Your guide to a sizzlin’ BBQ this summer.

July 12, 2023

Your guide to a sizzlin’ BBQ this summer.

Want to have the best BBQ on the block? Make sure you have your grilling tools, favorite cuts of meat, sauces, sides, that ugly apron your mom made you forever ago, and desserts. (Don’t you dare forget dessert.) And bring some fun games like corn hole, horseshoes, or croquet. 

If you really want to turn up the heat, wear the hands-free Irvine. They have the perfect blend of comfort and flexibility. Plus, they're downright stunning. Once you try them on, you’ll be tempted to throw your old shoes into the fire. Seriously, don’t do that. But we also wouldn’t blame you if you did. (But seriously, don’t.) 

A perfect combo: comfort food and comfy shoes

Experienced pitmasters know that making great BBQ takes time. Lots of time.

When you’re standing all day at the grill, roasting food to perfection, you’ll want to wear a shoe you can last the day in. And if you’re just planning on attending a BBQ, you’ll want to wear something that isn’t going to wear you out before the party even starts. The Irvine’s stretch canvas upper and dual cushioning will keep you comfy the entire day.

Bring the moves

After you’ve had enough to eat, it’ll be time to get out the classic lawn games, and you’ll want a pair of shoes you can really move with. The Irvine’s stretch canvas upper does just that. Anywhere you move, the Irvine moves with you. 

We can’t guarantee you’ll win the corn hole tournament, but you’ll definitely rake in the style points. 

Show off your fashion sense

The Irvine takes canvas to a whole new level. Once you see the endless combinations of summer outfits these shoes can pair and pop with, you’ll realize it’s actually way more than canvas. It’s a total flex.

Step into a great time

When you’re cooking or eating mouthwatering BBQ, you don’t want your hands anywhere near your shoes. You’ll be kicking yourself if you let your sauce-covered fingers get stains on these babies.

With the Irvine, you don’t gotta worry. It has HandsFree Labs® technology that lets you step into your shoes without needing to bend over, hunch over, or hassle with them at all. It’s truly next-level. 

Happy grilling :) 

Summer BBQs are all about good food, good vibes, and bringing your favorite people together. If you’re planning on hosting or going to a BBQ this summer, remember our list! And if you really want to bring something that will have everyone asking, “Where did you get those?” wear the hands-free Irvine!

Written By: Chris Fry

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