Shoes to wear with scrubs for style & comfort

July 07, 2023

Shoes to wear with scrubs for style & comfort

We know you've got enough on your plate, from saving lives to comforting patients, and let's be honest, your comfort shouldn't be compromised. The quintessential scrub look isn't complete without the perfect pair of shoes. 

Whether you're a nurse on the night shift or a seasoned surgeon, you deserve to look stylish and feel comfortable from head to toe — and yes, we mean those toes that hardly get to take a break.

The role of supportive shoes in healthcare

Let's take a quick minute to appreciate the unsung heroes of your daily grind — your shoes. When you're clocking in those miles on hospital floors, the right pair of shoes can make a world of difference. They're not just about avoiding the "ouch" factor after a long day; they're your first line of defense against spills, sharp objects, and even that rogue hospital gurney. 

The right shoes can also add a dash of style to your scrubs and keep you strutting through those corridors like it's your personal runway.

What to look for in shoes when wearing scrubs

Before jumping into the world of foot fashion, let's take a step back and think about what matters most when picking out your perfect pair.

  • Comfort: Think cushioning, arch support, and breathability. Remember, these shoes are your steadfast companions through long shifts. Never skimp on comfort.
  • Support: Shoes with good arch support and a secure fit can help prevent foot pain and boost your overall foot health.
  • Slip-resistance: Hospitals are notorious for unexpected spills. To avoid turning into an impromptu breakdancer, ensure your shoes have good grip.
  • Easy-to-clean: Let's face it, working in healthcare can get a bit … messy. Choose shoes that wipe clean easily to keep them looking fresh.
  • Style: Last but definitely not least, shoes should reflect your personal style. Yes, you're in scrubs, but that doesn't mean you can't look fashionable.

Best types of shoes to pair with scrubs

Okay, let's dive into the fabulous world of scrub-approved footwear, shall we? Here are the best shoes to pair with scrubs:


First up, we have our reliable and versatile Kiziks. These faithful companions are not only comfortable and practical but can also add a sporty, youthful edge to your scrubs. 

With plenty of cushioning and arch support, you'll be ready to take on those 12-hour shifts without a second thought. 


Clogs have come a long way from the clunky, wooden shoes of yore. Modern medical clogs, like those by Dansko or Crocs, offer incredible comfort, easy-to-clean surfaces, and slip-resistant soles. Rubber and plastic are the most popular, with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a common outsole material.

With a myriad of colors and designs, you'll have plenty of options. Give clogs a chance, and your feet might just thank you.


If you're looking for a shoe that screams "professional" yet keeps your feet blissfully comfortable, try loafers. They're easy to slip on and off (perfect for those quick breaks), and their sleek design pairs wonderfully with scrubs. Look for brands that offer loafers with ample cushioning and support for those long days (or nights) at work.

Active shoes

Designed for performance, active shoes offer unmatched support and cushioning. They're engineered to withstand rigorous activity, making them a superb choice for busy healthcare professionals like nurses and doctors.

How to bring your personal style to scrubs

There's no rule saying that your work shoes have to be boring. In fact, we encourage you to let your personality shine through. Match your shoes to your scrubs, or pick a standout color for a fun pop. You could also opt for shoes with patterns or designs that speak to you. Love animals? How about a pair of clogs with a cute animal print? Or maybe a sleek pair of black loafers for that classic look? 

You're amazing, and your shoes should be too.

Find the balance between style and comfort

The million-dollar question: Can you truly balance style and comfort? We say: Yes. With the wide variety of shoe options available today, there's no need to compromise on either. We understand the needs of healthcare professionals and have designed shoes that look good and provide the necessary support and comfort. 

Remember, everyone’s different. It's all about finding what works for you.

How to stay comfortable during long workdays

So you've chosen the perfect pair to strut your stuff in the hospital corridors. But how do you ensure you stay comfortable during your long shifts? 

Here are some tips to help you feel like you're walking on clouds:

Choose the right size

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you'd be surprised how many people end up with the wrong shoe size. A shoe that doesn't fit correctly can cause immediate discomfort, blisters, and even long-term foot problems. 

Remember that a size 9 in one shoe might not be the same as another brand’s size 9. Before clicking “add to cart,” check the specific size guide fitting chart. It’s only the traditional length, either; measure your foot width as well.

Ensure you've measured correctly and opt for a size that offers enough space for your toes to move freely — your feet will thank you.

Wear quality socks

Don't undermine the comfort of your stylish shoes by pairing them with subpar socks. Opt for socks that provide an additional layer of comfort and have moisture-wicking capabilities. This way, your feet remain dry and happy, even during a marathon shift.

Take breaks

Your feet need a break every now and then. Whenever you get a breather, make it a point to kick off your shoes, wiggle your toes, and stretch your legs. These small acts can significantly improve blood circulation and reduce foot fatigue.

Rotate your shoes

We know how easy it is to get attached to your new favorite pair, but rotating them with other pairs can prevent premature wear and tear. (Plus, the more shoes, the merrier, right?)

Giving your feet a change of scene every few days can be refreshing and help to avoid foot discomfort.

Pay attention to arch support

Not all feet are created equal, and this is particularly true when it comes to the arch. Depending on whether you have high arches, flat feet, or something in between, you'll need shoes that provide the right level of support. 

Don't underestimate the difference that good arch support can make in ensuring comfort during those long shifts.

Prioritize cushioning

Remember, you'll be on your feet for extended periods, so a little extra cushioning can go a long way. Look for shoes with cushioned insoles, or consider adding removable insoles for an additional layer of comfort.

Consider shoe inserts

Shoe inserts can be a lifesaver for healthcare professionals who spend long hours on their feet. They can provide extra comfort, support, and even help alleviate specific foot problems like plantar fasciitis. Do a little research to see if shoe inserts could be a good addition to your foot comfort routine.

Do foot exercises

Foot exercises can help to relieve tension and improve blood flow after a long day in your shoes. Toe stretches, ankle rolls, and heel lifts can all help to relax and rejuvenate your feet, ready for another day of looking stylish in your scrubs.

Don't neglect foot care

Your shoes can do a lot, but they can't do it all! Maintain a routine of foot care at home, like soaking your feet in warm water or using a foot massage roller. A little self-care can go a long way in keeping your feet comfortable and happy.

How to care for your shoes

You're busy saving lives and making a difference. But sparing a few minutes to care for your shoes can extend their lifespan and keep them looking fresh and new. Here's what you can do:

Clean regularly

Depending on the material of your shoes, consider wiping them down after each shift or giving them a good wash occasionally. Clean shoes don't just look good, they can also prevent potential bacterial growth.

Use a shoe deodorizer

If foot odor becomes an issue, try a shoe deodorizer or antibacterial spray. It'll keep your shoes smelling fresh and ready for the next shift! (And your coworkers can leave their nose plugs at home.)

Store properly

Don't just kick off your shoes and leave them lying around when your shift is over. Proper storage is essential to maintain their shape, prevent damage, and ensure they're ready for your next shift. Store them in a cool, dry place, preferably with shoe trees if available.


Choosing the right shoes to pair with your scrubs can have a significant impact on your comfort, performance, and style game. Whether you choose clogs, loafers, or hands-free footwear, remember to prioritize comfort, fit, and durability. 

We understand the importance of stylish and comfortable shoes for healthcare professionals. Our versatile options offer the perfect blend of practicality and sporty edge, providing ample cushioning and arch support. 

Happy feet lead to happy healthcare professionals. So, invest the time and effort in choosing the best shoes for your feet. Remember, keep shining, and keep making a difference – in style! 


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Written By: Chris Fry

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