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Step N’ Sniff from Kizik

Your scent experience is as custom as your shoe color. Keep scrolling to be the first to experience it.

Step N' Sniff scent pouch

Our patent-pending Step N’ Sniff scent pouch contains natural extract that diffuses just enough aroma to reach your snot sockets with a heavenly experience that will knock your socks off.

Adjustable aroma release

A delightful aroma that’s precision-matched to the color of your shoe diffuses with every step. You decide the amount. Release a little, release a lot, you’re in control of your scent destiny.

Scintillating sniff-sations

We’ve gone above and beyond to capture the scents that you care about. From fruity to floral to guilty-pleasure, it really is a cornucopia of scent-sational-ness.

Customer Reviews

Are you serious!?

"Exactly what I needed! Until I realized these weren’t real. I’ll just have to sniff gas somewhere else."

- Mike E.


"I don't have to wear socks anymore! I may never wash between my toes again."

- Bryan E.

Move over, Febreze

"I'm getting some of these for my mom. What's the opposite of old-lady smell?"

- Emily W.

Why healthcare workers love Kiziks

Hands-free Convenience

No more touching your shoes. No more bending down. No more crushed heels.

Rabbit Foam™ Outsoles

Kiziks have ultra cushy outsoles to put the spring back in your step. Imagine a thousand angels massaging your feet.

Contoured Insoles

We don't skimp on comfort. Our insoles are airy, washable, and supportive so you can wear them even during the longest of shifts.


Kizik Step N' Sniff is brought to you exclusively by April Fool's Day.

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