Kizik makes airport security easy


Tackling the TSA? Too easy.

It’s travel day, and you’re dragging your bags and maybe even a couple of kids through the roped-off security area at the airport. You take your laptop out of its case and throw that plus everything else but the baby into however many bins you’re putting on the conveyor belt. Including a bin for your shoes.

TSA Security at the airport

Ugh, who still thinks this is a good idea? I mean, it’s enough that they just threw out your best shampoo. (We’ve all forgotten about the tiny-ounce limit at least once, haven’t we?)

So you shuffle through that hands-over-your-head scanner—trying to forget that it sees through everything—and then scramble to get your shoes back on.

You’re either bending down and fumbling with the laces or you’re frantically twisting and stomping your foot like you’re putting out a cigarette as you try to jam your feet back in there. You don’t want to be the cause of a 30-passenger pile-up, do you?

You feel ridiculous.

Putting shoes back on after going through airport security

Unless you’re wearing Kiziks. They’re the only way to fly through security with no shoe delays because they’ve got the only Hands Free Labs® technology there is. 

Kizik Athens Hands-free Step-in

Kiziks have a spring-back heel so you can simply step in and the shoe does the rest. Pop! It’s on, and it stays on.

Now, suddenly, you feel kinda cool. And other travelers are asking you how you got your shoes back on so fast.

Where did you get those?

How do they work?

Go ahead and show the guy behind how you can step in and out of your Kiziks several times, all while he’s lacing one of his shoes up. Then show him where you got them. He’s probably going to want some for the trip back.

Written By: Chris Fry

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