5 Reasons Kids (and Parents) Love Kizik Hands-Free Shoes

No tying, no pulling, no heel crushing, no hands. Never bend down to put your kid's shoes on again. Lots of colors and styles to choose from.

Available in sizes for kids 3-10 years old

Prices starting at $69 $29 (-60% off)


1. They're the easiest shoes your kids will ever put on.

There’s more to life than tying your shoes. That’s what drove us to revolutionize the footwear industry: to make every day easier, for ALL kids. It’s a technology that’s life-changing for some and joy-sparking for all. What kid likes tying their shoes, anyway?

For centuries, shoes have stayed more or less the same. We’re here to change all of that. To date, we have dozens of patents and patents pending to our name. We're on a quest to revolutionize the function of shoes for kids and change the future of footwear.

What do parents think of Kizik?

"My son is always running late for the bus and frantically trying to put his shoe on before it leaves. We haven't had to deal with the bus yet, but we've had them for only a couple days and he no longer has interest in any of his other shoes. I'm very hopeful for this fall!"

Michelle H.

Verified Buyer

"I have bought only Kizik's for my kids for the past year. They are so easy for them to get on and off. The thing that really made us want to try this brand was because my daughter was starting middle school and had to change quickly into her PE uniform and she didn't want to waste too much time on shoes, since thats the longest part of changing. She was getting anxiety because it was all new to her. So, I bought her a pair and she felt so much more confident and it eased her anxiety and was able to get through her PE without that worry about lining up late after dressing. So, for that reason alone they are amazing. I now have all my kids on KIZIK's and I won't turn back."

Lindsay M.

Verified Buyer

"When I gave these shoes to my son, he not only was happy, but he felt special that mommy gave him such a amazing shoes. He wears these shoes everyday and is able to do all things he loves doing at school with them on, including running on the playground and playing soccer with his friends at recess. Thank you for not only providing us with a great shoe, but making my son's day!"

Stephanie B.

Verified Buyer

2. They'll fit perfectly, or you can return them for free.

Kids shoes can be tricky. Not every shoe fits the same, and your kids are growing. With every pair of shoes we sell, we offer no-hassle shipping and returns. Meaning if they don't fit or you aren't happy with them in the first 30 days you can exchange them for a different size or return them for free.

3. Made to be destroyed by kids. 

Walk, run, jump—go anywhere, and your Kiziks will go with you. Hands-free means once they’re on, they’re on. They’re also really easy to take off, but you have to mean to do it. Just a little nudge is all it takes to step out of them.

They're built to last and can be cleaned up easily (see FAQs below), just make sure to air dry them! Because you know they're going to get dirty.

...don't wait, jump into hands-free today!

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Kizik Hands-Free vs. Other Step-in Shoes

Kizik is the original hands-free shoe, and our tech has 100+ patents. In 2019, Nike entered a licensing partnership with our parent company, HandsFree Labs.

Other Step-In Shoes

Over 30,000 heel compression tests means max durability

2,000 heel compressions tests

Patented internal or external heel tech

Rigid, plastic heel

Hundreds of styles and colors for fashion and function

Looks like your grandma's loafers

 Ultra-comfortable Rabbit Foam® outsole

Made with low-cost foam

Free shipping & returns

$10+ for shipping

Bestselling Back To School Styles

Kizik Kid's Athens

Easy on for the kid who’s always on the go. The Athens has Kizik’s unmistakable spring-back Cage™, plus Rabbit Foam® outsoles that bounce back for cushy walking. Plus, it stays on for all that jumping, running, climbing, and all-around kid stuff.

Kizik Kid's Anaheim

Style, comfort, and a little attitude. The Anaheim starts with our classic spring-back Cage™ and adds extra styling on the side panel, plus ALL the fun, vibrant colors. Not to mention Rabbit Foam® outsoles that rebound for all-day comfort.

Kizik Kid's Prague

Finally, an easy-on sneaker! The classic, comfy Prague looks great with any outfit, from playground to piano recital. It’s durable, with a deluxe canvas upper. It’s classy with touches of genuine suede. And full-abrasion rubber tread means it performs great, too.

The #1 kids shoe (according to parents)

Our 4th pair

"The only shoes that can outlast our kids before they grow out of them! We used to buy other brands every few months because they fell apart. These shoes last until our kids grow out of them!!"

- Rachel E.

My 7 year old daughter loves her new pair

"My daughter absolutely loves her new Kizik. We have tried all the brands - adidas, nike, air jordans - and her favourite shoes are her Kizik. They are easy to slide on, they are roomy and allow her to be comfortable all day. The customer service is also amazing. They reply quickly and help with whatever is required. I have now purchased a pair for my dad. I would highly recommend Kizik."

- Ridhima T.

Perfect for Disneyland

"My son was able to pull these from the box, slip them on and go! They are super comfortable according to him. He wore them in Disney and walked all over the parks for 6 days with no complaints and no blisters. He’s also got a wide foot and these fit amazing! Will only be ordering these from now on."

- Elizabeth D.

4. They’re ridiculously comfy.

We’re not just about easy. We’re suckers for comfort, too. Kiziks have cushy insoles and rabbit foam outsoles, plus generous toe boxes. Your kids will love them.

5. They’re for all kids.

Kiziks are game-changers and good shoes are crucial to mobility. But life challenges us all, and many kids who live actively struggle with laces and shoes. These adaptive shoes shoes can help. Whatever the disability, Kizik hands-free shoes give children the conference to step in and go.

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Free shipping & returns.

We want all feet to be happy. Not only are Kiziks the easiest shoes to put on, they are also the easiest shoes to exchange or return. If for any reason you need to send them back, we've got you covered.


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