Popular Women’s Shoes


Popular Women’s Shoes

Kizik has been making waves in innovative technology for shoes. These are some of the best-selling Kizik shoes for women, although we encourage you to pick out any Kizik shoes that are calling your name. 

At Kizik, we are committed to our customers and listen to your comments. Some women like retro loafers, chunky clogs, high heels, slide sandals, sleek booties, ballet flats, flip flops, and espadrilles; we prefer sneakers and walking shoes. They can be dressed up or down, and they’re always fashionable. Let’s explore some of our favorite options for popular women’s shoes.

Women’s Madrid Eco-Knit

Kizik presents the environmentally friendly shoe you’ve been dreaming of — the Madrid. The Madrid’s eco-knit fabric is made from 100 percent recycled water bottles to help care for our environment, one pair of shoes at a time. Reviewers have raved that this shoe is worth every penny and love how supportive it is (without needing an annoying ankle strap)!

This is no gimmick; this is a shoe that is just better. With responsive cushioning soles, your feet feel like they’re on a cloud all day. Plus, with a four-way stretch air mesh upper, your feet will not only feel good at the end of the day, but they’ll also smell good. Kizik maintains the same standards of support for the footbed and comfort no matter the shoe’s material. 

Women’s Athens

Talk about a super cute shoe. The Women’s Athens is a slip-on sneaker that is so stylish you almost forget that it’s also incredibly convenient. 

With 15 different colors to choose from, you can totally find a pair of these Kizik shoes that reflects your personality! Picture yourself in Greece, exploring the history and rocky seaside in shoes you can step into without missing a beat.

Women’s Vegas

Check these sneakers out! Be a part of this effortless, efficient, elegant wave. With the Vegas on your feet, there’s no limit to the outfit opportunities. 

Made with premium full-grain leather and cushy outsoles, these kicks will keep you on your feet at work and dancing the night away afterward. They can easily translate between different spaces and situations, from more professional events to a casual night out. You can easily pair these with a blazer for the office or a cute suede bag for going out.

These shoes are both comfortable and functional

Women’s Lima

Anyone looking for a “Sporty Spice” feel will love the athletic look of the Lima. With a roomy toe box and breathable knit fabric, these shoes provide plenty of space and comfort for your toes.

You can totally dress these kicks up too! What matters to us is sharing this magic with you. We know how important it is to keep you looking stylish while making your life easier and comfier. 

Women’s Prague

These shoes were made for walking, driving, running errands, and everything else you need to get done in the course of a day. With soft, cozy outsoles and rubber traction pods, you get all the grip and comfort you need to wander wherever your to-do list takes you.

The Women’s Prague is made with durable, breathable canvas and comes in a variety of hues, so you can get stuff done and look good while doing it.

Kizik offers access to all women

These are shoes designed for all women. Kizik has plenty of aesthetic options, so you can pinpoint the kicks that will be best suited for rocking your divine femininity day in and day out! 

A slip-on shoe is a gift to yourself that will just keep on giving. With the integrated technology of HandsFree Labs® and the Rabbit Foam™ outsoles, these sneakers are at the forefront of shoe innovation. These shoes are ready to be a reliable piece of your everyday life, no matter what happens. 

Companies have their eyes on this leading shoe in the hands-free game because not only is Kizik unique, but we’ve created an incredibly effective design. It has also been tested many times to ensure its functionality and reliability — and we all know how nice it is for something in life to be predictable. 

Take this message in stride, and select from a plethora of beautiful designs and effective models of hands-free, slip-on shoes that will empower you from the ground up on the regular! Whether you need a shoe that can keep up with you or a shoe that saves you time by avoiding your daily lace-up, Kizik is joyfully answering the universal call for a pair of hands-free kicks.

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Written By: Chris Fry

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