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May 09, 2022

Hands-Free Shoes by Kizik

After a lifetime of tying laces and using your hands to force your feet into your shoes, you never thought about a hands-free shoe, did you? That was just the way things were until now.

Now, Kiziks are one step ahead of you. 

At Kizik, we’ve designed an innovative slip-on shoe that truly slips onto your feet. Kizik shoes have intricate hands-free technology that sets them apart from other supposed slip-on shoes. Most importantly, the shoe’s revolutionary construction doesn’t detract from the aesthetic. 

On the contrary, these hands-free shoes come in a variety of on-point styles to match any personality or lifestyle. 

What does hands-free mean?

Hands-free means no more dropping everything to bend down to tie your shoes. No more crushing your heels trying to wedge your feet into your stiff shoes. 

Kiziks are the careful development of an intuitive shoe that brings comfort and functionality to new heights and is guaranteed to bring many compliments your way. 

The history of Kiziks

Kiziks were designed by Michael Pratt and launched in Alpine, Utah, to revitalize footwear for modern times. We realized that shoes weren’t living up to people’s needs, so we set out to make something better. We wanted to make an extraordinary shoe that brought together simplicity, functionality, and fashion.

And today, we bring you a shoe that can meet you wherever you are. In a landscape that is constantly changing, Kizik is proud to be a reliable convenience in your life. 

How do Kiziks work?

Let’s break down this incredible pair of kicks for you because it’s unlikely you’ve met a slip-on shoe with this level of fashion and functionality. 

A truly hands-free slip-on shoe

Our HandsFree Labs® technology incorporates a unique titanium arc around the heel that is flexible enough to make space for your foot as it slides into the shoe. The arc is springy enough to recoil under the heel and then snugly hug your heel once your foot is all the way in—keeping your foot safe and secure for your day-to-day. 

HandsFree Labs® technology and Kizik shoes guide your heel where it needs to go without any extra or unnecessary maneuvering. This technology will ensure you can get your foot in the shoe every time without any trouble—hands-free. You can slip your foot in, and you’re out the door. 

One and done lace-up

Kiziks don’t need to be tied every time. That’s right. These are shoes with laces that, once you tie them, don't need to be tied ever again. Kiziks’ heels can compress and spring back into place.

The laces are already as tight as they need to be at this point, so there’s no need to change them. Imagine tying your shoe the first day you take them out of the box and then never again! 

RabbitFoam™ outsoles

These outsoles are about to shake up your world, because they’re committed to your total comfort, even if you’re standing all day. Have you ever worn a shoe that was so easy to wear? Probably not. We mean it when we say we’re changing footwear for the better. Kizik is committed to designing the best technology to help make athleisure more efficient. 

The arc is also designed intentionally with our flex-rebound system, allowing this shoe to absorb shock and be flexible. Kiziks are focused on supporting your foot as a way to support your very roots! We all need to be empowered from the insoles up. 

Rubber traction pods on the bottom of the shoes are responsible for helping you stay grounded and will help you absorb all of that action and impact. Your feet are going to be supported and feel energized no matter what direction you’re traveling. 

Reinforced tongue

The tongue of Kiziks is reinforced! This provides additional flexibility in the shoes’ structure for your comfort, no matter what is going on or how long you wear these one-of-a-kind kicks.

Kiziks are designed to meet all needs

Kiziks are designed to be accessible for everybody’s needs. A hands-free option is now changing streetwear for good. 

Kids will find Kizik’s hands-free technology incredibly fun, easy, and comfortable. Parents will be grateful for the easiest shoes their kids have ever worn. You’ll finally have the best hands-free sneakers that will save time and energy before heading out the door.

If you have disabilities or are struggling with balance or bending, there is no need to struggle to bend over or prop yourself up to tie your shoes. You now have access to easy-on, comfortable shoes that don’t skimp on style. You can find casual shoes, running shoes, or going-out shoes that look and feel amazing.

You only need to place their foot into the shoe, and you can trust that their Kiziks will make space for their foot before returning to their original shape. 

Kiziks are also great if you know someone or are someone expecting, so you make a wonderful maternity gift. We’re eliminating the unnecessary task of bending down so pregnant people aren’t squishing their bellies to tie their shoes.

Kiziks come in various sizes, including options for those needing extra wide space. Plus, there is no limit to the looks that Kiziks offers with a multitude of styles and colorways. You can find supreme ease in conjunction with the freshest looks.

Kiziks are a must-have

Kiziks are incredible—it’s true! Hands-free shoes are the future. And Kiziks’ innovations don’t stop at the convenience of that titanium arc. No, Kiziks are designed to be the ideal shoe for your life, whether you are wearing your Kiziks into the office or around the neighborhood. 

But the most exciting thing about Kiziks is that they are for everybody. We want everyone to experience the joy of convenient, contemporary shoes that stand up to your lifestyle, whether you are looking for Kiziks made of sleek leather for the office or something with a more athletic style. There is literally something for everyone.

Bookmark our website because when holidays and birthdays come around, you’re going to be the talk of the town for sharing these kicks with others. You can also keep an eye out for new products.

With shoes like this, you can do anything. Let these kicks inspire you to see the world in new ways. 


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Written By: Chris Fry

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