Supination: 7 qualities to ensure your shoe has

February 08, 2024

Supination: 7 qualities to ensure your shoe has

Ever notice how some shoes just feel “off” after a while, even if they look super cool? That might be your feet telling you something important about how they move — especially if you have foot supination. 

Supination might sound like a fancy term, but it's really just about how your foot rolls when you walk or run. It's your foot's own unique way of moving, and it’s important to understand to find shoes that are both stylish and comfy. Otherwise, your feet could be in for a nightmare. 

At Kizik, we get that everyone's feet move differently. So, we're here to dive into what supination is and how to recognize it in your own stride. Let's unravel this mystery together and find out why understanding your foot's roll is the secret ingredient to a perfect shoe fit!

What is foot supination?

Supination — it's not just a buzzword you hear in shoe stores. It's all about the roll of your foot. Picture this: you're walking or running, and your foot rolls outward a bit more than usual as you step. That's supination in action. It’s like your foot is a bit of a rebel, not following the usual inward roll (referred to as pronation).

Now, why does this matter? Well, this unique roll affects everything from your comfort while walking to how quickly your shoes wear out. It's about how your foot meets the ground — are you more on the outer edge, or do you balance evenly? 

This rolling motion also plays a big role in how your entire body moves. Think of it as your foot's personal dance move — everyone's got a different style, and understanding yours is key to finding shoes that groove perfectly with your steps.

What are the signs of foot supination?

Spotting the signs of foot supination isn't as tricky as you might think. Here are some common clues that your feet might give for supination: 

  • Uneven Shoe Wear: Check your shoes. If the outer edges are more worn out than the rest, it's a classic sign of supination. 
  • Frequent Ankle Rolls or Sprains: If your ankles often feel like they're on a wobbly tightrope, it could be due to supination. The outward roll can make ankles more prone to rolling and spraining.
  • Pain and Discomfort: Feel like you're walking on a narrow ridge instead of a flat surface? Supination can lead to pain along the outer side of your foot and even up your leg.
  • Stiff, Rigid Feet: Supinators often have less flexible feet. It's like your feet are sticking to their own rigid dance routine, not quite flowing with the rest of your body's movements.
  • Calluses or Blisters on the Outer Foot: These little foot troubles can be telltale signs. They pop up because of the extra pressure and friction on the outer side of your feet.
  • Difficulty in Balancing on Inner Foot: Try balancing on the inner part of your foot. If it feels as challenging as a one-legged yoga pose, supination might be the culprit.

Remember, these signs are just pointers. For the full picture, it's always a good idea to chat with a foot specialist. They’ll provide personalized guidance based on your unique foot structure and movement.

What causes supination of the foot?

Understanding the root causes of foot supination can help you manage it effectively. So, what exactly triggers this unique foot roll? Let's explore:

Natural foot structure

Sometimes, it's all in the genes. High arches and a more rigid foot structure naturally lead to supination. It's like being born with a foot that prefers to walk on the outer edge.

Previous injuries

An old ankle sprain or foot injury can alter your gait, making your foot more prone to supinate. It’s a result of having to overcompensate (often called overcompensation). 

Weak ankle muscles

If the muscles around your ankle are weaker, they might not support your foot properly, leading to supination. It's like having a dance partner who's not quite in sync with your moves or who flat-out doesn’t want to dance. Ouch.

Poor footwear choices

Wearing shoes that don't support your foot type can encourage supination. It's like forcing your feet into a move in a way that doesn’t feel natural. 

Imbalanced leg muscles

Sometimes, the muscles in your legs can be unevenly strong or flexible, pulling your foot into a supinated position. It's like having one side of your body dominating your every move.

Neurological or muscular disorders

Certain conditions can affect the way your foot aligns and moves, leading to supination. It's like your foot's natural rhythm being altered by an external factor.

What are the ideal shoe features for supination?

When it comes to finding the perfect shoe for supination, certain features can make all the difference in providing comfort, support, and stability. Let's explore six key qualities to consider when hunting for the perfect pair of shoes:

1. Flexible outsoles for improved movement

For those with foot supination, a flexible outsole is a game-changer. It allows the shoe to bend and move with your foot, accommodating for that outward roll without resistance. Imagine a shoe that moves with you, adapts to each step and provides the freedom your feet need. This flexibility not only enhances comfort but also aids in better ground contact, reducing the amount of stress on your feet.

2. Adequate heel support for stability

Heel support is crucial for supinators. A shoe with a well-designed heel counter helps in stabilizing your feet and ensures they don't roll outwards excessively. This support keeps your feet aligned and reduces the risk of rolls or sprains. 

3. Cushioned midsoles for shock absorption

A cushioned midsole is vital for those with foot supination. This layer of comfort absorbs the shock that comes from walking or running. It’s particularly important for feet that roll outward. The right midsole offers a plush, cloud-like feel underfoot, transforming each step into a softer, more enjoyable experience. It's like having a personal shock absorber, making sure every impact is less about stress and more about comfort.

4. Lightweight design for effortless mobility

Opting for a lightweight design in footwear is a wise move for those dealing with supination. Heavier shoes can exacerbate the stress on the outer side of the foot, leading to discomfort. Lightweight shoes, on the other hand, facilitate effortless mobility. They make each step feel more natural and less burdensome, ensuring your feet aren't weighed down. 

5. Roomy toe box for natural foot positioning

For those with supination, a roomy toe box is a must. It offers your toes the space to spread out naturally and reduces the likelihood of additional pressure on the outer edge of your foot. A spacious toe box allows your foot to find its natural position with each step — like having the freedom to stretch out in a cozy bed. This feature helps maintain balance, reduces strain, and makes every step feel more relaxed and natural.

6. Breathable materials for optimal foot health

Breathable materials in shoes are a boon for supination. These materials keep your feet cool and dry, reducing the risk of blisters and calluses often associated with supination due to excessive friction and pressure on the outer side of the foot. Breathable shoes create a healthy environment for your feet, allowing air to circulate and wick away moisture. This feature ensures your feet stay fresh and comfortable — no matter how long your day is.

7. Arch support for balanced pressure distribution

Lastly, arch support is a critical quality for anyone dealing with supination. Proper arch support evenly distributes the pressure across your foot. This is especially important for those with high arches that are prone to rolling outward. 

Shoes with good arch support ensure that your feet are supported right where they need it to reduce the stress on the outer edge and promote a more balanced gait. This translates to more efficient and comfortable motion.

What are some top shoe picks for supination?

At Kizik, we understand the challenges of finding the right shoe for foot supination. That’s why we’ve crafted a lineup of shoes that not only meet the style needs but also offer the support and comfort needed for those with supination. 

Here are our top picks that stand out for their exceptional features:

The Lima

The Lima is a perfect blend of comfort and modern style, making it a top choice for those with supination. With its Rabbit Foam® outsoles, the Lima offers substantial rebound, ensuring every step is cushioned and comfortable. 

The extra-breathable knit upper gives the shoe an airy feel, perfect for keeping your feet cool throughout the day. Enhanced ankle padding and a roomy toe box make the Lima not just a shoe but a haven for your feet.

The Venice

The Venice is our answer to the perfect slip-on for those with supination. It has a stand-out unique heel that never crushes out and hands-free technology that minimizes the need to bend over to put your shoes on. 

The stretch canvas upper and padded heel collar offer a snug, comfortable fit, while the dual underfoot cushioning ensures every step is a breeze. With the Venice, you get a shoe that's not just easy to wear but also provides the stability needed to support a happy gait.

The Prague

The Prague stands out for its classic design coupled with the latest in shoe comfort technology. Crafted from deluxe canvas and genuine suede leather, it offers durability and style in equal measure. 

The Rabbit Foam® outsoles ensure a comfortable walking experience, perfect for those with supination who need that extra cushioning. The Prague is a versatile choice, equally suitable for a casual day out or an office setting.

The Toronto

The Toronto redefines the Chelsea boot with its unique blend of elegance and practicality. The high-density Rabbit Foam™ outsoles make every step feel like you're walking on clouds, ideal for those who struggle with supination and need all-day comfort. The boot's design offers both ease of stepping in and a snug fit, ensuring your foot stays well-supported throughout the day.

The Wasatch

The Wasatch is for outdoor enthusiasts who don’t want to compromise on comfort. Equipped with HandsFree Labs® technology, it offers easy slip-on functionality without sacrificing support or stability. 

The reinforced upper and rugged lug sole provides durability and grip that’s essential for any terrain. The Rabbit Foam® midsole adds that extra layer of comfort, making the Wasatch a reliable companion for any adventure.

The Athens

The Athens is another stellar example of how classic design can meet innovative comfort. This shoe features our signature Cage with a spring-back heel, making it a dream for those with supination who need that extra bit of support. 

The Rabbit Foam® outsole provides a soft lift and cushioning, ideal for all-day wear. It’s also versatile. Weat the Athens around the house, on a trail, or at the office. Wherever you go, you can bet that it will improve your gait and reduce supination.

What are some tips for supination support?

When you're navigating the world with supination, every step counts. Beyond choosing the right shoe, there are other tips to keep your feet happy and healthy:

  • Stretch Regularly: Incorporate foot and ankle stretches into your daily routine. This helps maintain flexibility and reduces stress on your feet.
  • Strengthen Your Feet: Simple exercises like toe curls or marble pickups can strengthen the muscles in your feet, offering better support and reducing supination effects.
  • Consider Orthotics: Custom orthotics, designed to address your specific foot structure, can provide additional support and help distribute pressure evenly.
  • Listen to Your Body: Pay attention to any signs of discomfort or pain in your feet. Early intervention can prevent further complications.

By combining these practices with the right pair of Kiziks, you’re setting your feet up for success, no matter where they take you.

A final word

At Kizik, we’re passionate about crafting t shoes for the best experience possible. We believe that every step should be a journey in comfort, style, and personal expression, especially for those navigating the challenges of supination. Our collection shows our commitment to innovation, comfort, and inclusive design.

If you’re seeking support for supination, yearning for day-long comfort, or simply chasing the perfect blend of style and functionality, our range has something for you. 

Remember, the right shoe isn't just about fit — it's about enhancing your life step by step. Go ahead and effortlessly step into a pair of Kiziks.


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Written By: Chris Fry

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