Travel is where memories are made.

April 08, 2024

Travel is where memories are made.

Nothing beats the feeling of taking flight or the rush you get from finally going on a long-awaited trip. Maybe it’s the anticipation of all the sounds and flavors you’ll discover, the people you’ll meet, or just the ability to get away from your busy life back home. 

As a brand centered on adventure, we set out to make the best travel shoe the world has ever seen. 

Meet the London—a shoe that pushes comfort to new frontiers, flaunts effortless style, and inspires spontaneity the moment you step into it.

Endless comfort will lead to an endless itinerary. 

The only shock you’ll feel traveling in this shoe…is culture shock.

The sooner your next big trip is, the longer your list of to-see’s and to-do’s usually becomes. And that’s not even counting all the places your curiosity will take you once you arrive. (That’s usually the where the magic happens.)

Lucky for you, the London goes the distance. 

This hands-free Kizik features our most supportive midsole yet. Its platform design effortlessly rocks you forward while its thick cushioned outsole cradles your feet and absorbs impact to keep you bouncing back for more, and more—and more and more. 

Traveling soon? Get away with a single pair of shoes.

You know the feeling. You’ve finally picked all of your outfits, and now you’re standing over your luggage, trying to decide how many pairs of shoes to pack.  

Do you take your comfy shoes? Or do you go for style? Our answer: Yes, wear your Londons. 

As incredible as the London’s comfort features are, they don’t overshadow the design, so you get the best of both worlds: a look you love plus the comfort you need. No compromises. 

Classic colors like black, white, and naval academy are great for a travel capsule wardrobes since they keep a low profile and go with everything. 

If you really want the world to stare, we recommend going with bright white, surf spray, or pristine lilac. 

Trust us, your feet are going to love it, and so will all the pictures you take!  

One step starts the journey.

The more spontaneous your next adventure, the more memorable it will be. 

Maybe you go on an impromptu road trip because the weather’s good, or you decide it’s time to explore a new time zone with new foods, languages, and cultures. Maybe you just want a change of scenery.  

One thing’s for sure: The hands-free London will help you instantaneously follow your curiosity. With its Flex Arc™ tech, one step is all it takes. 

As this heel compresses down, it flexes against the back of the midsole to immediately spring back up for a comfy, secure fit that’s ready to go anywhere. 

The London also has no-tie adjustable laces to make sure nothing ever keeps you from the places you want to be. 

Time to go

All in all, the takeaway here isn’t about the shoes; it’s about all the wonderful places they’ll take you. 

Yes, the London will help you fly through airport security, keep you comfy all day long, and even get a few admiring stares from strangers along the way. But that’s not what you’ll remember. 

You’ll remember the once-in-a-life time experiences you get from venturing into the unknown. 

Ready to see what’s around the bend? Go ahead. Take a gander. 

Shop the London here.

Written By: Chris Fry

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