What are the best shoes for students going to school?


What are the best shoes for students going to school?

Going back to school can be a time of many ups and downs. It’s an exciting time of reuniting with friends, meeting new people, and trying new things, but it’s also a time of busy schedules, demanding days, tiredness, and challenges everywhere.

Incredible shoes may not do homework for you, but they certainly can improve your daily life throughout the school year and beyond. Buying any trendy shoe that we find online may seem like an easy solution, but it’s one we’re likely to regret after a few weeks of walking around campus in them.

Today, our Kizik guide leverages all our expert knowledge to outline the best features for shoes for students of all ages, from preschool to postgraduate.

We’re talking about what makes shoes comfortable, durable, versatile, and more. Of course, we’re also going to mention some specific styles you should try.

Consider this class in session!

Shoes for students: The most important features

You might be surprised at the number of factors that can influence how ideal a pair of shoes are for everyday student life. 

Whether you’re a college student looking for some new kicks, or a parent looking to buy practical, stylish shoes for their child, these are the features you should look for in school shoes.

Versatile: Ready for anything

It can be easy to forget how much goes on for our children throughout a day of school. From outside to inside, classrooms to fields, desks to gymnasiums, sitting to playing, and more, students are constantly adapting through their day to diverse settings and learning challenges.

While school does become simpler for college and university students, there's still a lot to be ready for. Many students go from school to work and back, and perhaps to play sports or hang out with friends outdoors. Bringing a change of shoes takes up valuable space in the backpack or car and simply isn't convenient. One pair to do it all is the way to go.

Ultimately, versatility is a combination of all the other qualities we're going to mention below. 

Versatile shoes need to be comfortable, convenient, durable, safe, supportive, and flexible. Having an easy-to-style appearance is also a boost since it makes choosing outfits in the morning much easier.

The best part of versatile shoes is that they can go well beyond school. A pair of super versatile shoes like Kiziks are bound to be the new favorite go-to shoe for everyday life for any student, from preschool to graduate school.


Sometimes campus life means dressing to impress. Other times, it means dragging yourself to that 8 a.m. class in sweatpants and a hoodie. 

Whatever look suits your school day, having shoes that look great, feel great, and match most of your closet is a huge plus. No more trying to choose between five different pairs or settling for those uncomfortable sneakers you’ve put up with for years.

Our Kizik styles hit a range of different looks. Favorites like our women’s Madrid Eco Knit and kid’s Athens fall into the athleisure vibe, one of the biggest trends in fashion that seems to be here for the long haul. They pair easily with leggings, joggers, sweatshirts, and tees but can adapt just as well to other outfits.

A more smart-casual-focused style can be found in our Prague design. Perfect for jeans and a jacket or a dressier look for those business classes.

Our color options also range from the basic essentials to more exciting colorways that really pop. Whether you're looking for an easy everyday option or something extra expressive, we’ve got the perfect choice for you.

Style isn't just for adults, either. It matters to our kids too! They want to express themselves, show off their favorite colors and have exciting-looking clothes and shoes each day. 

Only about 20% of public schools in the US have uniform codes, which means your child will need an outfit each day. A pair of favorite shoes that they love will make getting them dressed much easier.

Try Kizik Kids styles like our Anaheim or Prague to turn heads from the first day!


If you're tired of going through three or four new pairs of shoes through the school year, we totally understand, and we're here to help.

School days are long, and there are a lot of them! It takes an intentionally durable design and high-quality materials to ensure shoes can stick it out through all the challenges school poses.

For young students especially, shoes need to be durable enough to survive exercising outside at recess or during gym class, as well as all the chaos of the school halls and the bus. Kids may not be as careful about caring for their shoes, so a tough pair with sturdy materials will help save your budget from buying multiple pairs throughout the year.

Most people think of holes near the toes or worn-out designs when they think of durability issues, but the most common and serious place where durability matters is actually the sole. Both insoles and outsoles in low-quality shoes can wear out quickly, leaving you unsupported and uncomfortable. 

Our Kizik insoles and outsoles are designed to withstand a beating, so you can go through everyday life with confidence that your shoes won’t be turning to cardboard platforms after a few weeks. Our insoles are removable, so they can be washed easily too.


Most kids aren't shy to complain. If you have school-aged children, you've probably heard yours at some point talking about how sore their feet are. 

Most students are on their feet, moving or standing for much of the school day. Studies have shown that school-aged children may even take more steps on average than adults each day!

Between commuting from classroom to classroom, exercising during certain periods, and standing in class for activities, there are several school-based stressors.

Students in college may not be going to recess or standing much in class, but they tend to have even longer walks around campus, making comfort a priority for them as well.

Shoes with cushy soles, soft uppers, and a snug but flexible fit are a must-have for students going back to school. There are also temperature-regulating factors that can have a big influence on how comfortable you feel. We’re going to talk about those below.


Have you ever been walking around campus only to finally sit in class and realize your feet are hot, sweaty, and kind of smelly? Alternatively, have you picked up your kids only for them to take their shoes off and reveal a horrible, sweaty smell?

This isn’t the most pleasant experience, and it’s most likely due to shoes that aren’t breathable. Much of the excess heat our body generates while we are active exits through our feet. Some shoes trap that excess heat, which puts our feet in an oven.

When our feet are hot, they sweat to cool down. That’s our body’s natural thermoregulatory process, but unfortunately, sweat leads to odor. This is caused by bacteria on our skin mixing with sweat.

With breathable shoes, excess heat from your feet can escape while fresh air flows in. This air circulation keeps your feet cool and dry, which minimizes sweat and odor. When your feet are kept at a proper temperature, it’s easier for the rest of your body to thermoregulate normally, which means you feel more comfortable overall.

Breathable, temperature-regulating shoes aren’t just ideal while you exercise. They keep your shoes fresh longer, resulting in fewer shoe cleaning sessions and fewer new shoe purchases.

Active-minded design

To improve versatility, any shoes you buy for going back to school are best served with some performance qualities. These are the kinds of features you expect in athletic shoes: a lightweight build, flexible material, and plenty of spring in the step.

While there are many different kinds of athletic shoes specialized for certain sports and exercises, a great everyday shoe will include core performance features so they can keep up with just about any kind of workout you get up to.

For kids who love to play outside at recess or get involved in gym class, active-minded school shoes are the perfect way to lighten the load of what they need to pack each day.


Any shoes you wear to school should have good traction. This is an added bonus for college students but something particularly important for younger students.

Kids can be quite unpredictable. You never know when they may start skipping through the halls, dancing in the cafeteria, or jumping to reach something on the top shelf. While we do our best to keep them in check, sometimes slips happen.

Kids are tough, but protecting them from slips is a smart step. The sure-fire stability of shoes with slip-prevention technology, such as traction pads and rubber soles, adds a bit of peace of mind in an otherwise unpredictable environment.


The fast-paced, active lifestyle that all students live, from the youngest to the oldest, comes with new challenges. The more convenient we can make everyday life for students (plus parents and teachers), the better.

Here at Kizik, our HandsFree Labs® technology takes convenience to the next level. Unlike traditional slip-on shoes, our designs make use of a seamlessly integrated plastic flex cage at the heel. 

As you step into a Kizik shoe, the cage flexes with your foot, then pops right back into place. This prevents sock bunching, heel wiggling, hand use, and all the other inconveniences of normal slip-on shoes that aren’t truly slip-on.

Some of our designs, such as the kid’s Anaheim, show off the flex cage as part of the visual design. Others, like the women’s Lima, hide it inside the heel. 

Hands-free technology is super convenient for students of all ages, but it makes the biggest impact on young students.

Any parent or teacher knows the struggle of trying to get shoes tied for a child. Shoe tying takes significant manual dexterity, which isn’t easy for children at young ages. While learning to tie shoes may have been a rite of passage in the past, it doesn’t have to be anymore!

Kizik Kids slip-on shoes put that problem in the past. No more chasing kids around in circles in the morning, trying to get them to tie their shoes so that everybody is on time. Now they can simply step in and be ready to go!

Many kids have to take off and put on their shoes throughout the school day for recess, gym class, nap time, and more. The convenience goes beyond the morning, making the entire day that much easier.

Kizik slip-on shoes: The best shoes for students going back to school

Whatever your upcoming school year looks like, Kizik has the perfect high-quality styles to make student life more comfortable and convenient.


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Written By: Chris Fry

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