Slip-On Shoes With Arch Support

April 11, 2024

Slip-On Shoes With Arch Support

Dive feet-first into the world of effortless style and unmatched support with our Slip-On Shoes with Arch Support. Featuring our innovative new insoles, we're bridging the gap between supreme comfort and sleek hands-free convenience. 

Welcome to the future of footwear, where every step is a giant leap forward, crafted exclusively by Kizik.

Arch form insole

For those wanting everyday comfort for their dynamic lifestyle, look no further than our Arch Form Insole. This insole is engineered for endurance and support in precisely all the places you’ll need.  

Here's what makes it so ideal: 

  • Natural contour match: Embracing the natural arch of your foot, this insole provides firm yet responsive support, making every terrain feel like familiar ground.
  • Unyielding rebound: Prepare to be amazed by the resilience of this insole. Its design complements your foot's shape and ensures a bounce-back that keeps the spring in your step mile after mile.
  • DIY custom fit: It can be tailored to you. With an intuitive trim-line, customizing the fit to your shoes is as simple as cutting along the designated marks followed by slipping them into your shoes.
  • Standard excellence: This insole can be found in many of our standard varied styles, such as the Irvine, Venice, Milan, Toronto, and Wasatch

Super squish insole

Super Squish Insole brings a level of comfort that's nothing short of revolutionary. 

Here's why it's the cloud-nine of insoles:

  • Moldable marvel: Adapting to the unique shape of your foot, this insole offers a personalized cushion that retains its shape and ensures a consistently plush feel.
  • Everlasting bounce-back: Super Squish also has a natural rebound. Step after step, its resilience ensures you're always lifted, never compressed.
  • Precision fit made easy: With a trim-to-fit design, customizing its size to match your footwear is easy. Just cut along the lines, and fit it into your favorite pair of shoes. 
  • Cloud-walking standard: Featured in our Roamer and Mars Roamer, this insole elevates the walking experience to a whole new level. 

Step into the extraordinary with Kizik

With Kizik, every step you take is backed up with comfort. Step into your next adventure with Kizik's Arch Form and Super Squish Insoles and feel the difference with every move.

Written By: Chris Fry

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