What are the best shoes for neuropathy?

April 02, 2023

What are the best shoes for neuropathy?

Neuropathy changes your life. Suddenly—in ways both expected and unexpected—life may become a little harder than it was. 

Dealing with neuropathy on a daily basis comes down to proper information and proper preparation. 

When it comes to footwear, neuropathy can have a wide degree of implications. It can make putting your shoes on more difficult, and pain can make the act of wearing them more challenging. However, there are ways to address the issues presented by neuropathy.

Read on as we highlight these issues and solve them with quality footwear for neuropathy. 

How many types of neuropathy are there?

There are over 100 discrete types of neuropathy. It would take an encyclopedic amount of text to even briefly touch on them all.

Briefly, they can largely be grouped into a few major types:

Motor neuropathy

Motor neuropathy impacts various motor functions. It can make getting your feet into your shoes irritating and tying your shoes more difficult. It can make walking once your shoes are on frustrating.

Motor neuropathy, at its core, impacts the functional use of muscles. It can sometimes be associated with long-term muscle atrophy. In addition to movement, it may also result in issues with speech and speaking.

Peripheral/sensory neuropathy

The next type of neuropathy is sensory neuropathy, also called peripheral neuropathy. These cause changes in bodily sensations. This can include a change in how one feels temperature or responds to touch. It can also cause recurrent feelings or sensations of pain. 

Autonomic nerve neuropathy

The third major type of neuropathy is autonomic nerve neuropathy. This can affect unconscious bodily functions, possibly including breathing which can be comparatively serious compared to other types of neuropathy.

No single type of neuropathy always appears on its own. It’s entirely possible, and often likely, for multiple types of neuropathy to coexist. 

Not every type of neuropathy can or needs to be addressed with footwear. Sensory feelings along the midsection, for example, may not be assisted. But for sensory issues regardings the feet and legs, or any motor neuropathies, footwear can be helpful.

Below, we’ll be showcasing a few issues that shoes may soothe. From there, we’ll review our list of the top shoes for dealing with neuropathy.

How can shoes help with neuropathy?

It’s possible for footwear to help with neuropathy in a variety of ways. Sensory neuropathy can cause pain under even light strain at times. Suddenly, intense exercise, and sometimes even light walking, can be met with feelings of discomfort. What’s worse is that this stress can then lead to feelings of overwork stress, creating more weakness and more pain.

It’s a negative cycle, but it’s one that the proper footwear may help break. The ideal shoes for dealing with neuropathy are highly supportive, a trait of many casual and active shoes. The best shoes also have ample space for braces or additional inserts to aid with various conditions. No two instances of neuropathy are identical, so the situation calls for an equally versatile shoe.

Motor neuropathy presents an entirely different issue. The weakening of muscles or other motor functions can make the act of putting on shoes more challenging. The solution: Get rid of laces. 

Without needing to tie your shoes, getting footwear on has never been easier. We bring a laceless approach to adaptive footwear, which we’ll present shortly. 

Of course, laces aren’t always the only issue. With slightly less dexterity in the foot, there may be a risk of crushing your heel in your shoe. This is a whole other issue, potentially requiring you to start the process over. Plenty of pinch points exist where putting on your footwear and enjoying everyday life can become more painful.

Hopefully, the shoes below can help make foot pain a part of the past (along with medical care and advice from licensed professionals). 


When you look at the Lima, you’ll likely notice two things right off the bat. The first is the uniform color, with a contrasting uni-colored upper and subtle outsole. The second is the laces: There aren’t any. 

Kizik has erased laces to create an extensive line of slip-on shoes. What this means for most people is that putting them on is easier, not to mention faster. This makes them not the easiest shoe but the easiest article of clothing to put on. 

100% slip on

Kiziks are totally slip-on. The Enclosed Cage™ bends as you slip your foot in, then bounces upright as your foot fully enters the shoe. This is ideal for motor neuropathy, as suddenly, the dexterity requirement becomes way more accessible. 

Rabbit Foam® cushioning

These shoes are comfortable, like really comfortable. Like, “You might never want to put on another pair of shoes” comfortable.

The Rabbit Foam® outsole provides responsive cushioning that adapts to every movement you make. It bounces back in response to stress, enhancing that pleasant feeling and improving its durability. The Lima, in particular, features extra ankle padding and a roomy toe box. 

Removable insoles

Our Lima has removable insoles, making them a breeze to clean. Perhaps more importantly, it makes them easily swapped, so you can trade them out for a specific footwear support.

Breathable knit fabric

The Lima is made from a highly-breathable knit upper which helps with air circulation, helping your feet stay cool and never feel sweaty.

Already, we’ve got a strong contender for helping with neuropathy. The Lima has numerous deliberate design choices and comes in 12 different styles. Despite all these benefits, it's only the first shoe on our list. Take a peek at the Vegas next!


Who says high-quality leather shoes can’t also be highly supportive and great for neuropathy? The Vegas, with its full-grain leather upper, begs to differ. Everything above the foot is made for style, while everything below it is made for pure, unadulterated ease. The end result is a classic style of shoe that seamlessly blends function with fashion. 

Rabbit Foam®

Once again, a Rabbit Foam® outsole supports every movement you make. The Vegas has a little something special, though, in the form of rubber traction pods. These pods run along the heel and toe of the shoe to provide extra grip where you need it most. The rubber traction pods could help minimize tripping and help improve the way you navigate through life in general.


The Vegas is another laceless option for your footwear. Here, the flexible cage blends in seamlessly with the rest of the shoe. It’s only when you actually slide your feet in that you realize how easy it is to work with. 

No break-in period

The best part is that with the Vegas, you’ve got a leather shoe with no break-in period. Not only do these shoes fit right out of the box — they fit seamlessly. Dress them up or down to fit any occasion at home, at work, or for a wonderful night out. 

Madrid Eco-Knit

Our last highlight of the day isn’t just a top-notch shoe for supporting neuropathy symptoms. It’s also a fantastic shoe for supporting the environment. The Madrid Eco-Knit, it should come as no surprise, gets its name from sustainable measures in creating the shoe. 

Recycled materials with unparalleled stretch

The upper of the shoe is made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. At the same time, the shoes have a four-way stretch design, making them way more breathable than any bottle you’ve encountered. A smooth-looking, complimentary-colored outsole well contrasts a unique, textured pinprick design. 

Once again, this shoe, available in women’s and men’s sizes, embraces function by ditching laces. Simply slide in, and glide away on a pillowy-soft shoe.

Responsive cushioning

The cushioning doesn’t just feel exquisite: It’s also great for your body. Responsive cushioning provides extra support where you need it most. Suddenly, the pinch points when it comes to wearing footwear might just become regular points. The soles are also removable in case you want or need more customized support.

This shoe is available in ten different styles. In the clay and sage colorways, the outsole even matches in clay or sage. Few things are more environmentally appropriate here than a shoe that is, figuratively and literally, green.

Many times, we can’t even get accessibility from our footwear. Matching accessibility and sustainability and comfort, and even style? Now you’re speaking our language. 

Choosing the right shoes for dealing with neuropathy

Top-quality shoes for neuropathy don’t just do one thing. They target a variety of potential hazards so that everyone can have their needs met. It’s the reason why the best qualities of Kizik shoes — lacelessness, removable insoles, and plush cushioning — are represented throughout the line.

The need for five-star footwear belongs to everyone. Not every shoe achieves this, and certainly not every shoe has the health considerations of its wearer in mind. For better footwear for all sizes, ages, and abilities, choose something new and take a look at Kizik


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Written By: Chris Fry

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