Kizik wins Silicon Slope Award


When tech is as simple as a shoe you can put on. Without hands.

What does it take to win Product of the Year AND Chief Product Officer of the Year at Silicon Slopes? You might think big-tech shenanigans like you’ve never seen.

And you’d be right.

And also kind of wrong.

Meet Kizik, the creator of the easiest shoe you’ll ever put on, featuring Hands Free® Labs technology. Your Kiziks literally pop on when you step into them, and they don’t pop off again until you’re ready to pop them off. They won’t track your steps, but they’re so comfy you’ll wear them the whole time your (other) wearable tech does.

That’s why Kizik is growing by leaps and bounds (if you call 4x in a year leaps and bounds—we do). And it’s why, out of the entire state of Utah, Kizik was chosen from 46 finalist companies for Product of the Year and 43 individual finalists for Chief Product Officer of the Year last month at the 2021 Silicon Slopes Hall of Fame Awards.

And boy, are we excited! Honored. Stoked. All of it. Because Silicon Slopes is the hub of Utah’s startup and tech communities. It’s the “it” thing in innovation, so getting to represent all those awesome other tech companies in Utah is pretty rad.

We’re so happy that the hands-free movement is leading the way. Dang, that’s cool.

Ready to go hands-free? Get in on the future of footwear.

Written By: Chris Fry

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