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Women’s sneakers: The perfect buyer’s guide

We want to set you up with the perfect trending sneakers and athletic shoes. Check out this buyer’s guide for helpful hints on what to look for in a sneaker to pinpoint a durable yet comfortable option. 

Also, let’s be honest: sneakers are totally in. People love platform sneakers, high top sneakers, low top sneakers, and fashion sneakers. We’re all feeling pretty active these days, and a good pair of sneakers can keep you feeling good, whether you’re hanging out at home or hustling on the job. 

Sneakers can be high fashion, or they can be your go-to for chilling in the park. It’s important to note, too, that there are many varieties of sneakers, including training shoes, basketball shoes, hiking shoes, and running shoes.

When you’re considering choosing a sneaker, the very first decision should be based on your lifestyle and what activities you plan to be strutting these hot new shoes through. In this guide, we’ll highlight the differences between sneaker styles and point you in the right direction.

Profiles of sneaker styles

  • Shaft length: We’re talking about the low top versus the high top. You can also totally shoot for a mid-rise top as well. Depending on how much ankle support you desire and what look you’re shooting for, there are plenty of options for you to choose from.
  • Foot support: Sneakers can range from being super supportive to being totally flat. They can be made from a variety of materials, including canvas, leather, mesh, knit, or denim. Any shoe you can imagine probably exists already.
  • Running shoes vs. trainers: Running shoes and trainers are two pairs of sneakers with two totally different mindsets. Running shoes can vary depending on what environment you plan on running through; trainers are designed for support in multilateral directions. Always pay attention to the traction pattern on the bottoms to select a shoe that is designed for your needs
  • How you get your sneakers on: Not only are there different styles of sneakers, but there are also different ways to put sneakers on and secure them on your feet. Sneakers can have laces, velcro, or can be slip-on. 
  • Shoes for everyone: Sneakers are for everybody. You’ll see celebrities wearing kicks as well as everybody else. World leaders on the weekends—sneakers. 

We love that universality about them. It’s also why we wanted to make our sneakers more accessible. 

Why Kizik? 

Thank goodness for Kizik. We are one of the top brands of walking shoes and women’s athletic shoes. Trust us; this is the shoe that is going to love you right back. With hands-free technology, it’s already on your side. Kizik is the shoe of the future. We are also the best brand for accessibility assistance with shoes, if that’s something you need.

These shoes are filling in the blanks of footwear through crazy comfortable RabbitFoam outsoles, removable insoles for easy washing, HandsFree Labs titanium arc in the heel, and unbeatable traction on the soles. Check out a few of our highlighted best sellers in women’s shoes for more details on the most desirable shoe in streetwear. 

Women’s Athens

The Women’s Athens is an ideal sneaker for anyone who wants to stay comfortable no matter how long she’s on her feet. Plus, if you need the perfect pair of white sneakers, we have you covered. Also, have you seen how fresh and cute these are? They look like lace-up shoes, but you don’t have to do any of the work. 

The Women’s Athens is on track with your destiny, and you’ll never want to go back to traditional shoes now that they’ve tried Kizik! 

Women’s Vegas

The Women’s Vegas is the sharp and smooth leather shoe that has been waiting for you to find it. This shoe can be dressed up or down and will definitely be best suited for powering you forward fashionably. Who knew that a shoe this convenient could also be this cute? 

Premium leather and rubber traction pods are designed for your ultimate comfort and will support you in getting where you need to be. You’ll be overjoyed at how these shoes are fancy and casual at the same time. 

Women’s Madrid

The Madrid Eco-Knit has all the benefits of a trendy, low-key sneaker while sacrificing none of the comfort and efficiency we guarantee. Thanks to the four-way stretch mesh, these are shoes that are totally breathing. We like to think of this high level of cushioning as highly responsive. 

Plus, we combined all of the great ideas of Kiziks with the necessity of creating an eco-friendly design, meaning that part of the composition of the Madrid Eco-Knit is recycled plastic water bottles. One reviewer commented that they wear their eco-knits every single day! 


Choosing the right pair of sneakers is crucial for your comfort and convenience. It is of the utmost importance to understand what style you need to add to your wardrobe while also being keen on what to look for while shopping. If you are trying on shoes, make sure there is always plenty of room in the toe box and that your heels are not slipping in and out of the heel!

This will not be a problem if you choose to go with Kizik. Kiziks are slip-on shoes that keep you secure. How much more could we ask for?

Kiziks come in many different shapes, colors, and styles, but our commitment to the concept of easy and compassionate footwear is the same throughout. With shoes like these on your feet, you’re sure to feel like you’re gliding through your day—and looking fashion-forward while you do! 

You don’t have to tie these shoes every time or even touch them when you put them on. Kizik is proud to be able to keep up with you. Just slip your foot in, and let the magic begin!

This wave has only just begun to rise, and it’s gaining speed! In a world full of sneakers, we want to put you in the shoes that will be most focused on supporting you. Find your pair today and let intuitive and innovative footwear power you through your life. 

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Written By: Chris Fry

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