate with theParkinson’s Foundation to make Kizik® shoes more available to those living with Parkinson’s Disease, fulfilling the Foundation’s mission to make life better for individuals with Parkinson’s.

“At Kizik, our mission is to make putting on and taking off shoes easier for everyone – and in particular for individuals who live with conditions that make tying shoes difficult or impossible. We are honored to partner with the Parkinson’s Foundation, and we believe this collaboration will enable us to make life easier for millions of people living with Parkinson’s Disease,” said Monte Deere, Chief Executive Officer of Kizik

For people with Parkinson’s disease, daily tasks can become more difficult to perform. Getting dressed may be a slower and more laborious process. Kizik’s F.A.S.T.® (Foot Activated Shoe Technology), functionality and design can help people with Parkinson’s alleviate some of these challenges.

“This partnership with Kizik will help us better provide a new adaptive clothing resource to the Parkinson’s community to help ensure that they can live better with the disease,” said John L. Lehr, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Parkinson’s Foundation. “We are grateful for Kizik’s generosity and look forward to working together to empower people with Parkinson’s.”

For more information about getting dressed and adaptive clothing for people with Parkinson’s, visit or call the Foundation’s free Helpline at 1-800-4PD-INFO.

About Kizik

Kizik is based in Vineyard, Utah. At Kizik, we believe that functionality and fashion can and should go together. We integrate our simple and efficient hands-free technologies in beautiful shoes that remove the burden of tying laces or using hands. For more information about Kizik, please visit us at Follow @kizik on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and on Instagram.

About the Parkinson's Foundation

The Parkinson’s Foundation makes life better for people living with Parkinson’s disease by improving care and advancing research toward a cure. In everything we do, we build on the energy, experience and passion of our global Parkinson’s community. For more information, visit or call (800) 4PD-INFO (473-4636).

About Parkinson's Disease

Affecting nearly one million Americans and 10 million worldwide, Parkinson’s disease is the second-most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer’s and is the 14th-leading cause of death in the United States. It is associated with a progressive loss of motor control (e.g., shaking or tremor at rest and lack of facial expression), as well as non-motor symptoms (e.g., depression and anxiety). There is no cure for Parkinson’s and 60,000 new cases are diagnosed each year in the United States alone.

Tuesday, September 1st, 2020