5 Reasons Why Over 1 Million People Have Ditched Their Favorite Shoe Brands For Kizik

★★★★★ — Over 48,000 5-star reviews

1. They're the easiest shoes you'll ever put on.

There’s more to life than tying your shoes. That’s what drove us to revolutionize the footwear industry: to make every day easier, for everyone. It’s a technology that’s life-changing for some and joy-sparking for all. Who likes tying their shoes, anyway?

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Over 48,000 5-star reviews

"My go to for flight travel! Incredibly comfortable shoes that are easy to remove and put on through TSA if needed and long international flights. Durable and comfortable for all day walks touring the city while matching with every casual outfit I own." -Michelle H.
Disneyland approved! These shoes were a life saver!!! The first time I wore these shoes were in Disneyland and the had over 30 miles logged on them in the first 3 days of having them! I really appreciate the ease of the shoes and comfort was amazing!" -Lindsay M.
Kizik shoes are my go to walking shoe. As a dog walker, I need support, comfort & a shoe that wears well. I’ve turned lots of people on to Kizik & they are thrilled!

2. They're the original slip-on shoe.

They're way better than slip-ons and won’t slip off because they don’t technically slip on. But they do go on easily! Kizik’s patented Hands Free® Labs technology brings you a spring-back heel that pops into place and stays there. We promise, these are different than any shoe you've tried before.

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"Kizik’s are the BEST! I own 6 pairs of Kizik’s, one in every color! I just LOVE them and I am thrilled that I discovered these shoes!" -Virginia A.

Free Shipping & Returns

We want your feet to be happy. Not only are Kiziks the easiest shoes to put on, they are also the easiest shoes to exchange or return. If for any reason you need to send them back, we've got you covered.

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Always Free Shipping

Always Free Shipping

Always Free Shipping

No-Hassle Free Returns

No-Hassle Free Returns

No-Hassle Free Returns

3. They stay on until you take them off.

Walk, run, jump—go anywhere, and your Kiziks will go with you. Hands-free means once they’re on, they’re on. They’re also really easy to take off, but you have to mean to do it. Just a little nudge is all it takes to step out of them.

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4. They’re ridiculously comfy.

We’re not just about convenience. We’re suckers for comfort, too. Kiziks have cushy insoles and rabbit foam outsoles, plus generous toe boxes. You’ll love them. (And if you don’t, you can send them back for free.)

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5. They’re for all people.

Kiziks are game-changers. Like when you’re pregnant and bending down is a no-go, Kiziks are your go-to shoes. But they aren’t just great for moms-to-be. Any scenario that makes bending down or using your hands difficult is the very thing that will make you love your Kiziks.

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