6 Perfect Gifts for Shoe Lovers

August 15, 2023

6 Perfect Gifts for Shoe Lovers

Finding the right gift can be tough. There’s so much pressure to find something that your friends and family members will actually enjoy—and use. 

Thankfully, there are a lot of sneakerheads out there, making gift-giving a breeze. Shoes are a fantastic gift, and there are a lot of great options out there. Still, if you want to think outside of the box this year, there are some other shoe-related gifts that can take your present to the next level.  

Today, we’re going to walk through some great gift ideas for people who love shoes. Whether you’re shopping for your kids, a friend, or your partner, these six gift ideas are sure to warm their hearts. 

How to shop for gifts

Before we get into the ideas, let’s first talk about some general gift-buying tips that’ll help you get those creative juices flowing. Then, you’ll be in a great spot to make the right choice for that special person in your life. 

Establish your budget

First things first, you’ve got to decide how much you’re willing to spend. There are a few factors to think about here. First, you’ve got to take a look at your budget and see how much extra cash you’ve got on hand to spend. You don’t want to put a strain on yourself, but you also want to spend enough so that they feel loved and appreciated. 

Next, think about your relationship with that person. Not spending enough could look bad, and spending too much might make somebody feel uncomfortable. On top of that, if you’re buying for your kids, you want to make sure you spend about the same amount on each of them. 

Find their interests

Next, you’ve got to find their interests. If you clicked on this article, you probably already know that the person you’re buying for is interested in shoes, so that step is complete!

Think about their personality 

Now that you’re in the ballpark, it’s time to think about who your recipient is. Are they a left-brain person who loves really practical things, or are they a creative who loves expressive things? What colors do they like? What’s their style? 

These are the questions that turn a good gift into a great gift. Take the time to think about this so that your friend or family member feels extra loved when they open their present. 

Perfect gift ideas for your shoe lover

Now that we’ve got some guidelines in place, let’s look at a few great gift ideas for your shoe lover. If you buy them any of these gifts, you’ll be getting them something they’ll love and use all the time! 

1. Madrid Eco-Knit Kiziks

The Madrid Eco-Knits are a fantastic shoe to buy. They’re not only good for sneakerheads,  they’re also good for anybody who needs another pair of shoes. Whether they like to get active or they’re a fashion enthusiast, these shoes have a place in their wardrobe.

The Madrids are a perfect blend of function, comfort, and style. This pair of active shoes give the wearer a clean look that works for activewear, athleisure, or even business casual. They’ve got a classy knit upper that can fit pretty much any outfit. 

On top of that, they’re insanely comfortable. The outsole is made with super-responsive cushioning for maximum comfort all day long, they’ve got removable and washable insoles that add to your foot support and comfort, and they’ve even got a wide toe box for people with wide feet. They’ll be the comfiest pair of shoes that they own! 

On top of all of that, these have the signature Kizik trait: They’re completely hands-free. With Kizik’s unique HandsFree Labs® technology, you can just stick your toe in the shoe, push your heel down, and the shoe slips right on for a secure fit. 

Overall, the Madrids are a fantastic shoe that will get the job done for whoever you’re buying for. They’ll quickly become one of their go-to pairs, and they’ll think of you every time they wear them.

2. Shoe storage

If your friend or family member is a major sneaker lover, they probably have more sneakers than they know what to do with. Maybe they’ve got some shoes on rotation for each season of the year, and they need to have a place to keep their off-season sets. 

For people like this, shoe storage might be the perfect gift. There are a lot of ways to store shoes. For some people, a shoe rack might be all they need. It could go in the base of their closet to help them stack their favorite pairs and give them more space that’s out of the way but still convenient. 

You can also get hanging shoe racks so they can get a proper look at their shoes before taking them out. There are great hanging options that go on your clothing rack in your closet, but you can also get ones that hang on the back of your door. 

If you’re friends with passionate sneakerheads who need to protect each pair of shoes at all costs, you can get them a few plastic shoe containers to keep in their spare closet or storage room. That way, their most prized pairs can stay pristine instead of getting tossed into a pile with a bunch of other stuff. 

3. Shoe display

If your friend is especially into shoes, they might be the type who would like to put their shoes on display for all to see. If that sounds like your person, it might be a great idea to help get them started with their shoe display. 

You could get them stacking cubbies that each hold their own individual pair, slanted shelves with a rim to hold shoes on, or even a display case that’s specifically designed for shoes.  There are so many options to choose from!

Trust your gut, and pick out the option that you think fits their needs the best. They’ll love and appreciate that you have shown interest in their hobby!  

4. Irvine Kiziks 

Next up, we’ve got the Irvines from Kizik. Streetwear is a major style that has influenced other trends, too, so aspects of streetwear are seen all throughout today’s fashion landscape. 

Despite how popular streetwear is, there are surprisingly few trendy options that are actually comfortable. Many of these shoes are not designed for the average foot. Most have narrow toe boxes and not enough arch support. Others—especially skate shoes—don’t seem to care about comfort at all. 

Kizik has comfort at the forefront of their minds with every shoe. And, they have a fantastic streetwear look with all the comfort you could want. 

The canvas upper is super stretchy, so it moves with your foot no matter what. It features Dual-Density Underfoot Cushioning for maximal all-day support, and it’s got comfortable, removable insoles, and even a Full-Abrasion Rubber Outsole to help you trek through the whole day.

This is the ultimate everyday shoe that your sneaker lover will absolutely adore. It’s simple, so it’s super versatile. It’s a gift they’ll get maximal use out of, so you can’t go wrong.

5. Stylish socks

Every great pair of shoes needs a great pair of socks behind it. If you’re not looking to spend too much money on this gift for your friend or family member, socks are a great way to not break the bank. 

Of course, socks can be a tricky gift, so you’ve got to be careful. Think hard about your recipient’s style before you buy. If they’ve got a bright personality and they love to wear colorful clothes, you can get them some patterned socks or something with a funny design. It’ll make them smile. 

If you’re buying for a more serious or practical person, you might want to just get some plain-colored socks that can be worn for a variety of different shoes and occasions. In this case, you might want to go for some simple socks, like compression socks, that help provide them with a little extra support. 

6. Athens Kiziks

Finally, we have the Athens from Kizik. The Athens is the quintessential Kizik shoe with an iconic look. It’s the perfect active shoe for pretty much anybody and makes an awesome gift.

This shoe is a great pick because it comes in several different colors, so you can definitely find one that fits their vibe. It looks great and works even better. 

The HandsFree Labs® Technology is on display in a cool, geometric pattern. You can also slide in and out of the shoe with ease. Plus, it also has all of the essential comfort features like a roomy toe box, a breathable fabric upper, and a Rabbit Foam™ outsole. 

Kiziks are perfect for people who are always on the go, older folks who can’t bend down easily, pregnant mothers, or anyone who wants to slip into their shoes hassle-free.

Shopping for your shoe lover

Shopping for the sneakerhead in your life doesn’t have to be difficult. And with these ideas in mind, you’ve got plenty of fantastic options to choose from. Skip the stress and watch your friend or loved light up when they see their brand-new Kiziks. Gift away! 


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Written By: Chris Fry

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