Shoes that look good with yoga pants

September 06, 2023

Shoes that look good with yoga pants

Yoga pants. the unsung heroes of our wardrobes. They have found a permanent spot in our hearts — and closets. Once just a gym companion, they've muscled their way into our everyday lives, becoming a go-to option for grocery runs, casual hangouts, and even those awkward Zoom meetings.

Still, let's get real for a moment: finding the right pair of shoes to go with your beloved yoga pants can feel like an episode of "Match the Mismatch." But it's a puzzle worth piecing together.

In this guide, we'll explore the shoes with charm that can make your yoga pants pop. Buckle up—or should we say, lace up?—and join us on this crash course in style. No yoga poses required.

The rise of yoga pants in fashion

The rise of yoga pants as a fashion staple is a comfort revolution. Remember when jeans were our trusty sidekicks? They've been given a run for their money—or better said, a stretch for their seams—by the more accommodating yoga pants.

So, how did we get here? 

Yoga pants made their first appearance as a stretchy ally for yoga enthusiasts, hugging curves and allowing for twisty poses. Soon enough, people realized that these pants had more to offer. They weren’t only good for downward dogs but also for lounging in coffee shops. From yoga studios to street corners, they began to spread like fire.

The true beauty of yoga pants is their ability to be everything to everyone:

  • Casual Friday? Sure. 
  • A quick jog in the park? Absolutely.
  • Movie binge session? Pass the popcorn, please

Their rise in fashion represents a quiet rebellion against stiff fabrics and unyielding waistbands. They whispered to us, "Hey, comfort can be chic too," and we listened. 

Nowadays, all you need to make the world your runway is a simple pair of yoga pants and the right pair of shoes. 

What should you consider when choosing shoes for yoga pants?

Choosing shoes to pair with yoga pants is a bit like crafting a perfect meal. It's about balance, taste, and a dash of unexpected flair. Now, we’re not saying you should wear your yoga pants with every pair of shoes in your closet. That's a recipe for a fashion disaster. So, what's the secret sauce? Let's break it down:


Yoga pants scream comfort. Your shoes should, too. Stilettos with yoga pants? As much as we love a daring fashion choice, that specific combo might send some mixed signals. Think of shoes that hug your feet like yoga pants that embrace your legs. 

Kiziks, flats, or sandals are the way to go. 

Style and occasion

Yoga pants are like chameleons; they change depending on where you're wearing them. Going to brunch? Ballet flats are your jam. Headed to the gym? Take athletic shoes.

Think about where you're going, what you're doing, and how you want to feel. It's like picking the right wine for dinner, only more comfortable and without the potential for a hangover.


Versatility is the name of the game here. Some shoes, like those lovely ankle boots or trendy sneakers, can dance between casual hangouts and smart-casual events. They're the Swiss Army knives of your shoe collection. 

Having a few versatile pairs means you can mix and match without having a fashion meltdown every morning.

Timeless appeal

While a good pair of yoga pants may charm you for a while, your choice of shoes should be a lifelong love. Classic, timeless shoes that don't bow to every fleeting trend will carry you through the seasons. Think Audrey Hepburn, not reality TV stars.

Personal style

Lastly, let your shoes be a mirror to your soul—or at least should reflect your mood for the day. Feeling sassy? Throw on some colorful sneakers. Feeling sophisticated? Slip into some elegant loafers. Your shoes should show your personality while complimenting your yoga pants.

What are the best shoes to wear with yoga pants?

Now that we've talked about the "why" and "how," let's dive into the "what." Choosing shoes for yoga pants isn't rocket science. It's more like a friendly chat between your wardrobe and your personality to find what makes you groove:

1. Sneakers: The casual cool companions

When your yoga pants are whispering comfort, your sneakers are shouting it from the rooftop. Perfect for running errands, a coffee date, or anything in between, the sneaker-yoga pant duo is like peanut butter and jelly—a match made in casual heaven. 

With endless varieties to choose from, you can go wild with colors or keep it classic with neutral tones. Whether high-tops or low-tops, they all spell “laid-back chic.”

2. Ballet flats: Elegance in simplicity

For those days when you're feeling a little more Audrey Hepburn, ballet flats will do the trick. Simple, classy, and oh-so-feminine, these flats take your yoga pants from gym-chic to brunch-ready in a slip of a shoe. 

3. Sandals: Beachy vibes meet street style

Whether it's a day by the beach or a lazy Sunday, sandals and yoga pants are like a soft ocean breeze. Effortless and relaxed, this pair offers a vacation vibe without needing to step on a plane. 

Slides and sandals add an earthy touch, transforming your yoga pants into the perfect outfit for a carefree day in the sun or a relaxed evening out with friends.

4. Ankle boots: Edgy meets comfy

Looking to add some sass to your stride? Ankle boots are a girl’s best friend. Perfect for fall or when you want to feel a bit more put-together, these boots add a hint of edge to your yoga pants. 

Paired with a chic jacket or oversized sweater, they can transform your entire look, creating a stylish yet comfortable outfit perfect for urban adventures.

5. Active shoes: The gym warriors

Heading for a workout? Grab those active shoes. Functional and fashionable, they perfectly complement the active spirit of yoga pants. With a vast array of designs and colors, they not only serve as a visual commitment to actually doing that run you planned, but they also show your personal style. 

Built for performance and looks, active shoes are ready to go the distance with your yoga pants.

6. Kiziks: Effortless style for busy days

In a hurry and need a shoe that's as flexible as your yoga pants? Meet Kiziks: the easiest shoes you'll ever put on. No pulling, no heel crushing, no hands, and absolutely no bending down to put on shoes ever again. Whether you're running late for a meeting or rushing to the gym, Kiziks provide a seamless transition with unmatched convenience. 

Pair them with your favorite yoga pants, and you've got a combination that's not only effortlessly stylish but keeps up with your fast-paced life. If yoga pants are the embodiment of comfort,  Kiziks make the perfect sole-mate. And they’re not just comfy, they also get you moving without missing a beat.

7. Wedge heels: Sophistication without the struggle

Who says you can't dress up yoga pants? A nice pair of wedge heels offers a touch of sophistication without sacrificing comfort. Perfect for dinner dates, brunch with friends, or when you want to feel just a little bit fancy. 

The combined height and stability of wedge heels create an elevated look that's surprisingly wearable. They’re the ideal footwear choice for adding a touch of grace to your yoga pants, all while keeping you comfortably grounded.

8. Loafers: The smart-casual sweet spot

Loafers and yoga pants are like a cozy bookstore on a rainy day: unassuming yet delightful. They hit that smart-casual sweet spot, bringing together sophistication and comfort in a manner that's truly enchanting. 

Loafers effortlessly transition from work to leisure, elevating your daily style with a touch of refinement. They make the every-day look a little more buttoned up.

9. Espadrilles: Summer's best friends

Warm weather calls for cool shoes. Espadrilles have a laid-back vibe and beachy aesthetic that make the perfect partner for yoga pants during the warmer summer months. Think iced tea for your feet. These breezy shoes are often made from natural fibers and materials and embody the very essence of summer relaxation. 

Whether you're strolling by the seaside or enjoying a backyard barbecue, espadrilles and yoga pants create a pairing that's as refreshing and inviting as a cool summer breeze.

10. Mars Roamer: Futuristic comfort meets yoga chic

Ever dreamed of footwear that's as innovative and forward-thinking as it is comfortable? Say hello to the Mars Roamer, the next frontier in footwear that will take your yoga pants combo that will leave you starstruck. These shoes blend cutting-edge technology with a style that feels out of this world. 

With unique features inspired by interstellar designs and a durable sole crafted for terrestrial terrains, the Mars Roamer isn't just a pair of shoes; it's a statement. 

Paired with yoga pants, they offer an ensemble that's both futuristic and grounded in comfort. Whether you're navigating city streets or contemplating the cosmos, the Mars Roamer and your yoga pants are ready for the adventure. It's the ultimate footwear innovation for people who never stop exploring.

Style, comfort, and beyond

Finding the perfect shoes to pair with yoga pants is a journey in comfort, style, and self-expression. From the elegance of wedge heels to the innovative design of our very own Mars Roamer, there's a fit for every lifestyle and occasion. 

At Kizik, we're all about embracing the future of footwear, offering designs that capture the imagination while keeping you grounded in effortless style and unparalleled comfort. Your perfect pair awaits. 

Happy shoe hunting!


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Written By: Chris Fry

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