Relaxes Shoes


Classic simplicity 

Is what makes the Vegas a wardrobe staple! Its premium, full-grain leather upper is comfy right out of the box—no break-in period needed—and Rabbit Foam® outsoles cushion your every step. Dress your look up or down, the Vegas works perfectly around the house, at the office, or out on the town.


Think you've seen this slip-on?

You haven't. The Venice is the only laceless slip-on with a heel that will never crush out and hands-free tech that means you'll never have to use your finger as a shoehorn. It's surprisingly comfortable: stretch canvas up top, padded heel collar, and dual underfoot cushioning. This… is what a slip-on should be.


The time-tested look you want

Seriously, this shoe goes with everything, plus the durability you need. The Prague is crafted from deluxe canvas with touches of genuine suede leather—no fake stuff around here!—plus Rabbit Foam® outsoles, so yeah, it’s comfy.


Why walk when you can bounce in the Brisbane?

Its retro-modern look is all the rage, and its ultra-comfy design means you’ll never tire of adventure. Step in to find your rush


Got places to be? Dreams to chase?

The Sydney is the simple, everyday choice for women who want all-day comfort and premium leather style as they chase their passions. Step in. Ambition waits for no one.


Why walk when you can coast? 

Meet the Porto, a relaxed coastal men’s style that can keep up with all of your summer activities. You can expect little to no break-in period and a comfy insole that supports your every move. One more step, and you’re smooth sailing.


Fast-forward to the next step in your story.

Move boldly and effortlessly in the Oslo. It has a retro-modern design for men who want to make a statement. Ready to put a fresh spin on your wardrobe? The next step is yours!


Ready to woo the world?

Get moving in the Sonoma. Its premium burnished leather will bring out the best in your outfit, and its comfy construction will bring out the best in you.

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Free Shipping in the US and Canada

Free Shipping in the US and Canada

Free Shipping in the US and Canada

Kids rule, tying drools.

Kids rule, tying drools.

Kids rule, tying drools.