What Are The Best Shoes For Moms?

April 03, 2023

What Are The Best Shoes For Moms?

The only thing we can never get more of is our time. Every day, we each have the same 24 hours to eat, work, pursue hobbies, and sleep. Of course, if you’re a mom, a lot of those 24 hours are already spoken for. 

Studies suggest that being a mom is the equivalent of working multiple full-time jobs. If you’re already working on top of all that? Let’s not even go there.

Finding more time can be a challenge. It’s the case whether that’s fitting everything into the day or working to find a little Me Time. Anything that can save minutes, or even seconds, is a valuable commodity.

What if we were to tell you there’s a shoe that can help you save time? Luckily, there are several shoes that do precisely that. 

We’re talking about Kiziks. Thanks to laceless technology, putting them on and taking them off is as simple as sliding your feet in. From there, you can rush off wherever you need to.

Since there are no laces, these shoes are totally hands-free. They’re the perfect thing, whether your hands are metaphorically or literally full.

We’ve gone in-depth on introducing them: Now it’s time to highlight them individually. Below, check out six shoes designed to save time and stress in one laceless package. 


The Athens is there to support you in more ways than one. It’s laceless, like every shoe on this list, and that’s only the start of its benefits. 

Let’s talk a bit about how this whole laceless thing works. The Athens has a spring-back cage. When you slide your foot into the shoe, the cage gently bends inward. Then, once your foot is fully in the show, the cage pops upright.

There’s no crushing or misshaping of the heel to worry about. The only thing to worry about is your next appointment, PTA conferences, or Bring Your Child to Work Day. 

A Rabbit Foam™ outsole helps to support your feet. That extra cushioning can help you keep going after long days on your feet. The underside of the outsole is supported by rubber traction pods. No matter how many times you have to shift gears, traction pods will keep you grounded.

The shape of the shoe has a slightly elevated heel. This takes the stress from your foot and redistributes it. Add in cushioning, and you have a shoe that supports you as much as you support your family. 

Every style of the Athens comes with the same practical features. What’s more, there are 17 styles of this shoe to choose from. 

Slipping these on can save the time it takes to change shoes every single day. Will it help you get closer to the ideal eight hours of sleep per night? Probably not. 

Will it help you keep on time for everything you need and be comfortable while doing it? Absolutely. The Athens, in the end, is a great shoe to keep a busy life on track for success.


Take Kiziks’ usual Rabbit Foam™ outsole, and add even more of it., like extra padding to the ankle and a super-comfortable knit upper to let your feet breathe. 

Taking care of yourself is more than self-care and a moment to yourself. It involves setting yourself up in little ways. Seemingly minor things, like intentional footwear choices, help you devote energy to other essential matters. 

At the end of the day, one less thing to worry about can be a serious boon. The Lima knows that, which is why every inch is designed for protection and comfort. 

If you find yourself really fond of your Kiziks, you might want to wear them every day. With the Lima and other shoes, there’s an added way to keep your shoes clean: Removable insoles. Simply take them out, wash them, and pop them back in for a fresh feeling. 

The Lima gets its appearance from colorful uppers and contrast-colored outsoles. In the end, external style expresses the quality and deliberate comfort of the piece.


A lot can be said for style. One of the most timeless styles for shoes comes from premium fabrics. The same can be highlighted within the full-grain leather that gives the Vegas real staying power.

Simplicity and quality mark the style. For the most part, each colorway features mono-colored leather and a single-colored outsole. The simplicity makes it easy to pair the Vegas with a whole host of outfits. 

Date night? Workwear? Lounging about the house on a rare day off? In every instance, the quality and underlying style of the Vegas makes it easily compatible.

The Vegas features a roomy toe box. Our feet never stay quite the same size. The longer we stand on our feet, the more they spread over the course of a day. Let’s not even get into the way feet change and grow during pregnancy.

Plus, at nine months pregnant, bending down to put on your shoes is not exactly a walk in the park. Adaptive footwear like Kiziks lets you slip into your hands-free, laceless shoes without needing to maneuver around your bump. 

With its style and ease, the Vegas is equal parts chic and comfortable.


A sleek upper and an outsole with a firm line create an updated classic. Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to the Prague. It’s not just knit, and it’s not just leather. A mixture of canvas fabric and suede in the upper makes for a distinguished appearance.

An improved kind of flexible heel is represented through FlexArc™. With this, the rear arch of the shoe folds in as you slide through. It still bounces back, but the arc blends in seamlessly with the rest of the shoe. 

The mixture of canvas and suede makes them appropriate for all manner of events. Dress however you like to create the perfect appearance for the day. 

Madrid Eco-Knit

All the shoes on this list blend forward-thinking style with accessibility-minded design choices, but the Madrid Eco-Knit also puts sustainability at the forefront of its design.

The upper of the shoe, on close inspection, looks a tad different from most of our knit fabrics. A unique design can only come from a unique material: Recycled plastic bottles

The Madrid Eco-Knit is still totally laceless. It features bounce-back cushioning to help you stay comfortable all day long. The fabric is super breathable too. Your feet can stay both comfortable and dry.

There are countless ways to be more environmentally conscious — too many ways for any one individual to be perfect all the time. If fully sustainable habits aren’t always sustainable with your energy and time, individual sustainable acts are much more doable. Sustainable footwear is a way to accomplish this.

If you need comfortable shoes but also want them to be sustainable, choose the Madrid Eco-Knit.


Our last shoe for busy moms is appropriately named Roamer. It’s built for consummate travelers who are always on the go. Parenting is, to a great degree, travel: To schools, to after-school activities, to hobbies, to doctor appointments, and other daily events. 

The Roamer is the next evolution in Kizik shoes with Unified™ tech. If you look at this piece, you’ll notice a unity in the heel and the outsole. Not only does this make entry easier, but it also enhances the cushioning quality across the entire shoe.

The Roamer features a quality outsole with a special insole. The Rabbit Rebound™ insole bounces back with every single step you take. That level of support is essential and fundamentally unparalleled. 

The contrast between the upper and outsole differs between the individual styles of the Roamer. In a few types, they are nearly the same color. In others, they radically contrast each other. 

Radical contrast is the fundamental reason behind laceless shoes. They provide something daring and something better than the mainstream alternative. So, whatever you do, and whatever shoe you choose: Roam on. 

Choosing the best shoes for busy moms

The best shoes for moms, in some cases, may not even be shoes meant for them. After all, think of all the time spent trying to get kids to put on shoes. Developing the fine motor skills needed to independently put on and tie shoes takes years.

How easy would it be if the only motor skill needed was sliding their feet into their shoes? No knots, and more importantly, no retying shoes? With a selection of kids’ shoes, Kiziks answers that question. This is a case where making their lives easier ends up making your life a whole lot easier. 

Laceless shoes offer countless possibilities. They make checking off daily tasks or simply casually changing shoes a breeze. Once they’re on, the support and comfort they provide only speak more highly of their longevity.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a load off your feet. 


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Written By: Chris Fry

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